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The ADHDGone.com Program


Step 1:

Download and Read the ADHDGone.com Introduction Manual for FREE!!!

This Manual outlines the idea behind the ADHDGone.com Program and explains the reasoning behind the ADHD Patterns. It is important to read the ADHDGone.com Introduction Manual FIRST in order to determine if this program is right for you.

Step 2:

Take the ADHD Pattern Test(s) That May Apply To You for FREE!!!

Below you will find a list of links for each ADHD Pattern Tests. Each ADHD PatternTest consists of a short list of questions pertaining to each ADHD Pattern.

These ADHD Pattern Tests are very short and provided to you FREE of charge!!! So don’t hesitate to take them all!

Step 3:

Download the ADHD Pattern Manual that fits YOUR needs!!!

Each ADHD Pattern Manual goes into detail about:

-WHAT signs and symptoms are specific to each ADHD Pattern!

-WHY each ADHD Pattern demonstrates what it does!

-and HOW to correct the ADHD Pattern!




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[The Developer of ADHDGone.com

[and the Patterns of ADHD](About_Me.html)

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