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True Acne Cure

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The Important Information I'm About To Share With You Has Worked For
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Dear Acne Sufferer,

Are you struggling to get rid of your acne? Do you wake up every
morning only to dread looking in the mirror at your face in case your
acne got worse?

Are you feeling frustrated about not being able to get your acne
under control and have the clear skin you know you deserve, despite
all the time, money spent and effort you've put into your skin?

Have you tried absolutely EVERYTHING and NOTHING has permanently

If you answered yes to any of the above, I can tell you that I know
EXACTLY how you are feeling right now and you can probably relate a
lot to my own personal story.

My name is Leilani and I suffered from severe acne for over 10 years.
No matter what I tried I could never seem to get rid of my acne
permanently, it always ended up coming back even worse than before and
I was always ending up back at square one. I was once exactly where
you are now, feeling very frustrated and hopeless like you're stuck
with cursed skin no matter what you try to do. It's so unfair.

I started getting acne when I was about 11 years old. The first 3-4
years of having acne was somewhat tolerable because there were other
kids out there who had it too so I didn't feel like I was completely
the odd one out. I also went to an all girls high school so luckily
there were no boys around to make fun of me or feel self conscious
around. I was also comforted by the thought that teenage acne is
'normal' and it's just a phase I'll go through which will pass soon.

However after 5 or 6 years (I was probably around 16 or 17 at the
time) my acne showed no signs of calming down which really started to
get me down and make me feel depressed. Even though having mild acne
at this age or the odd pimple is normal for most teenagers, after
enduring severe acne for 5-6 years already had started to take it'd
toll. During that time period it had affected me badly both physically
and emotionally. Not to mention it took a huge hit on my self esteem
and confidence. I'm sure you can probably relate to the dreaded
feeling of waking up in the morning hoping to see your acne had
magically improved during the night, only to see it's gotten worse.
You can also probably relate to the feeling of not wanting to go out
with your friends or have anybody see you because your acnes so bad. I
also got extremely wary of being in rooms with harsh/bright lighting
because I knew people would be able to see every detail of my spotted,
lumpy face. I also made a habit of avoiding looking people in the eye
or drawing any attention to myself, I hated photos and freaked out if
anyone got to close to my face in case they could see my skin too

Acne really can ruin the fun of life and take all the joy out of it.
Many people who have suffered from it in the past still have many
physical and emotional scars. For people who have never had something
like acne, they have a hard time understanding how it could impact
somebody's life so much, I can't tell you how many times my parents or
friends would play down how bad my face looked or just tell me to
'harden up' life could be worse. But it's easy to have a positive
attitude when you're not the one suffering. Your face is often the
first thing people see and it's what you present to the world, so it's
hard to go out and 'face the world' when you feel like everyone's just
staring at your acne.

During my high school years I tried absolutely everything I could. I
tried so many different brands of skincare and acne products, I cut
out all bad food (which was hard when all my friends were eating junk
food), I washed my face all the time (which I know now was not
actually helping me) and I went to doctors multiple times.
I also tried Retina A Cream which just burnt my face and dried it
out, leaving it looking very red (which technically you could say did
reduce my acne somewhat, however left my face looking red and
horrible, so not really any overall improvement). I then got put on
antibiotics for about 2 years which my skin just came resistant too
and left me worse of by causing me to get yeast infections which just
further aggravated my acne condition!

So by the time I was 17 my mum took me to an expensive dermatologist
who put me on Accutane (which now I regret more than anything!). I was
on it for a whole year and it completely cleared up my acne which of
course I was ecstatic about. However it had some nasty side effects
which screwed up my liver, made my hair start to thin, and gave me
random nose bleeds. I have no idea what other long term side effects
there are and it really scares me to think. And worst of all, once I
went off it, it just came back with a vengeance!

When I got older and went to university I went on the Pill. It helped
a bit to calm my skin down from severe acne to moderate/mild acne. I
just managed to cope with that by wearing a lot of makeup (which was a
huge hassle everyday).

During this time I learned that spending money on doctors,
dermatologists, and expensive acne products was really just leading me
nowhere, leaving both my health and my bank account in worse shape
then to begin with. Nothing they offered me really addressed the root
cause of my acne, and what shocked me more than anything else was that
many health professionals and skin specialists I went to see didn't
even seem to KNOW what causes acne in the first place! When I'd ask,
they'd often just say something like 'increased sebum production' or
'overactive skin' or 'out of control hormones', but they would never
really get down to the point of what were causing these problems in
the first place. Instead they'd just sell me on a drug or product that
would create a temporary fix but would never really cure me. One
doctor told me that I would have to be on the Pill for the rest of my

So at the age of 21, after feeling very disillusioned with the
medical community when it came to acne, I decided to take my health
into my own hands and try and get to the root cause of my acne on my
own and eventually cure it for good. I spent many, many hours
researching online and looking through books, and many late nights
staying up searching through forums trying to find answers and asking
people what had worked for them. I must admit, I had become a little
obsessed with my skin and trying to find a cure, and turned myself
into a bit of a 'human guinea pig' by trying out all sorts of diets,
supplements, herbal remedies, skincare products, and lifestyle changes
on myself.

It was pretty confusing and overwhelming at first, because each and
every one of us is unique, and what might work for some, may not work
for others. Eventually after years of research and trial and error, I
narrowed down the root causes of all acne, how to identify what's
causing a person's acne, and what is the best solution for each root
cause. I developed a skincare and lifestyle system that completely
changed my life and the way I treat myself and my skin. Most
importantly, this system and all the acne solutions I've put together
are all kind to your body and work with your skin in a natural,
harmonious way. By taking action and following what I'd learned and
what would work for me, I managed to heal my acne from the inside out,
resulting in permanently clear skin, that actually looked radiant and

So by the time I actually managed to put all the pieces of the puzzle
together figure out exactly how to cure my acne, it surprisingly only
took me about 2-3 months to fully heal my skin and get it completely
clear. This is actually pretty fast for a permanent solution keeping
in mind that I'd had acne for about 10 years (the longer you have had
it, the longer your body will need to heal itself). For many people
who have used my exact same methods, it has taken them even less time!

This isn't about quick fixes, this is about lasting, long-term
results...a permanent solution.

Today, I'm almost 23 and have had clear skin for almost 2 whole years
now and I can't tell you how amazing it feels to wake up every day and
not dread looking in the mirror. Instead I feel so good about my skin,
I don't even feel the need to wear makeup that often and I don't feel
self conscious! When I touch my face it feels so soft and smooth and I
can feel my self esteem and confidence coming back. It's such a
drastic improvement and people are always giving me compliments and
asking me how I did it.

The best way I can describe it is getting back a freedom that I
deserve. Living for years with acne is like feeling trapped in your
own skin. You end up feeling too down about yourself and self
conscious to face the world, and trying your best to avoid people so
you won't have to suffer the embarrassment of them staring and judging
you because of your acne. You end up missing out int he best things in
life and so many important opportunities for happiness because of your
skin holding you back.

So when you finally break free and manage to clear your skin
permanently, it's like a big burden being lifted and you have that
freedom back once more. It's an incredible feeling to finally cure
your acne and you deserve to know what it feels like to and to get rid
of the stress and worry of acne so you can get on and enjoy the best
things in life without being hung up on the way your skin looks. I've
made it my mission to help anyone and everyone I can who sufferers
from acne to finally cure their acne and achieve permanently
beautiful, clear skin because I've been there too and I know what it's

You're about to discover the most powerful acne cure system ever
developed. This effective, clinically researched system is so unique,
you can not get this results-focused, proven acne healing system
anywhere else. This program is so powerful it gets right down to the
root causes of acne and will show you the exact solutions to cure them
that will give you the most dramatic and quickest results. This is the
same system that thousands of people, just like you, have used to
permanently cure their acne and achieve, clear, flawless skin.

Are You Suffering From Any Of The Following
Physical Or Emotional Symptoms?

Excessively Oily Skin With Large Open Pores and a Lot Of

Any Type Of Acne, Anything From a Few Pimples and Surface Acne To
Deep Cystic Acne?

Acne In Different Parts Of Your Body Such As Face, Back, Neck
and/or Chest?

Any Severity Of Acne, From Mild, Moderate To Widespread Severe Acne
That Will Not Respond To Any Treatments?

Red, Dry Flaky Skin That Can Be Itchy, Due To Harsh Chemicals In
Acne Products Or Acne Drugs/Pharmaceuticals?

Acne Scars, Marks Left By Acne and Uneven Skin Tone?

Have Low Self Esteem, Lack Of Confidence and Feeling Self Conscious
Around Other People Because Of Your Skin?

Are Obsessed With Your Skin, Examining Your Skin In the Mirror
Often and Becoming Depressed and Frustrated Because Nothing Seems To

Spend A Lot Of Time, Effort and Money On Expensive Acne Treatments
and Products That Don't Work?

Feel Embarrassed About Your Acne and Wanting To Hide Away and Avoid
Social Situations?

Feel Angry Because You're Missing Out On Opportunities and Making
The Most Of Life Because Your Self Consciousness About Your Acne Is
Holding You Back?

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms and problems
associated with acne, please don't feel hopeless anymore because I
guarantee that I can help you. If you can identify with any of the
above problems, I can tell you right now that this will be the most
important page you will ever read.

If you would like to permanently cure your acne using a safe,
natural, holistic system that doesn't require the use of any drugs or
skincare products containing harsh chemicals but DOES produce quick,
dramatic, desirable results without any side effects...then I'm about
to show you how. I can guarantee it and I have the results to prove

True Acne Cure System

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One of the most common reasons why people fail to cure their acne and
just plain don't know what is and what isn't the best things to do to
clear their skin, is because of the amount of misinformation out

There are people coming at this from all different angles with all
kinds of conflicting information and advice, even many doctors and
skin specialists I've gone to see contradict each other a lot, so in
the end it can just be so incredibly confusing and overwhelming. If
you follow one persons advice that isn't very good, you can end up
wasting your time, money and effort and end up back at square one (or
even worse off then you were before).

There are so many myths, theories and misconceptions out there about
what causes acne and how to treat it that all this information can
often lead you up the wrong path and actually stop or prevent you from
curing your acne!

Here are a few common misconceptions about acne:

Top 10 Myths About Acne

Myth #1: Acne Is a 'Teenager Problem' and Something That You Will
Grow Out Of

Acne is not just a teenager problem and it can continue right into
your 20's and adulthood. It's true that teenage acne is due to
hormonal changes during puberty and often hormones sort themselves out
before you get into your 20's, however depending on the root cause(s)
of your acne this doesn't always happen.

Acne can often pop up again in later 30s, 40s, 50s...almost any age.
Many people just like myself have had acne follow them right into
adulthood and it is usually a sign of something more serious affecting
their body and health. However there is a solution to every problem no
matter what the root cause, and if you restore your health, lifestyle
and inner balance you can clear up your skin in no time.

Myth #2: Accutane (also known as Roaccutane, Isoretinoin, Isotane)
Is a 'Miracle Cure' For Acne That Will Cure It Permanently

Accutane is NOT a reliable cure. I have tried it myself, once when I
was 17 and again when I was 20 (both times for 1 year) and each time
my skin cleared up but then as soon as I went off it, my acne came
back with a vengeance. There are very few success stories, and the
ones that have been successful have endured harmful side effects (and
other possible long-term side effects that we have yet to discover),
and even though their skin looks clear, their inner health is
suffering because whatever was causing the acne condition in the first
place has not been dealt with, it has simply been masked.

Acne is a sign; it is your body desperately trying to tell you that
something is wrong internally. No person who is truly healthy and
balanced has acne. Accutane doesn't even work for a lot of people and
often people will have to go on 2 or 3 rounds and even then it still
doesn't work. Accutane is a very dangerous drug and I would not
recommend it even as a last resort (it only temporarily cleared up my
acne, but screwed up my liver, made my hair thin and gave me many
random nose bleeds). Why make your body go through that when there are
alternatives that are more effective, healthy, natural and permanent.

After my own personal experience with it I have to say that it just
seems like a harmful drug made my pharmaceutical companies to make
money. Honestly, they don't really care about your personal health,
overall wellbeing or if the drug actually cures the root causes of
your acne. Don't put your trust and body's health in the hands of
companies who are just out to make money.

Myth #3: Antibiotics, Contraceptive Pills and Other Prescribed Drugs
Can Cure Your Acne

Often one of the first things doctors and dermatologists prescribe
for acne is antibiotics such as Doxycycline. The crazy thing about
this is that antibiotics (although they may temporarily improve your
skin) actually make your skin worse in the long run. I was prescribed
antibiotics for my skin for 2 years so I know what it's like and I can
personally say that in my experience it just complicated things and
made things worse. If you don't believe me just look at the facts:

1) Bacteria become resistant to antibiotics over time. The longer you
use them, the less effective they are. The only way to get them to
keep working is to either increase the dose or try a different type.
Both of these ways will just harm your body further.

2) Bacteria is not a root cause of acne. Sure, pimples form because
bacteria on your skin feed on the excess sebum and create an
infections that result in pimples, but the main cause of the acne is
whatever is causing your skin to produce the excess sebum that the
bacteria is feeding on. By trying to kill all bacteria, you are only
going to get a temporary improvement. You need to address what's
causing your excess sebum production in order to truly cure your acne.

3) Antibiotics strip your body of all bacteria, including
good/beneficial bacteria in our gut that we need to fight of infection
and keep our inner balance. If our good bacteria is destroyed by
antibiotics, the natural amount of yeast we have in our body will
begin to grow out of control because there is no good bacteria to keep
it in check. You will be making yourself vulnerable to chronic yeast
infections and other infections. Yeast overgrowth can cause a HUGE
amount of health issue and problems and it is not something you want
to have to deal with. One of the main causes of acne is yeast
overgrowth, so in the end you are only encouraging your acne and
making it worse by taking long-term antibiotics for your skin. It
seems crazy doctors prescribe these to acne sufferers.

Contraceptive pills can help to temporarily clear up your acne in the
short term, however different women can react to the same pill in
different ways. It may make one women's acne worse, and make another's
better, it all depends on what type of hormonal imbalance you have.
the problem with these pills is that they contain synthetic hormones
that mimic and disrupt your body's natural hormones which can lead to
an even greater hormonal imbalance and problems like Estrogen

A lot of women go off the pill only to find there acne comes back
even worse then before and then they feel like they always have to be
on the Pill. Depending on contraceptive pills for your acne is very
harmful to your health in the long term, and can also cause imbalance
with the beneficial bacteria in your gut and lead to yeast overgrowth
which is very common. The longer you stay on contraceptive pills, the
more out of balance your hormones are getting and the worse you acne
will eventually get.

Myth #4: There Is No Known Cause Of Acne

It's very surprising and kind of shocking that so many doctors and
skin specialists don't actually have any real answers to what causes
acne. They'll often just name symptoms as the causes but won't
actually have much of an idea of the root causes, or if they do, they
won't have any real solutions other than drugs and creams. So many
times a lot of people and medical professionals have told me that the
real causes are unknown, but I know for a fact that this is NOT true.

The more research you do, the more you experiment with your own skin
and body and the more you will discover the root causes of acne. Even
though each individual person is unique and has to do what's right for
them, there are certain root causes that cause acne in ALL of acne
sufferers. If you address them and cure them with proven solutions,
you will cure your acne.

Different people have different root causes, but these causes ARE
known and many people who have different types of acne and acne
severity, different hormonal composition, different lifestyles,
different diets etc have cured their acne by addressing the root
causes, and these causes are definitely known.

Myth #5: Going To See a Doctor Or a Dermatologist Will Cure Your

When you go to a doctor or dermatologist (I've been to many) and you
ask them what is causing your acne, often they'll name symptoms such
as 'excessive sebum' 'fluctuating hormones' 'bacteria' and 'overactive
skin' but won't actually talk about any of the real causes of acne'.
Often when you ask them what is the root causes of those symptoms they
won't have any real definite answer, or have any real solutions to the
root causes. Instead they'll often just try to prescribe you expensive
drugs and topical skincare products that just mask the causes of your
acne or refer you to another expensive specialist.

If you're like me, you're probably sick of wasting so much money on
these medical professionals who just seem to offer no real solutions
and charge you $200 just to tell you you have 'excessive sebum
production'. You're better off taking your health into your own hands
and finding out what's really causing your acne and how to cure it

Myth #6: People Who Have Acne All Eat Too Much Chocolate, Greasy
Food and Other Junk Food

This is a really unfair assumption about people who have acne. All
you have to do is look around and see that a lot of people who eat a
ton of junk food have perfect skin while others who have a relatively
healthy diet still suffer from acne. It's true the junk food can
contribute to acne by causing sudden spikes in blood sugar levels
which in turn causes insulin levels to rise which then triggers
androgen production which then triggers increased sebum production
leading to acne.Phew!

So you can see that eating a lot of high GI junk food can eventually
lead to acne and also spark Candida overgrowth which further
aggravated acne. So anyone who tells you diet has nothing to do with
acne is wrong.

But when people assume that ALL people with acne have bad diets,
that's not fair. Many people who have incredibly clean healthy diets
have other factors causing their acne such as hormonal imbalances. I
hate it how people make you feel guilty for eating some bad food once
in a while just because they assume its totally causing your acne,
because it's not always true.

Myth #7: Diet Has Nothing To Do With Acne

Like I said above, eating bad food can and will affect and worsen
your acne, especially if you already have acne or are more susceptible
to break outs. Don't let health professionals laugh at you and tell
you acne has nothing to do with diet, because I know from my own
experience and many other peoples' experience that's simply not true.

Health professionals don't usually care much about trying to get to
the root cause of your problems, give you healthy lifestyle advice or
find out what you're eating that might be causing your problems. They
would tell you to go to a 'quack' Naturopath for that. Most of the
time they're just interested in filling you prescriptions for quick
fixes to mask your symptoms and give you some temporary relief. I
honestly think if doctors and dermatologists did think that diet had
something to do with acne they wouldn't really do anything about it or
tell you anyway because there's no money in them giving you diet and
supplement advice. They will instead fill a prescription for a man
made drug that doesn't solve anything in the end.

Diet does effect and can cause acne in the following ways:

1) A bad diet full of junk food can overload your system with toxins
and over time make your body toxic. If you toxicity levels are high
and you're suffering from malnutrition (a lot of people are!) your
body will have a hard time expelling these toxins through the
digestive system and bowels and instead will have to resort to
processing them through the skin resulting in acne.

2) A bad diet with a lot of junk food (especially high in sugar) can
cause spikes in blood sugar levels, causing spikes in Insulin levels
which can eventually lead to insulin resistance and ultimately type 2
diabetes. Raised insulin levels will trigger androgen (male hormone)
production which causes increased sebum production leading to acne.

3) A bad diet and lifestyle will also mean you can be ingesting
synthetic hormones that mimic your own bodies hormones that will send
your hormonal system way out of wack. Synthetic hormones in meat and
animal produce and estrogen mimicking compounds in many plastics and
many other environmental things we come into contact with daily can
really make us unbalanced. This is one of the main causes of hormonal
acne (among some others). This is primarily caused by poor diet and
lifestyle choices.

So as you can see diet DEFINITELY has a lot to do with acne and many
people can reverse their acne and clear their skin by simply changing
their diet and lifestyle.

Myth #8: Washing Your Face More and Popping Your Zits Will Get Rid
Of Your Acne Quicker

First of all popping your zits or picking at them will only make your
acne worse. In fact it will make it spread quicker too. When you pop a
pimple you will be spreading all the bacteria and infected sebum
around the area of your pimple and this will cause new pimples to
form. Picking will also spread the bacteria and will just lead to more
acne. Leave your face alone and let it heal on it's own, it will heal
much quicker that way.

Washing your face more is also just making things worse for you. Your
skin has a protective layer of oil called the 'acid mantle' that
actually protects your skin and keeps it moisturized. It has an acid
pH to help protect it from bacteria and infection because bacteria
can't survive in an acid environment. So when you wash with common
acne products that contain harsh chemicals that strip the acid mantle
away from your skin, you will be actually exposing yourself to more
risk of bacteria infection and acne.

This is also bad for your skin because not only does it leave your
skin open to bacteria, it also leaves your skin dry, tight, and often
red. If may feel good to do this if you have acne and you might feel
nice and clean, but it actually dries your skin out and then your skin
feels as if it has to pump out more oil in order to repair the acid
mantle. In the end you end up increasing your sebum production ever
more and getting overactive skin. This will lead to worse acne.

Myth #9: Acne Can Be Cured By Topical Skincare Products

Acne is not just an external condition. It is also an internal
condition and is the result of health problems on the inside. Skincare
products are great and can be really helpful at reducing acne and
calming down your skin but they will not cure acne. It's very
important to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face twice a day and
use natural, healing skincare products and face treatments, but in the
end even if you have the very best skincare routine it's still not

Don't be fooled by advertising campaigns that there are miracle
products out there that can cure your acne in a matter of days.
Proactive and Benzoyl Peroxide will not cure acne. No skincare product
no matter how good, can cure acne, you have to cure it from the inside

Myth #10: Acne Is Purely Genetic

This is a tricky one, but in my opinion I think acne is not purely
due to genetics. However there could be some truth to this because I
have noticed that some people who have acne also have brothers and
sisters who have acne. And their parents once had acne and all their
relatives etc. So it makes me think that either their whole family
just has bad lifestyle and diet habits or that they have some kind of
genetic predisposition to acne. Sometimes some people can't handle
toxins as well as other people which may be a result of genetics.

Also, if your mother had a lot of toxins in her body and had a bad
diet which involved ingesting synthetic hormones through meat and
animal products and plastic residues (very common) this will be
exposed to babies int he womb and they will be affected by it. If you
mother and father also had hormonal problems and an unbalanced system
then that can be passed on to their children (a mothers hormones
during pregnancy has a big effect on her baby int he womb).

So as you can see, genetics or your parents' health can play a part
in acne mostly by messing up your hormones or weakening your immune
system. But I think it would be wrong to say that all acne is genetic
because that's clearly not that case, more often than not it's to do
with your development growing up and you lifestyle choices.

5 Critical Facts About Your Acne Condition That You
Must Understand In Order To Cure Your Acne

Before you try to heal your acne, you must understand 5 important
facts that are written below in order to truly understand what you
should and shouldn't do in regards to curing your acne and all of it's
symptoms for good. Often people will spend years struggling to cure
their acne and fail because they have not understood one or any of
these important facts.

Fact #1: There Is Too Much Confusing and Conflicting Information Out
There Provided By 'Experts' That Just Contradict Each Other and Give
Useless/Ineffective Advice.

The amount of information on what causes acne and how to cure it is
truly overwhelming. I know because I've been there too and know what
it's like to have to try and put all the pieces of the 'acne solution
puzzle' together myself. Many health professionals and skin
specialists say things that simply contradict each other and it's hard
to know in the end who to trust and what to believe. Not to mention
the overload of confusing advice there is on the internet provided by
so called acne 'experts'. Some claim diet has nothing to do with acne,
others say diet has everything to do with acne. Some say drugs and
antibiotics are effective and others say they harm your system and
offer no real solution. Others say products like Proactive and Benzoyl
Peroxide can simply cure your acne, others say they are too harsh on
your skin actually make acne worse. Some say certain vitamins can cure
your acne, others say these vitamins will make your acne worse!

No wonder so many people are so confused and are still struggling to
clear their skin. So I'm here to help you sift through all the
information and provide you with a proven, clear-cut action plan of
effective steps to take and real solutions to your acne. The True Acne
Cure Program has been backed by a decade of experience and hundreds of
hours of research, trial and error, and experimentation to find out
EXACTLY what works and what doesn't. It has already been proven to
help hundreds of acne sufferers to finally cure their solution for
good, and once they had a clear, effective plan and knew exactly what
to do, their acne began to rapidly disappear!

Fact #2: Acne Is NOT Normal, No Matter What People Tell You.

If you look around you will probably see many 'normal' people just
like you, with acne. With teenagers, its considered very normal to get
acne and is even kind of expected when you hit puberty. However just
because other people have it and it's become kind of socially
acceptable in a way, it is actually not normal at all. Acne has become
very widespread in Western cultures which is most likely on the whole
to be caused by a Western diet high in high GI foods and bad lifestyle

A 2 year study was prompted when researchers noted that there were
acne problems less frequently and with less severity in cultures
outside the Western Hemisphere. It was noted that some primitive
populations whose diet consists of all natural foods experience very
little problems with acne at all. To determine the reason behind the
mysterious absence of acne and acne related issues, a team of
researchers studied 1,200 people, including 300 teenagers, in New
Guinea and 115 people, including 15 teenagers, in a remote section of
Paraguay. The study was conducted over a two year period of time and
during that time span, the researchers failed to detect even so much
as on minor pimple among the total 1,315 people studied. The study
noted that the participants in the study ate only natural foods-what
they were able to hunt, gather or grow themselves. No refined foods,
which are a common staple in the Western diet, were found in the diet
of the research participants. Only foods such as fruits, vegetables,
seafood and lean meats.

You would be surprised if you were to travel to other countries
outside of the Western Hemisphere to see hardly anybody old or young
with acne (or course there are some countries that are exceptions).
You could argue that it's a result of their genetics and they're just
not as susceptible to acne as people in western cultures, however it's
common for people who travel from these countries where acne virtually
doesn't exist to live in a western culture to suddenly develop acne
for the first time.

Acne is not normal, it is a sign of unbalanced health and everyone
who you see around you who has the same acne condition has a more
serious health problem, so it's important to try and fix it asap in a
natural, effective way.

Fact #3: Acne Drugs, Antibiotics and Contraceptive Pills Cannot Cure
Acne and Will Actually Make It Worse.

Acne drugs such as Accutane and Adapalene, and antibiotics such as
Doxycycline, Tetracycline and Minocycline etc all have harmful effects
on your health and acne in the long run. Sure, they may offer some
temporary relief...but at what cost? Drugs such as Accutane can
permanently damage your inner tissues, especially your liver which is
ironic because you need your liver to be functioning well in order to
process toxins efficiently so your skin won't have to (which results
in acne). This serious drug has many harmful side effects (personally
it messed up my liver, made my hair thin, and gave me nose bleeds and
god knows what else!) and often doesn't really work the first time.
Honestly, its not worth the risk. Even worse, it just masks the
symptom (acne) or a bigger, more serious health problem and never
addresses the root cause. Acne is just your body telling you
somethings wrong inside and if you just treat the skin you will never
truly be treating the real problem which is internal.

Antibiotics also just do that same thing, they just treat the
bacteria that results in acne, but never really addresses the real
problem that causes acne. It's just a quick fix, and temporary at
that. In the end you'll often just end up worse off, because many
people I know who have gone on antibiotics for a while because of
their acne, have ended up with chronic yeast infections and Candida
overgrowth in their body because the antibiotics also destroyed all
the good/beneficial bacteria that naturally live in our gut that help
to keep our natural yeast at a low level and under control. This is
also ironic because Candida overgrowth can be one of the main causes
of acne in the first place. So it's really just making things worse! I
still don't understand why doters would prescribe these.

Contraceptive Pills make people react in different ways. Some women
find their acne actually gets a lot worse while some women with acne
find that the exact same pill actually helps to clear up their acne.
It all depends on what kind of hormonal imbalance you have in the
first place. But at the end of the day, like all other drugs, this is
just a temporary fix and and you can't stay on it forever. The worst
thing about it is that contraceptive pills contain synthetic hormones
that mimic your body's own hormones and it can really mess your system
up and further put your hormones out of wack.
Many women are actually afraid to go off them because they know their
acne will just come back, usually even worse than before, because the
pill has mucked up their hormones even more by causing Estrogen
Dominance and other hormonal problems. If you're like me, going on the
pill can sometimes be a really good option if you are worried about
getting pregnant, however it's not a good idea to stay on the pill for
a long time if you can allow it, because the longer you stay on it,
the more your hormones will get messed up and the worse your acne will
be once you get off the pill.

1) They don't treat the main cause for your acne, they just simply
temporarily mask the symptom (acne) of a bigger internal health
problem that is causing your acne

2) They damage your body and give you harmful side effects that can
seriously lead to bad health and imbalance that can encourage other
health problems to develop.

3) They harm your health in the long run, aren't good for you or your
body and actually end up making your acne worse (not to mention
they're expensive).

Fact #4: Fancy, Expensive Skincare Products, Cleansers, Creams and
Other Topical Treatments Cannot Cure Your Acne.

Although we all wish there was just a magic product out there that
could just instantly cure all our acne acne, it's not sure. Topical
(on the skin) treatments such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Retenoids, or
popular products such as Proactive can help to reduce your acne but
will not cure it. This is because skincare products and treatments
only deal with the outside and what's on the skin but do not prevent
the root cause of your acne. You must heal your acne from the inside
out in order to be permanently cured. In saying that, I do really love
using beautiful, organic skincare products that contain only natural
ingredients and making my own skincare remedies by using plants, herbs
and other natural ingredients.
Try not to use harsh products that contain chemicals, this will only
dry out your skin and strip the protective acid mantle off your skin
which you need in order to reduce bacteria and keep your skin
moisturized properly. Often these products make your skin flaky and
red and contain chemicals that your body will have to get rid of
because they're toxins, so it will just further overload you system
and make your toxic situation and acne worse. I highly recommend using
only natural products and ingredients that are free from chemicals,
parabens, and any harsh ingredients because they are more healing for
your skin. Having the right skincare products and skincare routine can
really make a big difference to the appearance of your acne and help
to reduce it, but I can honestly say from my own experience of trying
every cleanser, cream, topical, and lotion out there for over 10
years, that there is no skincare product that will totally clear your
acne no matter how expensive or high quality.

Fact #5: Acne Is Your Body Giving You a Warning Sign Of a More
Serious Inner Imbalance/Health Problem.

Your Skin is not against you, it is just trying to do it's job which
is to excrete toxins and let you know that somethings not right on the
inside. Acne is not just a problem in itself, it is simply just a
symptom of something more serious going on inside your body such as
toxicity, a hormonal imbalance, stress etc.

It is a sign that your body is crying out for help. Slapping a bunch
of Bonzoyl Peroxide on your face or swallowing acne drugs every day
will not help your situation because you're not doing anything about
the root causes of your acne. Often you'll probably be experiencing
other symptoms as well, not just acne, even if you haven't linked
everything together yet.

If your body is suffering from a health problem/imbalance internally
that is so bad that it produces acne as a sign that somethings wrong,
then it's critically important that you deal with this straight away.
The longer you ignore this and just simply go about trying to fix the
external signs of acne, the worse your problems will get and you will
be damaging your long term health. Luckily, all the causes of acne,
although serious, can be reversed and cured using the methods I've
spent many years researching and testing. Once you've successfully
cured these root causes, your skin will just quickly clear up on its
own, because after all, acne is just a symptom.

No Matter What Other People May Think, Acne IS a Big Deal and Has a
Serious Effect On Both Your
Physical Health and Your Emotional Wellbeing.

It Can Destroy Your Self Esteem and Self Confidence and Can Make You
Want To Hide Away From The World

Acne can make you feel very angry, frustrated and gross

Acne can make you feel so embarrassed about your skin that you
don't want to make eye contact with people or see anyone face to face

Acne can make you feel so ugly that you end up avoiding your
friends and social situations because you don't want anyone to see you
when you're having a really bad skin day

Acne can kill your self esteem and self confidence and hold you
back from doing the things you've always wanted to do but don't seem
to have the confidence to do anymore

Acne can make you want to hide away which causes you to miss out on
a lot of opportunities and miss out on making the most of life

Acne can cause you to avoid getting close to anyone for fear of
embarrassment or rejection

Acne can cause you to be teased at school and judged by
others...because let's face it; its a fact that people do judge you
based on your looks and your face is the first thing they see. Not
only that, many people have misconceptions about what causes acne and
it can cause you to be unfairly judged.

I know what it feels like because I've been there. I've gone through
what you're going through right now and I know how frustrating and
unfair it is. When I had acne I used to get teased, I used to get very
down on myself and think I was really ugly, and no guy would ever be
interested in me. I remember avoiding so many great social events and
missing out on opportunities that I now really regret because I was so
embarrassed about my skin.
There were some mornings I woke up and looked in the mirror and just
went straight back to bed and cried. So many times I asked 'Why me??!!
What have I done to deserve this?!'.
Have you ever felt like this?

So by the time I was 16 I become so sick of going to doctors and
forking out money to go see dermatologist only to never get any real
results. I decided out of my frustration to take my health into my own
hands and finally try and solve this acne condition once and for all.
I was determined to finally get rid of it for good no matter what!

I Spent Over 4 Years Researching, Interviewing Experts, Talking To
Acne Sufferers, Studying Acne, Experimenting With Different Solutions
and Trying Out Methods Through Trial and Error.

I become obsessed with finding a solution. I spent a lot of my spare
time going through books at the library and searching through sites on
the internet and participating in online forums trying to find some
answers. Doesn't sound like that much fun, I know, but I was on a
mission and my acne condition was really starting to drive me to my
wits end. I spent over 4 years reading everything I could on acne,
holistic health, disease, detoxing, hormones etc and became totally
consumed with trying to find a solution.

Not only did I read and do a lot of research, I also actively went
out and talked to many different doctors, dermatologist, hormone
specialists, naturopaths and other acne sufferers, grilling them with
questions and trying to get down to the nitty gritty of what causes
acne and the best way to cure it.

However just discovering knowledge and talking to experts is not
enough, so I then subjected myself to every acne cure method I knew of
to see if something actually worked. I became a bit of a human guinea
pig and experimented on myself and my skin and through trial and error
tried to get some results.

I Tried Absolutely Everything!

I've tried; Accutane (twice), Antibiotics, Retenoid Cream,
Contraceptive Pills Benzoyl Peroxide, contraceptive Pills, Proactive,
Reflexology, Raw Food Diet, Vegan Diet, Master Cleanse, Many Types of
Detoxes, Chinese Medicine, went to Doctors, Skin Specialists,
Naturopaths, Dermatologists, Homeopaths....etc

However After All Of This, I STILL Suffered Severe Acne That Was
Incredibly Stubborn!

After trying absolutely every popular, conventional and far-out
method I could, I still never really permanently cured my acne. Some
methods gave me temporary results but it was so disappointing and
crushing when my acne eventually came back usually even worse than the
first time. I remember reaching a point where I just felt so defeated
I didn't want to look in the mirror and all I could do was cry and get

I reached a point where I just thought that maybe this is just the
way life is and I'll just have to learn to accept having acne on my
face for the rest of my life. But how could I accept something that
had such an negative impact on my life that I felt I didn't deserve?
How could I accept my acne when I'm constantly surrounded by people my
age with beautiful, perfect complexions? I felt pretty depressed and
on the verge of just giving up.

After 10 Painful Years Of Dealing With Acne, Experimenting On My
Skin, Trying Everything I Could and Thousands Of Hours Of Research , I
Finally Cured My Acne Permanently

After eventually putting all the pieces of the puzzle together after
everything I'd learned through research, experience and talking to
experts and other acne sufferers, I finally managed to clear my skin
for good and since then, I'm proud to say I've never had acne bother
me again. It was a long and painful journey full of a lot of ups and
downs, disappointed, blood sweat and tears, but I finally managed to
do it in the end.

I experienced a series of 'aha' moments and once everything became
clear to me and I put what I'd learn into action, my skin actually
cleared up in only 2 months! (This was relatively fast considering how
severe my acne was and that I'd had it for over 10 years). Since then
I've been refining my solutions and tweaking them so that they are
extremely effective, I have never stopped learning and researching.

I have carefully formulated a program that cures acne and it's root
causes holistically and effectively. Most importantly it works with
your body and not against it which produces the quickest and most
dramatic results. This system I developed not only cured my acne, but
also cured my yeast overgrowth, my adrenal fatigue, my small amount of
insulin resistance, my hormonal imbalances, my headaches, lowered my
toxicity levels and transformed my overall health. I also have a lot
more energy, I sleep better, have healthier, shinier hair and nails as
a bonus!

I Want To Share With You The Story Of My Friend Sarah Who Cured Her
Acne Permanently In Less Than 4 Weeks By Following My Life Changing

Sarah was a girl who I met at university who suffered from very
severe cystic acne. She also had very oily skin and a lot of
blackheads. Just like me, she'd tried everything she could and spent a
lot of time, money and effort to try and clear her skin. She was very
embarrassed by her acne and also caked on a lot of makeup (which kind
of actually drew more attention to the lumps on her face
unfortunately) and she avoided a lot of social situations. During
summer she didn't go swimming because she didn't want to expose her
back acne or have her makeup wash off and everyone see her face. She
also had trouble finding a decent part time job and had trouble
getting a boyfriend.

When I met her she was very reliant on the contraceptive pill and was
actually just considering going on Accutane at the time. Needless to
say she was pretty desperate and depressed and I could understand how
she felt. So I told her all about what I had done to permanently cure
my severe acne the previous year and showed her how to reverse her
acne condition by following the same unique approach you're about to
learn. She followed my program very strictly and in less than 2 weeks
her skin had dramatically improved and by 4 weeks her skin was
completely clear! It's now been 2 years and her acne has not come back
at all. She said before this, she had even forgotten what it was like
to have clear skin, so as you can imagine she was on top of the world.

I developed this program to help acne sufferers finally clear their
skin for good and get to experience what it's like to live an
acne-free life. Everything Sarah implemented and everything I have
discovered in my years of experimentation and research, is instantly
available to you through my best selling True Acne Cure Program.


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The 'True Acne Cure' System is a 131 Page downloadable Ebook that
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effects. You will see permanently clear skin in as little as 2 weeks
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Cure Acne Without Drugs or Expensive Products.

As you probably already know, using drugs and products are temporary
solutions at best and can harm your body even more and make your acne
even worse in the long run. True Acne Cure does not require you to
take any medications or purchase fancy expensive products. It takes a
natural holistic approach that provides you with solutions that are
inexpensive or you can make at home. It focuses on promoting overall
health and fixing certain internal imbalances by treating the problem
from all angles with multiple solutions that combine to create a
powerful effect.

Cure Acne Holistically.

Focusing on just one aspect of curing acne is not enough. In True
Acne Cure you are shown how to treat acne and the causes of it by
using multiple, effective approachs. This comes right down to what
herbal supplements to use, to what foods to eat, to what vitamins to
take, to what detox to do, to what lifestyle changes to make to how to
de-stress your life. This is the very best and most effective approach
and is the only way to cure acne permanently. You must address all
parts of the acne puzzle and work on all the causes and symptoms
together at once.

Cure Acne Quickly.

You must remember that no matter how much you wish there was a 'magic
pill' or quick fix remedy that could cure you for good overnight,
sadly there isn't one. Don't get fooled into hype of new products of
programs that promise to 'cure your acne in 3 days' because very
rarely is that possible. Most people who have suffered from acne for
any period of time will know that it's more complicated and you have
to allow your body time to heal itself naturally. Many people who have
used the True Acne Cure Program saw results after just 1 months and
the majority were cured after 2 months. However depending on the
severity of your acne and you root causes (and the length of time
you've had it) you may take 3 months to have completely clear skin.
However considering how long many people have suffered and struggled
to cure their acne only to have it come back a few months later, 3
months max is actually not that long for a permanent cure!

Cure Acne Safely and Effectively With a Clear Skin Action Plan That

There is so much confusing and conflicting information on how to cure
acne and what causes it, it can be so overwhelming. Many people waste
so much time, so many years, struggling to figure out what works and
what doesn't, only to end up back at square one. True Acne Cure is
logically laid out and will show you how all the pieces of the puzzle
fit together to create a clear skin action plan for you. Once you read
the book you will realize the truth about acne and will finally be
able to make sense of everything and know EXACTLY what to do to
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Here Are The Benefits That All Men and Women Who Used The True Acne
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Their Acne Improved Within Days and Completely Disappeared Within

Most Types Acne Scars and Red Acne Marks Had Faded And Started To

Their Skin Went From Being Overactive and Producing Excess Oil To
Going Back To Normal

Blackheads Simply Just Disappeared

Red Skin and Inflammation Calmed Down and Their Skin Toned Evened

Their General Health Had Improved and They Felt Lighter, More
Energetic and Happier

Their Self Esteem and Self Confidence Had Skyrocketed

Their Overall Physical and Emotional Wellbeing Had Dramatically

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Top 10 Reasons Why 'True Acne Cure' Is 100% Unique and Completely
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True Acne Cure Was Created and Written By a Real Long-Term Acne
Sufferer Who Knows What They're Talking About and Practices What They

I personally suffered from acne for over 10 years and put my heart
and soul into creating this book to help as many people as I can to
cure their acne because I've been there and I know what it feels like.
This is all my years of research, all my experiences, all my proven
methods all jam packed into one book. This wasn't written by a doctor
or medical professional who knows all the theory but have never
suffered from acne themselves. This book was written by a real ex-acne
sufferer and offers real, practical solutions that work. Everything in
this book I personally used myself to rid myself of my acne, and I
still follow what's written in this book to this day and it's kept me
happy and acne free. I honestly believe in everything in this book and
I know for a fact that everything works.

True Acne Cure Is Customizable For Your Unique Condition

Because every person is unique and different, there is no cookie
cutter solution to fit everyone. Acne conditions can vary a lot and
the root causes behind them will be different for each person, so it's
important that you can apply all this knowledge in a way that benefits
you the greatest. There are many guidelines and advice on how to know
if something will work for you, or what it is that you will need to
focus on the most. There are also varies tests to help you detect what
your problems are and how to solve them.

True Acne Cure Is a Holistic Solution The Works FOR LIFE, Not Only
Just Treating Acne Right Now, But Also Permanently Preventing It In
The Future

The information contained in this program can literally change your
life and once you seriously apply it to your life, you will not only
permanently cure your acne, you will maintain better overall health
and feel great. This is not just another coping strategy or a quick
fix, this is a real long term solution that will not only cure acne
but also improve your overall wellbeing. If you incorporate the
guidelines and principals in this book correctly into your life and
maintain them (it's not hard!) you will prevent any future breakouts
and finally break free from acne and never have to worry about it
again. Not only that, but your quality of life and happiness will

True Acne Cure Treats All Types Of Acne Conditions, No Matter How
Mild Or Severe, Or Where On Your Body It Is

This program works for all types of acne, whiteheads, blackheads,
cysts, acne vulgaris, nodules, acne conglobata, rosacea, papules,
pustules etc. It works on anything from mild to severe acne. It
doesn't matter where on your body you have acne, it will still work.

True Acne Cure Works For Both Men and Women No Matter What Age Or

Whether you're male or female young or old True Acne Cure will work
for you. It works for both teenage acne and adult acne and everything
in between. If you have acne that flares up due to your monthly
periods of menopause it will definitely work for you.

True Acne Cure Is Easy To Understand and Logically Laid Out

Although there is a lot of information that's very important for you
to understand, I've broken it up into smaller more digestible parts to
help make it more easy for you to read and implement. I've also summed
everything up into a 'Clear Skin Action Plan' that takes you
step-by-step through what exactly you need to do. You don't need to
understand biology or any medical terms or processes, I've written it
so everybody can understand and make sense of everything.

True Acne Cure Is Practical, Easy To Follow and Incorporate Into
Your Life and Is Not At All Difficult Or Demanding

Many acne programs are very demanding and require a lot of time and
effort to follow. Often they can be completely unrealistic and require
great sacrifice on your part. True Acne Cure on the other hand, is
easy to incorporate into your busy lifestyle. Follow this program will
make you feel great, especially when you know you're making progress
and seeing results.

True Acne Cure Is Actually An Enjoyable Program To follow and You
Won't Feel Deprived Of Anything Or Have To Make Any Sacrifices.

Once you start the True Acne Cure Program and start to take action on
what's written in this book, it's actually very satisfying to
implement everything and watch your progress and get excited about the
results. You will have to make some big changes though, and it will
take some work and patience, but you will feel excited to know that
you're healing your body and curing your acne and you'll be a lot
happier in the long run.

True Acne Cure Will Help You To Finally Understand What Is Causing
Your Acne Once and For All

With the True Acne Cure Program, you won't just be blindly following
a method just because someone told you to. Once I share with you some
important information you will actually finally understand what's
going on in your body and you'll be more capable of making the right
decisions and motivated to follow the program. Once you understand how
everything fits together it's like a light bulb switching on and
suddenly for the first time you can see the light at the end of the
tunnel and truly believe that you can cure your acne in less than 3
months max.

True Acne Cure Is Continually Updated

This ebook will be continually updated in the future as soon as
important information or new methods that I discover to really work
come to light. I am constantly learning every day and am always
experimenting with new methods and talking to other acne sufferers to
see what they're doing about their skin. I am always in the process of
refining and perfecting True Acne Cure. Any updates I make will be
made available to my previous customers absolutely free!

Here Is Just a Small Sample Of What You Will Learn and Discover When
You Download Your Copy Of The
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The #1 Shockingly Simple Reason For ALL Acne

Why The 2 Main So-Called 'Causes' Of Acne That Your
Doctor/Dermatologist Will Blame Acne On Are NOT The Causes Of Your

The 5 Step Process Of How Acne Forms In The Skin

The 2 True Main Causes Of Excess Sebum/Oily Skin and How To
Determine Which One Is Causing YOUR Acne and How To Fix It

How To Develop An 'Acne Fighting/Clear Skin Mindset' That Will
Change Your Attitude Towards Acne and Will Help You To Stay Motivated
and Achieve Faster Results

The Top 7 Main Causes For Your Hormones Going Out Of Whack...I'm
Sure You're Probably Experiencing At Least One Of These Causes Of All

A Simple Thing You Can Do Right This Very Second To Reduce Your
Acne and Stop It From Spreading. You Will Be Surprised To Know How
Much This Can Effect Your Acne

The Top 5 Causes Of Toxicity In The Body That Causes Acne....I
Guarantee You Will Be Experiencing At Least One Of These Causes Or All

Learn What Your Face Is Telling You: Discover How Each Part Of Your
Face Corresponds To Other Parts Of Your Body and Are An Indication Of
a Problem Going On In The Corresponding Area Of The Body. For Example
Your Forehead Represents Your Sense and Nervous System and Acne On
Your Forehead Is a Sign Of Excessive Worrying, Stress and Can Also
Indicate Candida (Yeast) Overgrowth. The Chin and Jawline Area
Represent Your Reproductive Organs, So Often People Will Hormonal Acne
Flare Up Around The Jawline Area. You Will Learn About The Forehead,
Eyes, Cheeks, Nose, Upper Lip, Chin and How To Treat You Acne
Differently Depending On Where You Break Out On Your Face.

One Of The Top Common Misconceptions About How To Cure Your Acne
That Will Have Your Wasting Your Time and Money

Why You Need To Watch Out For Certain Skincare Products and
Guidelines On What You Should For In a Skincare Product

One Of The Biggest Mistakes Most People Make When Trying To Cure
Their Acne From The Outside In, and Why You Need To Stop Doing It
Right Now Because It Is Actually Harming Your Skin and Making Your
Acne and Oily Skin Worse

How Many Commercial Skincare Products Give You Extra Toxins That
Will Just Overload Your Skin and Make Your Break Out Even More

Secrets To Choosing The Very Best Cleaners, Toners and Moisturizers

The #1 Criteria You Makeup Must Possess So It Is Acne Safe

A Simple Trick To Cleansing and Exfoliating Your Skin More
Effectively To Get Better Results

Why You Shouldn't Moisturize Your Skin At Night...I'll Tell You Shy

3 Deep Cleansing Healing Mask Home Made Recipes For Acne Using
Natural Ingredients

A Beautiful Healing Mask Recipe For Acne That You Can Make At Home
Using Natural Ingredients

An Effective Herbal Formula For Treating Acne That Will Strengthen
Your Blood-Cleansing Organs Especially Your Liver and Kidneys. You Can
Make This Formula At Home Using Healing, Cleansing Herbs.

A Deep Cleansing Almond Cleanser Recipe That You Can Make At Home
Using Natural Ingredients

How To Easily Make Your Own Herbal Toners Using 8 Of The Most
Beneficial Herbs and Plants For Your Clearing Your Acne

6 Critical Steps You Must Take To Improve Your Kidney Function and
Improve Your Acne

How To Develop The Perfect Skincare Routine For Your Acne

3 Of The Best Essential Oils For Acne You Can Use While Having a
Steam Bath For Your Face

Something That ALL Acne Sufferers Suffer From and How To
Straightforwardly Get Rid Of This By Making Some Simple Changes
Starting Today

Why Your Diet Has EVERYTHING To Do With Your Acne....Don't Let Your
Doctor Or Derm Tell You Otherwise

Why Acne Can Be Sign Of These 2 Particular Organs Not Working
Properly.....So Heal The 2 Organs and You'll Heal Your Acne.....and
I'll Show You How!

2 Of The Most Overlooked Plants/Fruits For Cleansing Your Skin and
Healing Acne That You Probably Have In Your Kitchen Or Outside Your
Kitchen Window Right Now

5 Vital Steps You Must Take To Improve Your Digestive System and
Eliminate Your Acne

A Very Simple and Glaringly Obvious Cause For a Lot Of Peoples'
Acne...Discover If This Problem Is The Root Cause Of Your Acne and
What To Do About It (The Solution Is Very Simple!)

How and Why Going On a Detox Or Cleanse Will Benefit ALL Acne
Sufferers No Matter What The Root Cause Of Your Acne Is....and Some
People Will Completely Cure Their Acne Just By Going On a Thorough

23 High Antioxidant Foods That Will Help To Heal Your Acne and Give
You Beautiful Skin

One Of The Top Aggravators/Causes Of Acne In A LOT Of People That a
THIRD Of The Population In The West Suffer From. This Can Actually Be
Quite Serious and You May Not Even Know You Have It!

12 Foods/Substances You MUST Cut Out In Order To Reduce
Inflammation and Harm To Your Inner Tissue and Reduce/Clear Your Acne.
Trust Me, Your Body Will Thank You For This and You'll Feel and Look
Much Better

The 12 Best Sources Of Healthy Fats (Essential Fatty Acids) That
Will Help To Balance Your Hormones, Reduce Inflammation and Clear Your

My 6-Step Program To Destroying Candida Overgrowth (and In The
Process Reduce/Cure Your Acne)

8 Proven Supplements and Herbs To Eliminating Candida Overgrowth
and Reduce Your Acne

13 Foods You Must NOT Eat If You Want To Control Candida and Clear

Diagrams On How Your Hormones Relate To Each Other and Acne

3 Sure-Fire Home Tests You Can Do To Find Out If You Have Candida
Overgrowth That Can Be Causing/Contributing To Your Acne

The 90/10 Rule and How It Applies To Healing Your Acne

The 'Clear Skin Diet' and Why You Must Stay Away From High GI Foods
If You Have Acne.

How This Simple 'Good Fat' Can Reduce Inflammation and Calm Acne

Instructions On How To Go On The '3 Day Acne Cleansing Fast' That
Has Been Known To Cure Some Peoples' Acne By Day 4! All Acne Sufferers
Can Benefit From This and See Improvement In Their Acne

12 Causes Of Candida Overgrowth Your Must Address and Eliminate
When Trying To Reduce Your Candida Overgrowth and Cure Your
Acne....and I'll Show You How

20 Acne-Healing Herbs That Will Do Wonders For Your Skin

Why Acne Can Be an Allergic Reaction/Inflammatory Response To a
Food You're Eating and You May Not Even Know It

The Exact Process Of How Certain Hormones Can Actually Cause Acne,
Broken Down Into a Very Simple and Easy-To-Understand Process. Many
Other Programs, Books and Medical Professionals Skip This Explanation
Because They Think It Would Be Too Hard For You To Understand. Well
I've Broken It Down and Explained It Very Clearly Because
Understanding This Hormonal Process is CRITICALLY Important For Your
To Be Able To Make The Right Decisions and Understand What Exactly
Your Body Needs To Balance Your Hormones Again and Permanently Cure
Your Acne.

The 9 Tell-Tale Signs That You Have an Androgen (Male Hormones)
Problem and Your Hormones Are Out Of Balance. This is The #1 Type Of
Hormonal Imbalance That Causes Most Women and Mens Hormonal Acne. You
Can Still Be a Very Feminine Women and Still Have This Issue!

The 3 Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself When Dealing With An
Excess Androgen (Male Hormones) Problem

Why Doctors Typically Check Your Hormones Using a Particular Type
Of Test, I'll Tell You About a Test That's Even More Accurate

I'll Tell You About The Normal Ranges Of Free Testosterone For Both
Men and Women, and Why Just Being In The Range May Not Be Enough and
You May Still Have Hormonal Problems

The Top 4 Conditions/Causes Of Hormonal Imbalances and Excess
Androgen (Male Hormones) Levels

The Top 5 ROOT CAUSES Of All Hormonal Acne Conditionals. This Is
Right Down To The 'Nitty-Gritty' Of Your Acne Problem and I Have
Narrowed Everything Down To These 5 Causes. They Will Probably
Surprise You and May Even Shock You But Once You Realize What They Are
It Will Make a Lot Of Sense To You and Everything Will Fall Into

Stress Does and Will Cause Acne, Whether Physical Or Emotional
Stress. I Break Down The Different Types Of Stress For You and How
They Relate To Acne

How Stress and Cortisol Result In Acne. Here, I'll Actually Break
Down The Process Of What Triggers This Hormone, How To Effects Other
Hormones, and How This Chain Effect Causes Acne. Once You Understand
This You Will Stand a Better Chance Of Permanently Curing Your Acne.
(More Than The 95% Of People Who Fail)

10 Important Diet Changes You Must Make First In Order To Balance
Your Hormones and Clear Your Acne For Good

A Potentially Serious 'Modern Illness' That 70% Of The Western
Population Will Suffer From In Some Degree That Seriously Messes Up
Your Hormones and Causes Acne For Many People (Me Included!)

A Simple Test You Can Do At Home That Just Requires Flashlight and
a Mirror To Test If You Have This Serious Hormonal Imbalance That Will
Be Resulting In Your Acne As Well As Many Other Problems!

16 Simple, Enjoyable Ways To De-Stress Your Life That Will Have Big
Impact On Your Cortisol (Stress Hormone) Levels and Your Acne (Taking
Action On These Things Will Make Big Difference and Can Completely
Clear Up Some Peoples Acne)

How To Balance Your Hormones Through Diet (Along With Some
Lifestyle Changes This Really Does Work...I Guarantee It!)

The 4 Stages Of Adrenal Fatigue and How To Identify If You're
Suffering It and What Stage You are In

Why The Best Diet For Your Skin Is Full Of Organic, Low GI
Foods....If You Take This Advice Seriously Your Acne Will Dramatically

Discover This Amazing Food/Nutrient That Will Strengthen The Immune
System, Improve Skin Tone, Calm Down Inflammation, Decrease Sebum
Production, Hydrate Skin, Help Blemishes Heal Faster, Reduce Sebaceous
Gland Size, Reduce PMT Symptoms, Reduce Androgen Production and
Balance Your Hormones Naturally

6 Vitamins and Minerals That Can Dramatically Reduce Excessive
Levels Of Androgens and Balance Our Your Hormones naturally....and Are
Great For Acne!

9 Amazing Herbs That Will Specifically and Effectively Balance Out
Your Hormones and You'll See The Results In Your Skin In No Time

An Ancient Herb Dubbed 'Peruvian Ginseng' Used By Incan Warriors
That Will Balance Your Hormones and Can Clear Hormonal Acne For Good

A Hormone Balancing Fruit From Central Asia and The Mediterranean
That Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years By Women To Ease Menstrual
Problems, PMT, Menopause, Fertility Problems and To Clear Acne.

9 Natural Anti-Androgens That Balance Your Hormones and Clear Your
Skin Which You Can Incorporate Into Your Diet and Supplement Routine

An Amazing Anti-Androgen Cleaner For Your Face That You Can Make At
Home Using 3 Natural Ingredients

How and When To Use Natural Progesterone Cream and How It Can Help
Cure Your Acne

How Hypothyroidism Can Contribute To Acne By Causing Hormonal
Imbalances. 6 Main Causes Of Hypothyroidism and How It Ties In With
The Rest Of Your Hormones. Why It Goes Hand In Hand With Adrenal
Problems and What To Do About It.

9 Nutrients Needed For Healthy Thyroid Function, 6 Important Things
To Include Into Your Diet and Lifestyle To Heal Your Thyroid Function
and Balance Your Hormones and Clear Your Skin, and 6 Things To Avoid.

I De-Mystify The Process Of What Exactly Is 'Estrogen Dominance' In
Both Men and Women and How It Causes In Acne

Why Progesterone Is Important For Balancing Hormones and
Maintaining Health and Clear Skin, and How Exactly a Lack Of It Or
Imbalance Contributes To Acne

What Are The Main Types Of Estrogen, What Exactly 'Good/Protective'
and 'Bad/Aggressive' Estrogens Are and How They Contribute To Acne In
a Lot Of People.

How Synthetic Drugs and Contraceptive Pills and Messing Up Your
Hormones and Causing Acne and What To Do About This

How Acne and Hormonal Imbalance (Estrogen Dominance) Is Usually
Caused By Environmental Toxins Called 'Xenoestrogens' That Mimic Your
Own Body's Estrogen and Screw Up Your Hormones. 12 Main Sources Of
Xenoestrogens That You Must Avoid and 14 Ways To Reduce Your Exposure
To Them

14 Foods That Contain 'Phyto-estrogens' That Help To Reduce 'Bad
Estrogen' and Balance Your Hormones Again and Clear Your Skin

A Little-Known Supplement You Can Take That Will Flush Out Bad,
Excess Hormones and Promote Hormonal Balance and Cure Your Acne (This
Really Works, I've Tried It!)

Why Syndrome X Is Causing A LOT Of Peoples' Acne and How To Cure It

How The 'Modern Lifestyle Disease' Of Insulin Resistance Is Behind
The Causes Of Many Peoples' Acne, Such As Excess Androgens, Poly
Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and Other Hormonal Imbalances, and How To Tell
If You Have An Insulin Resistance Problem (Most People Who Eat a
Western Diet Do!)

How To Reserve Insulin Resistance, Reduce Your Excess Androgens,
Balance Your Hormones and Clear Your Acne Permanently In 6 Easy
Important Steps

How Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome In Women Sends Your Hormones Out
Of Balance Resulting In Acne, Why Many Women Don't Even Realize They
Have It and What Are The Symptoms.

The 8 Most Common Causes Of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and 7
Natural Treatments You Can Implement To Reverse This Condition
Completely and Cure Your Acne Without Any Drugs Or Surgery

My Exclusive 12 Step Acne Action Plan That Will Put All Of the
Pieces Of The Puzzle Together Into One Straightforward, Common-Sense
Action Plan That You Can Follow, That Is Customizable To Your
Individual Situation, and Will Ensure You Permanently Cure Your Acne
In As Little As 1 Month To 3 Months Maximum!

....and Much Much More!

And this is just a sample of what you will discover in the True Acne
Cure Program, which is both comprehensive and easy to follow.
Everything is laid out in a 'common sense' format and is much more
than just a book - its' a complete acne cure holistic system that will
ensure your success!

This Is What The 'True Acne Cure' Program Will Help You To

True Acne Cure was formulated and put together in a way that treats
your acne from the inside out. It will heal the true causes of your
acne by using a multi-dimensional approach that heals your body
holistically. This system is so successfully because it balances your
body again and boosts your overall health and wellbeing and at the
same time addressing the ROOT CAUSES of your acne and curing any other
symptoms that are associated with it. This is a permanent solution and
heals your body internally in such a way that acne will never appear

True Acne Cure will result in:

Totally Flawless Clear Skin and Complete Healing Of Your Acne

Beautiful Glowing Skin That Looks Healthy and Radiant

Total Prevention Of Future Breakouts And Scarring

Supple, Clear Skin That Feels Smooth To Touch

No More Oily Skin

No More Blackheads

No More Painful Cysts

No More Dry, Scabby, Peeling Skin

No More Red, Blotchy, Uneven Skin Tone

True Acne Cure Works In 8 Stages:

It detoxifies and cleanses your body and flushed out harmful build
up toxins that have been in your system for years. It strengthens your
immune system and improves your digestive system, liver and kidney
function in order to process toxins efficiently so your skin won't
ever get overloaded with toxins.

It cleans up and improves your skincare routine and the quality of
your skincare products to help reduce your acne on the outside as much
as possible so it's the very best it can be.

It dramatically improves and cleans up your diet through a 'Clear
Skin Diet' specifically designed for acne sufferers that promotes
healthy low GI foods, supplements and herbal remedies. It improves
your lifestyle to bring health, wellbeing and clear skin.

It eradicates any blockages and unbalances such as Candida
overgrowth and toxicity that is causing/aggravating your acne and
preventing your acne from healing.

It eliminates any allergens and intolerances that may be causing
inflammation and reaction in your body.

It identifies hormonal imbalances and their causes and balances
them through various proven and effective holistic methods in a period
of 1-3 months (depending on what's causing your hormonal imbalance and
how serious it is).

It boosts your overall health and wellbeing (both physical and
emotional), balances your system, strengthens your organs and immune
system, and totally eliminates acne and all symptoms associated with
it. It works like a snowball effect - it builds strength and healing
over time to bring a permanent result.

It maintains your clear skin and all the results you have achieved by
providing you with life time solutions and diet and lifestyle changes
that will not only cure your acne, but also alleviate any other
related symptoms, strengthen your immune system, boost your overall
health and emotional wellbeing, give you more energy and vitality, and
skyrocket your happiness and self-confidence.

You Will FINALLY Enjoy The Lasting, Clear, Beautiful, Healthy Skin
You Deserve and At Last Be Able To:

Wake up every day and look in the mirror and see beautiful clear
skin that makes you smile and get excited about starting your day!

Make the most of life and have the courage to take opportunities
that come your way because of your renewed self-confidence and self

Feel the freedom of not having to constantly worry about your skin
and hide your face away

Have the self-confidence to smile again and look people straight in
the eye with confidence

Get close to other people, and look and feel attractive when you're
around the opposite sex

Never again have to put up with feeling frustrated, angry,
depressed and ashamed of your skin and the way you look - instead feel
beautiful, attractive and healthy!

Feel healthy and vibrant, have more energy, sleep better, enjoy
transformed overall health and emotional wellbeing

Never have to worry about bright, harsh lighting, people staring at
your skin and judging you, or feeling self conscious ever again!

Feel as great on the inside as you look on the outside!

Feel like yourself again and start pursuing your dreams without
having to feel like your acne is holding you back anymore!

- Instant Access

Get The 'True Acne Cure' Program For a
One-Time Low Payment Of $37!

It Doesn't Matter What Type Of Acne You Have, How Severe It Is, Or
How Many Years You've Struggled With It,
'True Acne Cure' Works On ALL Acne and You Can
Start Using This Powerful System RIGHT NOW To Achieve Clear, Flawless
Skin For Life!

No matter how stubborn your acne has been, and no matter how severe
it is, if you follow this simple yet powerful step-by-step system true
acne cure WILL allow you to finally break free of your acne and see
the amazing results you've always wanted!

True Acne Cure has been proven to work on all of the following:

Mild, Moderate Or Severe Acne

Acne On Your Face, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Chest, Butt, and Anywhere

Teenage Acne or Adult Acne

Hormonal Acne

Menopause Acne

Monthly Period Break Outs

Blackhead and Whiteheads

Cystic Acne or Nodules

Papules or Pustules

Acne Vulgaris

Acne Conglobata

Rosacea Acne

The methods, strategies and techniques outlines in 'True Acne Cure'
have been proven to work regardless of your current situation, age,
gender,acne severity or current lifestyle. It will give you amazing
results in 1-3 months guaranteed. Remember this is a PERMANENT
solution and WILL give you clear skin for life if you follow through
with this program.

Why 95% Of Acne Sufferers FAIL To Cure Their Acne and Are Stuck Using
Methods That Just DON"T WORK!

So why do the majority of acne sufferers fail to cure their acne?
Because most are trying to cure their acne with methods that are
actually make it impossible to cure your acne, and in fact, just make
a lot of peoples' acne a whole lot worse. I've been there and I know
what it's like. The medical community and the media tell us from a
young age that there's only 2 ways to cure acne; medications and
skincare products.

So many people (just like how I was) grow up getting brainwashed into
thinking that these to ways are the best and most effective treatments
for curing acne, when in fact they're 2 of the most ineffective ways.
They spend years going to see expensive doctors and dermatologists,
taking different medications and buying expensive skincare products
that dry out their skin and make it red. They keep trying and trying
and keep going around in circles until they finally feel so hopeless
they just want to give up trying.

This is because the most conventional methods that we have been
taught about growing up just don't work. It's medically impossible to
cure acne externally because it is an INTERNAL problem and must be
treated from the inside out. It's also impossible to cure acne using
medications and prescription drugs because they don't actually treat
the root causes of acne, they just suppress acne and temporarily hide
it while the REAL problem (the root cause) is getting worse, and is
often exacerbated even more by the medications.

For those that have ventured into other methods, such as acne diets
and supplements etc, these don't always work either. Both diet and
lifestyle are very important factors in curing acne however just
making a few changes and taking a few supplements here and there won't
always work either. Curing acne requires you to treat it HOLISTICALLY
from all different angles, using a variety of methods, treatments,
supplements, diet and lifestyle changes.

Acne is like a big puzzled and you have to put all the pieces of the
puzzle together in order for you to be completely be cured. It is all
about restoring your immune system, your health, rebalancing your
hormones and probiotics, stress management, strengthening specific
organs, improving emotional wellbeing, and restoring inner health and
harmony to your body.

The hardest part is putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together
in a way that is customized especially for you and will work for your
current situation. This is where most people fail. Gathering the right
information and knowledge from the right sources, creating an action
plan, and implementing diet and lifestyle changes is often where
people become unsure and overwhelmed. I can honestly say it took me
about 5 years before I managed to piece together all these vital
components and cure my acne for good. But once I did formulate this
program, it only took me a matter of 3 months to achieve clear skin nd
cure my acne permanently.

True Acne Cure is all the pieces of the puzzle put together in a
logical, easy-to-understand format and action plan. It is a powerful,
complete, holistic program that not only treat acne, but treats it's
root causes and your overall health as a whole person.

Why You Can't Trust Doctors, Dermatologists, and Pharmaceutical
Companies To Cure Your Acne

In 2010 Americans spent 3.3 Billion on over the counter acne
medication and acne skincare products. As you can already tell, there
is billions of dollars being made and spent in this industry. With
such a profitable market and billions at stake, the medical industry
and pharmaceutical companies will do anything to get you to keep
buying their products and medications. At the end of the day they care
more about their bottom line then they do about your health. They will
even twist the facts to suit them and will even flat out lie to your

All they care about is offering you a temporary solution at best (a
lot of these products and medications flat out don't even work) and
then you'll keep coming back for more, or trying something different.
Nearly all these medications and products have harmful side effects
and actually damage your long term health.

They've made many people think that buying medications and products
will solve all their problems and is THE ONLY cure for acne (or any
health problem for that matter). Think about it from their point of
view, selling all these medications (that doctors then have to pitch
to you) and over the counter products are making a lot of people a lot
of money and they're not about to give up their abundant lifestyles to
care about your health. This industry is also keeping hundreds of
thousands of people in employment so it's in their interest (and the
government's interest ) for to keep their jobs, even it it's at the
expense of your health.

After trying so many different, popular, expensive brands of acne
products and exhausting all of the possible acne drugs and
medications, and being sold to over and over again 'quick fix'
products/drugs that don't work by doctors and dermatologists, I become
dissolutioned and fed up of the medical industry giving me the run
around and taking all my money. I'm not proud to say that it actually
took me years to finally realize that they're only after my money and
don't really care about fixing my problem for good. However it was at
a great cost to both my health, my acne, and my time and money. It was
then that I finally decided to take my health into my own hands and
permanently cure my acne on my own.

I guess the lesson of this story is to be careful who you trust with
your health, your health is too incredibly important to just blindly
follow someone's advice just because they have some fancy
qualifications and everyone else is doing what they say. Make sure
that you think critically, ask questions, and take your health into
your own hands and only follow the advice and recommendations of
someone who truly has your interests at heart.

Life Is Too Short To Live With Acne, Every Day That Goes By Is
Another Day That You Could Be Enjoying The Freedom Of Clear Skin.
Don't Waste Your Precious Time and Money Trying To Do This On Your Own
Through Trial and Error, Take Charge Of Your Acne and Health RIGHT NOW
With This Powerful, Proven, Step-By-Step System!

One of the fast ways to achieve your desired results in anything is
to simply learn from other peoples' mistakes and copy their blueprint
to success and follow exactly what they did to get the same thing you
want. Why spend hundreds of hours and your hard earned money trying to
search for answers and piece together a solution when you can simply
follow a proven step-by-step program that has worked for not only me,
but also hundreds of other acne sufferers to get permanently clear
skin for life.

True Acne Cure is over 10 years of experience, trial and error and
hundreds of hours of research all jam packed into this book. This is
essentially your shortcut to success. The methods outlined in True
Acne Cure are methods and facts that most people never discover on
their own, or it takes them years. Why do everything by yourself the
hard way? I will be there to support you through the whole process and
answer any of your questions. It's time you take charge of your acne
RIGHT NOW and not spend another day letting it hold you back. Follow
this powerful, proven system and I guarantee you will see results!

and You'll Also Receive The Following
3 FREE Bonuses Worth $139.85!

Bonus #1 - Home Detox

This guide also includes plenty of detox juices, drinks and
smoothies recipes especially formulated for promoting clear skin.
Learn how to do your own, healthy, cost effective home detox with
this complete 36 page Guide. In this Ebook you will learn:

What is a Home Detox

Who can (and should) do a detox

How to detox to detoxify the body

How to detox to lose weight

Colon Cleansing

Tips for a Home Detox

Choosing detox products

Home Detox Recipes

How to stay healthy by detoxifying

Value: $39.95 yours FREE

Bonus #2 - True Acne Cure Diet

This 47 page Guide is a perfect compliment to the True Acne Cure
course, and covers just specifically the diet aspect of the True Acne
Cure program.

It covers the main principles of the diet and also includes a Sample
Menu and plenty of recipes and food and drink ideas.

I created the 'True Acne Cure Diet' Ebook to be a quick and easy
reference book that is laid out very simply in a logical format and is
very easy to follow. It will be good to keep on hand to follow along
with and refer to for diet and suppliment advice, recipes, and food
and drink ideas!

This is what's included in this ebook:

Main principles of the True Acne Cure Diet

What foods to eat and what foods and drink you mucst avoid if you
have acne

How to reduce Candida Overgrowth and what foods and supplements to
take to do this

Where to get the best natural sources of Essential Fatty Acids

List of high anti-oxidant foods and drinks

List of acne-fighting foods

List of acne-fighting herbs

Which herbs and supplements to take for Hormonal Acne caused by
Adrenal Stress

List of natural anti-androgens for Hormonal acne caused by Elevated
Androgen Levels

List of supplements to take for Hormonal acne caused by

List of supplements to take for Hormonal acne caused by Estrogen
Dominance/Low Progesterone

List of phyto-oestrogen foods for hormonal acne caused by Estrogen
Dominance/Low Progesterone

Sample 7 Day Menu and Diet Plan

15 Clear Skin Breakfast Ideas and Recipes

17 Clear Skin Lunch Ideas and Recipes

11 Clear Skin Dinner Ideas and Recipes

2 healthy Dessert Recipes

12 Clear Skin Snack Ideas

16 Clear Skin Smoothie Recipes

11 Clear Skin Juice Recipes

Value: $49.95 yours FREE

Bonus #3 - True Acne Cure Skincare

This 29 Page complimentary Ebook covers the True Acne Cure skincare
principles and rountine more in depth. It is laid out logically and is
easy to follow, and is a great refernce guide for you to refer to for
skincare advice, dos and don'ts, and facial cleansers and facial mask
home recipes.

It not only covers the main and most important principles of the
True Acne Cure Program in terms of skincare, it also covers the very
best natural skincare products and ingredients and how to use them in
your skincare routine. It also covers the popular Oil Cleansing Method
and provides plenty of effective cleanser and mask recipes you can
make at home from natural ingredients!

This is what's included in this ebook:

Main skincare principles for acne

Top 6 most powerful and effective natural skincare treatments for
acne and how to use them

The 'Oil Cleansing Method' (OMC); what it is, how to use it, what
oils to use, how to adjust it to suit your skin type for the best

11 top homemade facial cleansers for acne made from natural

14 top homemade facial masks for acne made from natural ingredients

Value: $49.95 yours FREE

So How Much Does This Unique, Life-Changing System Cost?

This is the ONLY holistic, step-by-step, complete clear skin system
in existanc eand you will not find this unique, life-changing program
anywhere else. True Acne Cure has a proven track record of success
with many happy customers who email me daily telling me how much this
system has transformed their lives.

Because this is an e-book and not a printed, hard-copy book, the
costs of producing this is much lower, PLUS you get INSTANT ACCESS to
it! So the good news is, you can get the complete True Acne Cure
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This includes the complete True Acne Cure 131 Page Ebook with
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low, one-time investment of only $37. Yes, that's a crazy bargain any
way you look at it!

After you place your oder you will given immediate access to the
download page for the True Acne Cure Program and all 3 Bonuses so you
can get started IMMEDIATELY. The Ebook is in PDF format and can be
viewed on both a PC and a Mac computer. You can read it from your
computer or you can print it out and take it with you for easy

Once you're read the entire manual, you can start implementing the
program by following the instructions and guidelines provided. It is
both easy to understand and follow and you will start to see results
within the first 2 weeks and significant results and clear skin by 1
month. Most peoples' acne is completely clear after as little as 1 or
2 months, and more stubborn acne is permanently cleared after 3 months

- Instant Access

Get The 'True Acne Cure' Program For a
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True Acne Cure is also backed by my personal 60 Day Money Back

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I want you to try True Acne Cure for at least 2 months and completely
implement everything outlined in the program and take action on the
instructions given in this book. If you have given it a real go and
closely followed EXACTLY what's outlined in this program the very best
you can and you are not thrilled with the results then simply write to
me and tell me and I'll send you a prompt, courteous,
no-questions-asked 100% refund.

However if you do follow this program closely and experience the
results I truly believe you would experience, then I would love for
you to email me and tell me about your results!

And lastly, if you have any questions about anything in True Acne
Cure, or you need something to be explained further, then please feel
free to email me any questions and I'll be happy to answer them as
soon as I can.

If You're Sick and Tired Of All The Expensive 'Promising' Temporary
Fixes That Have Failed You Over and Over Again, and Are Ready To Take
Control Of Your Acne and Cure It Permanently The Right Way By
Following a Proven Clear Skin Success Program, Then 'True Acne Cure'
Is The Powerful and Effective Acne Solution You've Been Searching For!

Imagine how this one-of-a-kind system could change your life. Life
really is too short to spend another day agonizing over your acne and
how it takes away from you living the life you deserve to the fullest.

Imagine yourself in 6 months from now....do you still have oily
inflamed acne all over your face? ....do you still have horrible
painful cysts and acne on your back and chest? ......are you still
struggling to cure it?..... are you still chasing after 'magic pills'
and harmful medications in the hopes they'll cure your acne even
though they damage you and make you sick? .....are you still hiding
your face and avoiding social situations because you're ashamed and
embarrassed about the way you look?......... are you still missing out
on opportunities and suffering from low self esteem and self
confidence? .......are you still afraid to look people in the eye or
get close to anyone?

OR....are you waking up every day to look in the mirror and smile are
your clear, smooth beautiful skin? ....are you feeling confident and
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