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Purchase New Business Forms

Protect your business from the start


New Business Forms

what does our product consist of?


An Adaptable contract of work


a working time directive opt-out


a pre-employment medical questionnaire " class="style_2">Yours for
only £25.00

What is our product and why should you purchase it?

.....................A few questions answered.


Do you own a new or existing business?

If so, this product is definitely for you.  Once you have purchased
our product, we can guarantee that your business will have a great &
prosperous starting point.  Even if you are currently in business and
feel your documentation needs ‘tightening up’ then this too, is
the product for you.

Are you experiencing difficulty complying with today’s legal

Take advantage of our product ‘to cross the t’s and dot the
i’s’.  With our product you’ll have all your necessary legal
documentation in place......quickly!

Do  you ever feel like you work for your staff as opposed to them
working for you?

Lets get the ball back in your court.  Once purchased, all of our
documents become your property and you can adapt them as you wish.

What is our product?

We will provide you with an array of electronic printable data sheets
that will set your business with a good solid foundation for the

How much does our product cost?

Our product will set you back a one-off payment of £25(GBP).  You
will then be able to save & print the documents as many times as you

Which file formats does our product come in? Can any particular
software or operating system use it?

Once purchased, our product is available to you in Pages, Word & PDF
format and can be run on any operating system supporting those

Which countries can our product be implemented?

Our product has been designed for global (English-speaking)
implementation.  However, its intended country of use originated in
the UK.

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