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Thank You for visiting us at the gates of the Tai Chi Temple.com

Before you enter our gates I would like to share some information with
you and in return for your time we will give you a FREE sample lesson
from our Tai Chi Form Series tutorials.

But first I would like to share with you

the Truth About Learning Tai Chi

Since you have arrived at our gates you are probably seeking some
information about learning Tai Chi or are looking to buy a DVD that
will teach you Tai Chi. What we are about to offer you is better than
any DVD you can buy, because we want you to get the best home learning
experience you can get.

First let me tell you who we, at the Tai Chi Temple.com, are. Well, I
am an AWARD WINNING* Tai Chi Master Neil Drew and, together with my
friend and expert on Tai Chi coach Gerry O' Toole, we have put
together a series of instant access video tutorials that will teach
you a simple but effective Tai Chi Form much like any other Tai Chi
DVD but with one great exception. More importantly than simply
teaching you a choroegraph of Tai Chi movement we have also created a
number of video tutorials on what we call the 'Energy Connections.'

* Tai Chi Grandmaster of the Year Award USA International Black Belt
Hall of Fame Awards.

Let me tell you why these 'Energy Connections' are so important to you
and why they make our Tai Chi Form Series more important than any DVD
currently available to you or even most Tai Chi classes that you might
attend......but first let me ask you a question.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different kinds of Tai

Before I answer that question let me tell you that before I learnt
about these 'Energy Connections' I was just an average Tai Chi
practitioner even though I had been studying for nearly 30 years and
teaching for 20 of those years, but it wasn't until I discovered these
energy connections that my career catapulted into the level of Tai Chi

Now these energy connections are contained in every Tai Chi form but
unless you learn about them you simply won't know they are there or
how to utilise them properly and guess what, they are probably Tai
Chi's most guarded secret as I have never seen them mentioned in any
book or any one else's DVD's, I studied with two famous Chinese
Masters and they didn't tell me about them and they are simply not
mentioned in most Tai Chi classes or schools yet they are what make
Tai Chi Masters energy most potent.

In fact Tai Chi was originally only made up of 13 postures or
movements and not the long complicated forms you see today. It's these
13 movements and their 'energy connections' that all Tai Chi Forms are
based on and you don't need to know long complicated sequences to get
the benefit from them.

Knowing what these 'energy connections' are and how to make them work
will mean that you can make up your own Tai Chi Form if you like and
that's exactly what the Tai Chi Masters of old did and why we have so
many Tai Chi variations. We don't expect you to make up your own form
so we have created an EASY TO FOLLOW FORM containing the original 13
postures for you to learn. More importantly you can also learn the
'Energy Connections' hidden within the form which will maximise your
full energy potential for health from our ENERGY CONNECTIONS video

I only learnt about these energy connections from a Master who didn't
teach for a living and had nothing to lose by showing them to me and
how I could make them work, otherwise I could have wasted a lifetime
practising and not reaping the full potential of Tai Chi and I don't
want that for you!

Now I'm not saying you won't get any benefit from just learning a Tai
Chi Form without this knowledge, but what I am saying is knowing these
'energy connections' will raise your game and enhance your energy
levels to a higher plain.

Now since you have read this far, to reward your patience Im going to
give you 2 FREE TUTORIALS from our Tai Chi Form Series in exchange for
your email address which will show me that you are genuinly interested
in finding out more about learning, not only Tai Chi movements from
our instant access Tai Chi Form Series but how you can learn about
'Energy Connections' that will elevate your energy levels when you
practice our simple form.

To get your 2 FREE Tutorials fill in the form below.
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