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Making Beats Guide


Welcome to "Making Beats Guide" ( Let's Learn To Make Beats In Only
30 Steps )

If you want to learn "how to make a beat", you are in the right place
at the time!

- Making Beats Guide will teach you to make sick beats in only 30
- Making Beats Guide will teach you "How to Use FL Studio
- Making Beats Guide will teach you basic concepts of FL Studio.

I have been making beats for exactly 5 years. I know everything about
FL Studio. And it is your turn now !
FL Studio is actually easy to use. And I shared my own secrets in
this guide.
You will learn to make beats step by step with images (screen shots)
in this Making Beats Guide Ebook.

Check Out My Beats ( My Beats Made In FL Studio 10 )

If you want to make beats such as in these examples, "Making Beats
Guide Ebook" is for you.
This book which is 54-page with both images and written expressions
will come to your aid.
You can make musics like Hip Hop , Gangsta , Rap , West Coast , East
Coast , Dirty South , Techno , Pop and beats in every kinds you want.

Well, I want to mention about the content of Making Beats Guide

- You will learn Basic Concepts in FL Studio
- What a pattern is and how to use a pattern
- What a VSTi is and How to use a VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology)
- Learning notes on keyboard
- Composing a melody
- Writing a rhythm
- How to use Piano Roll
- How to use Mixer Pallette and How to add effect to sounds
- Mix & Mastering
- Exporting song/music/beat as Mp3 with FL Studio
- Making a beat in only 30 steps
- Professional VSTi names.

Not limited to only this! If You buy this Ebook, a lot of bonuses
will be waiting for you by this book.

First Bonus:

FL STUDIO 10 DEMO VERSION. FL Studio 10 is a paid software but the
only restriction is that you can't save project files.In this version
you can make a beat as you want and export as mp3 or wav.

I give you Demo Version of FL Studio 10 because of that reason:
While you are reading expressions with images, on the other hand you
practise things which I have told.Therefore learning to make a beat as
soon as possible is inevitable for you.

Second Bonus :

Three FL Studio Project (FLP) Files, each of which is priced at $50!
FL Studio Project files will help certainly you to learn to make beat.
You can improve yourself in beat field by examining these examples.

( 50 x 3 = $150 .. But Free For People Buying The Book.)

Third Bonus :

8 Excellent Beat, each of which is priced at $40 !

(40 x 8 = $320 ,

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