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“How We Learned to Easily Turn Fears, Stress and Worry Into Inner
Peace and Happiness...You Can Too!”

Mindfulness for Beginners

authors:  Walter H. Jackson
Janet Alston Jackson

Hello Friends,  

    Imagine what your life would be like if you could remain calm
and balanced dealing with life’s challenges, instead of running fear
and worry?  How would you feel if depressing world news events like
the economy, didn’t weigh on you and you still felt secure?

    You can find peace and happiness, even in the middle of chaos,
and despite any setbacks.

    How is that possible?  Because being happy and having inner
peace is your natural state of being. 

    And, as you read every word of this letter, you will have
learned that you can tap into the powerful side of yourself which you
can access at any time. 

    You see, fears and worries don’t have to stand in your
way.  If they have in the past, you can change that.    The good
news, is that it can be done immediately.
    We know, because we made the change in our lives from chaos to
calm like many others as well, and we want to help you tap into your
happiness and inner peace too.

    In a minute, we will share our story. 

    But first, here are the tools to help you experience freedom:

YOUR HAPPINESS IS WITHIN, is the New e-book with companion MP3   to
help start you on your journey.

The following is a summary of what you will
find out and receive:


✴    The mystery of Mindfulness unveiled You’ve heard about
it  but now you will  have a clear understanding how it will help


✴    Easy and quick steps to use Mindfulness to instantly
dissolve fears and worry and other toxic emotions


✴    Learn how to tap into your Inner peace and happiness


✴    Use Inspirational messages on everyday subjects
and challenges to lift your spirits


✴    How to move past setbacks and disappointments


✴    How to rise above bad news in the media


✴    Use Mindfulness to reduce stress and stay balanced


✴    How to use the sounds around you to tap into peace

“You have no idea how much strength and inspiration I receive from
these messages.  They have taken the fire out of despair, brought
about calm to a seemingly desperate situation and put hope in my

~Alvin Owens

Inspirational Messages to Uncover Your Magnificent Self

          After learning that 30 % of women are depressed,
and numbers for men are rising, according to the National Institute on
Mental Health, we began sending out weekly inspirational email
messages three years ago to those who have attended our personal and
professional growth workshops which we have facilitated since

     We wanted to offer support during these trying times, and to
share with them, what we are sharing with you now.  That despite the
bad news in the media, you can still be happy because it's your
natural state.
          Instantly, we received such great feedback that 
we decided to expand and compile the messages, into an E-Book,  Your
Happiness Is Within, which we're proud to say, has been nominated for
the Global
E-books Awards.

       This is three years of weekly messages, offering rich
insights and valuable wisdom, along with a step-by-step guide on how
to use calming, Mindfulness Based Stress Management techniques to deal
with everyday challenges.

     And, we recorded an accompanying MP3 to guide you through
practicing Mindfulness to  tap into your peace and  happiness. 
This is exactly what we have taught in our programs for years. 

“These Messages have helped me through the more challenging

~Linda Miller

Our Story: Healing the Pain


    The reason we are so passionate about carrying this
Happiness/Mindfulness message is because we went through and survived
the year of “the dark soul,” a heart-breaking period in our life.

    It was a time when three of our close family members (sister,
mother, Godmother) suddenly died from natural illnesses, all within a
three months.  In that same year two other friends died, and we had
other losses, including having to close the doors on our non-profit
children’s program we founded and ran, because of financial
      All of this severely strained on our marriage, and we
didn’t know if our union would survive.   But, with Mindfulness,
helping us to tap into our Higher Power, we bounced back.

     Practicing Mindfulness to connect with our Higher Power has
helped us through those challenges, and especially helped us to stay
married for over 30 years, run our business together, and raise our
three children.

        There is no way we could have survived the turmoil and
the pain raising one of our adopted children with special needs, who
came to us mentally and physically abused, with severe emotional

      We were so helped by Mindfulness that we have been writing
about it in our books,  and teaching it in our programs since 1996 to
thousands in all walks of life including: parents, teachers, youth,
health industry workers, law enforcement and Hollywood industry
executives, just to name a few.

Opens the Way To Connecting With Your Higher Power

    Faith helped us through these times. We have always been on
the spiritual path, starting with studying together in a
non-denominational ministry, but Mindful meditation helped us stay on
the path, giving us clarity and inner peace.  It gave us a deeper
understanding to spiritual principles. It will do the same for you.


“I want to express my gratitude receiving your beautiful
inspirational messages I forward them to my family, friends and
brethren in the ministry.”

Sonia Maguay

Mindfulness Meditation Benefits:

      Mindfulness is now mainstream.   It's used in clinics
around the country which have integrated it into their programs for
stress, chronic pain, cancer and psychological conditions like
depression and PTSD.

     It’s easy and quick to learn for stress management and
overall wellness because it can be used at virtually any time,
anywhere,  especially in the middle of chaos.  It quickly brings
lasting results.



•helps you tap into happiness, your birthright


•mind becomes freer, and lighter


•release fear and worry


•reconnects you with your Higher Self


•reduce distractions and rumination


•decrease overall stress


•control and release anger


•enhance your positive state of mind


•improve communication with others


•lowers blood pressure and cholesterol


•decrease use and cravings


•brings calm and clarity to everyday life


•helps you tap into your inner wisdom


•and much more

How Is This Book Different From Other Mindfulness Books?

       For over 30 years we have studied Mindfulness as well as
other meditation methods.    Again, we got a chance to meet and
train with several Buddhist Monks when we were in a non-denominational
ministry.  To enhance our training, we turned to Mindfulness and
meditation books.

      There are many wonderful ones on the market.  However, we
searched and searched for examples how Mindfulness can be applied to
specific examples of everyday living for busy people, to help deal
with  specific emotional challenges, but we couldn’t find

    We wanted to know things like,  How do you apply mindfulness
when you have a specific relationship problems... when someone's
bugging you at work...or when you hear disturbing things in the news
that throws you off balance?

    Keep reading and see samples of those types of specifics we
have addressed in

our ebook Your Happiness is Within, and companion MP3.


Compliments and Enhances All Religions

       We knew that Mindfulness enhances religious practices. 
But, how does it  compliment Christian beliefs, or any other

      By quieting the mind, Mindfulness helps you to connect
with the Divine, your Higher Self, God, or whatever name you choose. 
In that quiet place is where you will receive wisdom and intuition how
to run your life if you stay open and receptive to your religious
beliefs, or help you find faith if you are lacking.
        In Your Happiness Is Within, we bridge both East and
West Spiritual principles, and we share how Mindfulness can help you
get closer to your Higher Self.

        Don’t fall for the books and programs on “how to
get happiness.”  They couldn’t be further from the truth.  The
authors make it sound so difficult, like you have to climb a mountain
to get or buy happiness.

    It’s simply a matter of tapping into it, and you can do that
practicing simple Mindfulness techniques.

You’ll Feel More Confident

       Inside of you is a magnificent being.  You'll discover
how  Your Happiness Is Within, supports that spiritual side of
yourself when you click on the challenge to find a message that
resonates with what you are going through.  

      The Mindfulness section of the ebook, and the accompanying
MP3 will walk you through steps to quiet your mind so you can tap into
your intuition to best handle your situation.  Inside of you is all
the wisdom you need to be guided in the right direction.

       Below are samples of what you can expect.  Most topics
have over five messages to choose from, but to keep this long letter
as short as possible, we chose to share a few samples from each



Chapter 1      HAPPINESS
Set Your Emotional Thermostat to Happy

Unleash Your Happiness


Commanding Your Mind
Overcoming Disastrous Thoughts and Feelings

Chapter 3        FEELINGS

How Do I Use Mindfulness to Deal With My Feelings?

Finding the Balance Again After A Loss

Chapter 4        THE EGO TRAPS   

Freeing Your Mind

Changing Attitudes to Change Outcomes

Chapter 5       FEARS AND WORRIES

Drowning in Fears?
Overcoming Life's Fires

How to Practice Mindfulness
Tap into Your Power House

Chapter 7         LETTING GO
Letting Go Brings Quiet Power
Where Is Your Faith?

Chapter 8         RELATIONSHIPS
Refusing Other People's Fears
Feeling Ignored Undervalued?

Chapter 9         FAMILY
Live in the Moment to Alleviate Parent Guilt
Parent Yourself

Chapter 10      ABUNDANCY
How to Bail Out of Economic Fears
Living Here and Now/ Freedom From Worry

Discover the Abundance Within You
Happy or Unhappy About the Elections

Chapter 12       WORK
Finding Inner Peace at Work
Who is Bugging You?

Chapter 13     SELF LOVE
Releasing the Past
In Your Darkest Hour, There is Light Within You

Chapter 14     LOVE
Have You Shut Down?  Stay Open
This New Day is Rising Within You

Sporting the Right Attitude:  Mindfulness for Beginners  MP3


•What is Mindfulness


•Practicing how to deal with thoughts, body, emotional states


•How to release with worry and fears


•Finding peace listening to everyday sounds

"Thank you so much for this spiritual uplifting message.  They have
really helped me.  It's what I needed to hear."

~Dr. Carolyn Monroe

       So, with all of this in mind, we are positive you will
benefit in so many ways from this offer. 

      The fact is, everything you need to have the specific
things you want in life---including happiness, wealth, love, success,
or wisdom...is already available inside of you.  
      Mindfulness helps you to quiet the mind, and release
emotions old beliefs that stand in your way so that you can have the
success you deserve in life.

   ORDER NOW to get Your Happiness is Within e-book, and the
companion instant download Mp3, plus, you’ll receive these free
gifts to supplement your learning and give you support:


Bonus #1    Shinzen Young's Synopsis of his best selling book,
                   Break Through Pain.

        Shinzen Young is  a well-respected meditation
teacher on Buddhist practices, the founder of the Vipassana Support
Institute and many other meditation centers around the country.  We
are honored that he is our very first Mindfulness Meditation teacher,
who introduced us to how to quiet the mind over 30 years ago.


    With his permission, we are pleased to share his synopsis of 
"Break Through Pain," it helped me (Janet) with relief from painful
arthritic knees.

        This synopsis from Young's bestseller "Break Through
Pain," adapts the core principles of mindfulness training to a
practical process to transform chronic and accute pain.

Bonus #2    Weekly Inspirational Messages sent to your email box
each week.
                  These messages offer rich insights
and valuable wisdom, along with Mindfulness Techniques to deal with
everyday challenges.
                    Addresses world events with
suggestions on how to find inner peaceover these issues to keep your

Your Iron Clad 100% Guarantee

         We’re so confident that Mindfulness will bring you
peace and happiness, that we are giving you our iron clad money-back
guarantee within 60 days of your purchase, because we want to make
100% sure that you are happy with YOUR HAPPINESS IS WITHIN ebook and


Your time is NOW!

Will you ignore it and continue to struggle with your emotions?

Will you think about it and waste more time?

You KNOW which choice is best so ACT NOW and get the freedom you've
always dreamed about!

Your entire investment is only    $27.00  (Instant download of
E-book Pdf and MP3)

INVEST IN YOURSELF              

Love, Light and Blessings,               

Walter H. Jackson and Janet Alston Jackson

Authors of “Sporting the Right Attitude: Lessons Learned in a
Troubled Family,” and “A Cry for Light: A Journey into Love,”
USA Book News Award Winner for Christian Inspiration.


P.S. Just imagine having inner peace and happiness.  You can tap
into it instantly!



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