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Boot Camp Owners: &nbsp Need Workouts? &nbsp Need Content? &nbsp We've Got You Covered.

FINALLY...the ONE Place You Can Go to Get EVERYTHING You Need to SAVE TIME, ELIMINATE STRESS, & INCREASE PROFITS In Your Boot Camps, All For Around $1 a Day!

Carrie & Alicia

Hello Boot Camp Owners…. Alicia and Carrie here!

We’re going to show you how to be the #1 Boot Camp and “Go-to Expert” in your town, period!

Everyone will flock to you for all the answers.

You will have instant credibility, trust, and everyone will brag about you!

They won’t know how you do it all!

You will be the go-to boot camp in town- no other boot camp will be able to touch you!

You’ll look like a SUPERSTAR, you’ll be known as the “Boot Camp of Choice,” and you will DOMINATE your competition!

PLUS: You will have a flood of referrals coming in your doors causing you to have to add more classes and will result an increase in your bottom-line!

We’re going to tell you the “secrets” to developing just this.

We will help you break through your frustration of working long hours and still not getting ahead. We will show you how you are no different than the guru’s killing it in the industry. You can do it, too!

We will stop you from wearing many different hats in your business and show you how to get it done and not have to do it all!

[](http://thebootcampgirlsmembership.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/securedownload6.jpeg)Right now, you’re working too hard and you are missing calls, failing to follow up, you haven’t created your systems in your business, and you’re probably wasting a TON of time on unimportant tasks because you’re SO OVERWHELMED!

You’re heading for burnout and you have less and less time for you, your family, and friends.

We are going to show you how to put an end to that and take control of your business and work less in your business and more on it!  Where it counts!


We want to start by telling you we’ve been in your shoes…

We ARE still in the trenches, so we know what it is like and we know what it’s like to want it all…
More Time More Energy No Money worries More vacations More family & friend time More FREEDOM!
We both started our businesses wearing ALL OF the hats. We were the…
[](http://thebootcampgirlsmembership.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/images-3.jpeg)Accountant Bill Collector Customer Service Rep Article Writer Website Designer Social Media Expert Workout Programmer Shrink Advertising Administrative Assistant Meal Planner Marketer Trainer And the list goes on and on
Sound familiar?

We always wondered how some people in the industry were doing so well… they weren’t any smarter than us and they certainly weren’t working harder than us, we were working a TON, how could they?

Then a light bulb went off…What are the gurus doing we weren’t?

“They were learning how to leverage their time, build their business empire, and have more time to add more services, products, upsells, be bored if they wanted to, AND spend time doing whatever they wanted to do!”

And at the end of the day they look like a “SUPERSTAR!”

We discovered their secrets, started to apply them, and we blow our businesses up and now we want to help you do the same!

We’ve designed an easy-to-use membership site accessible 24 hours a day!

Done-for-You Boot Camp Workouts…

• You no longer have to create your workouts on Sunday nights for the week, now you only have to spend 1 minute picking which one to use.

• Don’t know an exercise?  Our exercise library includes every exercise we use in each and every workout.

• New to running boot camps? No problem, you have every workout covered and no two workouts are the same.

• Expanding your boot camps to another location? No problem, hand over the workouts to your trainer as a training tool.  Have all your boot camps locations running the same seamlessly….and you won’t have to spend countless hours teaching them your style.

• Have several fitness levels in your camp? No problem, we include ideas for modifications and go-to exercises for early finishers.

• Your trainer calls off and you’re stuck running boot camp. Need a workout in a hurry, no problem go to your computer and “print one of the workouts.”

• Need result-driven boot camp workouts? No problem, we know they get results, because we use the very same workouts in our boot camps!

To summarize the above (and we’re not done yet):
You’ll get 16 fresh new “Done-for-You” workouts each and every month [](http://thebootcampgirlsmembership.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/images6.jpeg)They’re great when you are in a hurry Take your boot camps to the next level Help your boot campers break through plateaus Tested and proven – we use them ourselves Endless variety Make your life easier Clients love them because they never know what to expect They are a great training tool Easy to modify Exercise Library quick reference And a HUGE time and energy saver!
Leveraging your time is the secret to building your business empire!

Done-for- You Email Content:

As we mentioned, we’re not done yet…

Do you think the emails you get in your email 3-5 times a week from the gurus are all written by them?

Think again!  Some of them leave that on their task list, but a ton of them don’t know how to write to save their life.

Imagine if you’re not a writer how long it would take you to write even 3 articles a week to email to your list.

Could that be why 87% of the fit pros don’t even send 1 email article a week to their list?

Do you think it would be to your advantage to send emails to your list on a regular basis?

The gurus are doing it, so there’s something to it.

Business comes down to relationships.

People buy from people….the people they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.

Let’s face it, if there are 2 boot camps in the same town and one of them is sending their list 3 emails a week with helpful articles and the other boot camp doesn’t send any, who do you think is going to get the client?

Who do you think will get the “go-to expert status?”

The gurus rule their boot camp town and this is one huge way they do it, by building relationships!

We surveyed our list recently and found startling results of how many people do not email helpful articles to their list.

Mainly because they don’t know where to begin, they are too busy doing so many things they keep putting it off for next week and month, and it would take them a ton of time to do!

Lucky for you, we added another easy-to-use feature to our membership site!

It’s an Article Co-op!
To be a part of the Co-op, you’re responsible to write ONLY 1 article a month (Don’t want to write one? Pay someone to write it. It’s worth paying for one than over $100 for 10-12) You will have access to all the other articles on the Co-op for that month We will help with topics for the articles when needed – so you’ll have a HUGE variety to choose from!

• You submit a SINGLE article and you have an endless amount to send to your list weekly.
• “Copy and Paste” the “Done-for-You” article you want, and send it to your list in less than 5 minutes!
• You’ll build a strong bond with your list and when they think “fitness and health,” YOU will be who they turn to, not your competition!
• The time and money you will save is immeasurable!

Cutting Edge Strageties:

[](http://thebootcampgirlsmembership.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/images-6.jpeg)Our membership site will ALSO have a weekly post by one of our hand-picked “Feature Fit Pro Experts” who will share with our members the latest strategies in our industry, and what is working RIGHT now to help them grow their business.

These EXPERTS are from people who are SERIOUSLY KILLING it in their own fitness boot camps, and will help to KEEP YOU AHEAD OF THE CURVE!

This will give you the cutting edge over your competition!

Motivation & Focus:

AND…as Boot Camp Owners, we are responsible ALL OF THE TIME to motivate your clients and help them keep focused on their goals.  

[](http://thebootcampgirlsmembership.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/focusinspirationmessageopticalphotographytexttypographywordart-7b33894c0a0ce9b14170b986fbeae27d_m.jpg)It’s time to let us help YOU to do the same thing for for your BUSINESS!

Every Monday, we will be posting “Monday Motivation” on our members-only blog to help you to stay motivated throughout the week.

In addition, Friday is our “FOCUS” day, where we will be posting info on a single element for you to focus on in your boot camp business.  It could be anything from focusing on a specific task to outsource, organization system to get in place, funnel progression to fine-tune, etc.

Taking the time to FOCUS on these elements each week will take your business to another level, GUARANTEED!

Can you see how this can CHANGE your business?
16 “Done-for-You” boot camp workouts fresh each month Tons of new “Done-for-you” email articles to use anytime each and every month The latest strategies in our industry from our “Expert Fit Pros” Focus & Motivation to keep you on track with your goals as a Boot Camp Owner

Because you have read up to this point, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive the following 2 bonuses:


Strategic conference call with Seven Figure Sam about how he built his business empire AND the best strategies to add multiple streams of income into your business


1-Hour FREE Workshop: The Missing Link to Doubling your Business & Revenue!  It’s not what you think?  from Bootcamp Underground – “The System Guys”

The bonuses alone are worth your investment for the whole year!

But they are yours as our gift if you our one of the first 75 people who sign up for our membership site.

We know you’re wondering ok, what’s the price…

We’ve spent hundreds of hours on the research and testing workout programming.

[](http://thebootcampgirlsmembership.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/images-2.jpeg)We’ve spent several hours including articles to get our article Co-op started.

We’ve spent tons of time building relationships with top notch fit pros to have them share with you the latest strategies.

This is easily worth hundreds of dollars…

Just think if you wrote an article and it took you 30 minutes and you wanted to offer 3 articles a week that is over 6.5 hours a month writing articles. What are you worth per hour?

Who WANTS to sit on the computer ALL DAY ?!? ——->


You could pay someone to do it for you.  A good article will cost you at least $12.00 and that doesn’t mean great. You wanted offer 3 per week in the month – it works out to roughly $156.00

Let’s say you take 15 minutes to write a workout and you run 6 boot camps a week. That is 1.5 hours a week to write your workouts. And we’re not even talking about the workouts for your other locations. Again, what are you worth per hour?

Where do you think you would be positioned in YOUR town doing all the cutting-edge marketing, systems, and retention strategies first?

We could charge you hundreds for this, but we aren’t going to do that.

The regular price is actually a steal in its self of $57.00 per month, but for our first launch we’re offering it for only $37.00 per month (35% savings) OR only $297 for the Full Year (over 50% Savings)!!

The reason we’re offering this at such a steal of a price, is because we want you to take action now and build your business empire. Take the money you save and invest it into your one article a month submission. That is our gift for you.

The price IS going up, so you need to act now.

Think about how it will feel to take the weight off your shoulders of all the tasks you perform.

This membership will free to up your time, help you dominate your boot camp town, and blow you competition out of the water.

Think about the times when you made something easier and how it felt!  Can you say empowering!?

You can look like you do it all, but you don’t have to!

We are so confident in our product and the value it presents to you; you can rest assured at any time you no longer would like to be a part of our membership site you can cancel before your next billing with no questions asked.  

We’re only happy if you’re happy.

We have already had more than half of our email list buy our current products and we receive thank you emails almost daily. They love our products and their clients do, too. The cool thing about our workouts is we use them ourselves! Talk about tested and provenâ˜ș

The time to get in is now. If you’ve read this far, you want this membership…. and if you don’t take action now, you will miss out on the bonuses, the special discounted price, and you’ll have the worries of the boot camp next door taking action today instead of you!

You’ve got a really simple choice to make…

Option #1:
Do nothing. Keep going the way you are now. Keep being frustrated and risk things getting worse because you don’t take action and your competition does.

Option #2:
Try to do it yourself. You now know some of the secrets of the gurus and maybe you think you can do it on your own.

Option #3:
Hit the “add to cart” button and take control of your Time, Energy, & Money. Put in place done-for-you products and once and for all leverage your time like the best of them.

You decide.  The bonuses won’t be around forever and the price will go up.

Don’t miss out.

Just Select any of the 3 Options Below to Get Started…

Option #1:  PLATINUM 1-Year Charter Membership (& Join Article Co-Op): 

YES: I want to to become a PLATINUM BCG Member for 1-Year AND  get a HUGELY DISCOUNTED rate on NEW Boot Camp Workouts  AND I would like to be a part of the Article Co-Op where I only have to write a SINGLE article once a month!


I understand that I will be charged a 1 time discounted rate of $297 for joining for the year. 

(By joining as one of our charter members, your price is LOCKED IN FOR LIFE and can not go up!)


Option #2:  FULL Monthly Membership & Join Article Co-Op:

YES: I want to gain access to NEW workouts every week AND I would like to be a part of the Article Co-Op where I only have to write a SINGLE article once a month!

[](http://BCG-L2.BCGMember.pay.clickbank.net?sku=1308883846 )

I understand that I will be charged the discounted rate of $37 for joining, and will have a $37 monthly fee (starting in 30 days) for as long as I stay a member.  Cancel ANY TIME.

(By joining as one of our charter members, your price is LOCKED IN FOR LIFE and can not go up!)


Option #3: Full Monthly Membership but can NOT Access Article Co-Op

Yes: I just want the workouts, resources, and awesome strategies, thanks!  (I do NOT want to be a part of the article co-op and write one article a month)

[](http://BCG-L1.bcgmember.pay.clickbank.net?sku=1308883238 )I will be charged the discounted rate of $37 for joining, and will have a $37 monthly fee (starting in 30 days) for as long as I stay a member.  Cancel ANY TIME.  Since you are joining as a charter member, your rate will NEVER go up!

***Once you become a member you’ll be emailed your log-in details and get INSTANT access to our online membership site!

If you have any questions, you can reach us at info @ TheBootCampGirls.com

Copyright © 2011-2013 www.TheBootCampGirlsMembership.com

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