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                  Are You Struggling With SEO?

Having Trouble Getting Traffic To Your Website?

Do You Want More Traffic And More Profits


If So, Read On….

We are SEO professionals that will act as your personal SEO team. Our SEO philosophy consists of link building foundation and link diversity. Link diversity is the process of creating links on many different platforms. Virtual SEO Squad not only links to your website we also generate all content for your links.

What Can Virtual SEO Squad Do For You?

Free Up Your Time Generate All Content Build Quality Links On Many Different Platforms Get Your Website To Rank In The Search Engines Bring In More Traffic Which Leads To More Profits
What Kind Of Links Does Virtual SEO Build?

Our link building process starts off with building a solid foundation. A solid foundation will allow your websites to cope with search engine changes. Our link building foundation begins with building solid Article Submissions and Web 2.0 Properties. The content that we distribute is spun during the article submission process so we are not submitting the same content to every site. Using a solid foundation and link diversity gives your link building campaign a powerful natural look.

SEO Link Building Foundation

Article Submissions

We will generate 2 articles a month and distribute your articles to over 2000 and growing article directories which includes wordpress blogs,article friendly sites,article dashboard sites, ams sites and others. Articles are generated and then spun while being distributed to the article directories. Each article can contains up to 2 links.

We just don’t submit your articles we will get them indexed by creating an rss feed and submitting the approved articles to 96 rss sites. We will then ping your approved articles to over 70 ping sites and use 1500 indexer sites to get them indexed.


Web 2.0 Property Submissions

We generate the articles that are placed on each of the Web 2.0 sites. Each Web 2.0 sites receives a unique article. In order to give your site the link power we place your link above the fold in the top paragraph. Our process of building these Web 2.0 sites is a 1×2 design. For each Web 2.0 site that points to your site there are 2 Web 2.0 sites that point to it. We even take it a step further we energize these Web 2.0 sites with automated blog posting, thousands of links will point to these sites. This gives them Page Rank juice plus it gets them indexed quickly. We use 1500 indexer sites and 70 ping sites to make sure they are all indexed.


This is the 1×2 design, as you can see each Web 2.0 site has two others pointing to it.


SEO Link Diversity

Once the solid foundation is created we start adding in other links to give your link building campaign some diversity and to show the search engines that this is a natural link building process.

Directory Submissions

We will generate the content, the content will be spun during the submission process. There are 700 plus directories and new directories are being added everyday.


Forum Submissions

We will distribute your profile links to thousands of forums. Each profile can contain up to 2 links. Once the forum link has been posted we will then get them indexed by turning the profiles into rss feeds and distributed them to over 96 rss feed sites and 1500 indexer sites. We will then ping the profiles using 70 ping sites to make sure these profiles are indexed and the links are counted.


Bookmark Submissions

All bookmark content is generated by us and then spun to 500 plus bookmarking sites and more are added each day. These sites include pligg, scuttle and phpdugg sites. These links are then converted into rss feeds and distributed to 96 rss sites, 1500 indexer sites and then pinged to 70 ping sites to get them indexed.


Blog Posting

All blog posting submissions that point to your site are done manually. All comments are written by live people, they will read the topic of the blog and respond back to it. We will submit your links to high PR pages and high PR blogs. We use a mixture of blogs which include .com, .net, .org, .edu and some .gov blogs. We will use 70 ping sites to index your approved blog postings. Since these are high PR blogs these get indexed quite quickly.


Your SEO Link Building Campaign

As you can see from the diagram all links are pointing to your site. Through the link building campaign more and more links will be added over time. As more links are added your site gets stronger which means more traffic and more sales for you.



By ordering you agree to our [terms of service](/tos)
You will be billed $197 per month until you
cancel. You can cancel at anytime.

Your Site Could Be Receiving This Traffic

This is a new website that we started building links to using our Link Philosophy. We used our Link Foundation method and drip fed Article and Web 2.0 Submissions and then we mixed in our high quality Link Diversity links.  The search engines love it, look at the results. Approximately 60 days after we started building links one of the keywords appeared on page 1, traffic increased dramatically. Imagine when all the keywords reach page 1 the traffic will be insane. As more and more links are added using our Link Building Method the traffic will exponentially increase. What does this mean for you? More leads, more sales and more profits.

SEO Link Building Reporting

How do you know what we are doing? You will receive weekly reports on all link building activity. You will also receive all the content that we have written for your link building campaign. They are yours to keep.

The report is broken down into the following sections.
Link Foundation Article Submissions Web 2.0 Properties Link Diversity Directory Submissions Forum Submissions Bookmark Submission Blog Posting
All reports are in pdf format and can be downloaded at anytime.  The report page has a quick glance feature that details the link building process.  Here is an example of the quick status page.


How Can The Virtual SEO Squad Do All This?

We are a group of SEO professionals that have been involved in internet marketing since 2005. For approximately $6.55 a day you will receive a team of people that will build links and generate content to promote your website.

Why waste your time buying expensive software that will eventually sit on your shelf, let us do the work you really don’t want to do.  There is a famous quote that says “successful people do the things unsuccessful people don’t want to do.”.  So be successful and let us do all the things you don’t want to do.

You will have continued access to your personal report page to see the status of your link building campaign, you can download the cumulative report to see all the links that are currently built personally for you.

Bonus: SEO Black Book


This SEO Black Book contains the most important SEO information:
No hype just pure informational facts so you can succeed

1. How to do keyword research like the SEO pros, finding high traffic low competitive keywords. It will also explain how to to find buying keyword. A buying keyword are those keywords that visitors search on to make purchases. Without buying keywords you will only have visitors to your site and very few or no purchases.

2. Where to find the free tools which will be used to find those high traffic low competitive keywords.

3. How to analyze your website for on-page SEO optimization, and much more.

How does Virtual SEO Squad compare against other SEO Software packages and SEO Companies in the market today?


There is no need to waste your time on monotonous
tasks which will waste hours of time and energy.


Virtual SEO Squad will dramatically reduce your Internet
Marketing Efforts and Time to Zero. It’s the perfect solution.


By ordering you agree to our [terms of service](/tos)
You will be billed $197 per month until you
cancel. You can cancel at anytime.

P.S. With Virtual SEO Squad, it has never been easier for you to build your links get more traffic and make more money!

P.P.S. Don’t forget, There is a 100% No Questions Asked Full Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose, so start building your links today!

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