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WP SEO Thunder

Never worry again about on-site SEO or high bounce rates

INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL PRICE.. $47.00 “I've seen how amazing it

I purchased before even watching the video! Now I'VE SEEN HOW AMAZING
IT IS I'M RAPT! I particularly like the extra features that 1. tells
the visitors they've found what they are looking for, quoting their
own search term and 2. indicates what terms people actually used to
find the site. All round, this is a very clever little plugin. Well

_sharpmar _

“Wow and wow.” WOW AND WOW.
Just bought and now I will watch the video and 'get sold to'
Seriously, if the $37 is not enough then surely the automatically
display custom content feature is?!?
That alone is worth the price of entry in my book, and all that other
stuff it does? Bring it on.
I dont think anything will replace conventional wisdom and manual
optimization of a blog (IMHO) but that is when you are talking 'your
own home' so to speak. What about the 600 mini sites I have?! WP
SEOThunder just automated the on site SEO for pretty much every site I
have in the hypermegaglobalinterweb!

_Alexwhalley _

“Powerful SEO on autopilot”

Anyone unsure of this ---- DON'T SIT ON THE FENCEhit the buy button
now.!!!!.U will understand when you get to see the video instructit
will save you a bunch of time in the long run.. POWERFUL SEO ON

_BlueMoose _

“Incredible Value” GENIUS IDEA.
Great plugin I'd recommend it to anyone.
For the price this is incredible value.

_vedremo _

“Great Plugin”


_Spijk _

“This is really a smart little plugin” That's a great
feature to have - rotating tags. Please keep the Vimeo video up for
reference, especially because you give tips on editing the shortcodes.
THIS IS REALLY A "SMART" LITTLE PLUGIN. Thanks for sharing it.

_parisrose _


Fellow Marketer,

Whether you're an affiliate or you have your own product, you're most
probably using WordPress as a platform to present your offers and
probably building a list as well. And more probable than not, you're
getting a big chunk of traffic from Almighty Google. And while there
are a lot of products out there helping us out with back-linking and
offline SEO, I found there is a great lack of on-site SEO tools, able
to provide immediate, automatic and effective improvements.

Of course there are a lot of flawed WP plugins which only make you
work more!

* Telling you what KEYWORD DENSITY you should have and how much more
work you should put into your articles to “optimize” them
* Even worse, filling your posts with keywords and SEO data which
makes them horrible for the actual reader
* Completely questionable internal linking techniques, which more
than often look totally unnatural to Google.

I simply got lost in all those tools, uncertain about their
effectiveness and the way I'd look in Google's eyes by using them.

_What should I do? There must be some plugin out there able to help
me out!_

So, GUESS WHAT? I created my own WP plugin – WP SEO THUNDER –
able to meet all the criteria and providing results beyond my wildest

Here's what WP SEO THUNDER can do for you in less than a minute:

* Add the perfect SEO tags automatically to each of the articles you
write – the exact LSI keywords Google suggests, so you can be 100%
sure that Google will love your site
* Make on-site SEO look 100% natural, building your authority and
credibility – not stuffing the same keyword again and again
* Extend your reach and rank for the keywords that matter in your
niche, not just for the one you researched
* Discover and AUTOMATICALLY add new tags, consisting in the
keywords people used to reach your article - long tail keywords you
would have never thought about
* AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE – offer visitors exactly what they were
looking for, by displaying custom content according to their Google
search terms

And it's all done AUTOMATICALLY!
You don't have to move a finger!

So how does the plugin work?

_This awesome tool operates in 3 cool steps, for maximum efficiency:_

1. RESEARCH. WP SEO THUNDER finds the keywords relevant to your
article and then extracts the data from Google Suggest for these
terms, providing the perfect tags, THE EXACT ONES THAT GOOGLE WANTS TO

2. INJECTION. While the initial tags are great for covering your
general niche, you will also want to target all the long tail
keywords, which can bring an avalanche of traffic. That's why, each
time a visitor comes to your website, the plugin analyzes the GOOGLE
SEARCH TERM he used, and INSERTS IT AS A TAG – so your site is
further optimized for that long tail keyword as well.

3. CAPTURE. While it's great having people visit your site due to
your brand new optimizations, it's awesome to get them to buy your
product or opt-in to your list. And here's a big secret! People will
opt-in and buy if you offer them exactly what they were looking for!
So the MOST POWERFUL FEATURE of WP SEO THUNDER is that it allows you
to automatically display custom content on your website depending on
THE SEARCH TERM used by your visitors! _“And here's a big secret!
People will opt-in and buy if you offer them exactly what they were
looking for!”_

And since this plugin has brought me nothing but better conversion
rates, a BIGGER LIST and more sales, I'd now like to share WP SEO
THUNDER with you for only $47!


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