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Now for the first time EVER you can discover the ancient financial secret that allows you to turn ideas into millions.

Discover the science, art and psychology that will enable you to take absolutely nothing and convert it to something that will give you everything that you could ever want.



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Thank you for visiting the Alchemist Mentoring Program Website and I extend a very warm welcome to you!

What is the Alchemist Mentoring Program™?

In short I am going to show you exactly how an Alchemist (a level 7 Wealth Creator) can:
Take an idea – and turn it into a business without spending any money by simply applying several Universal Laws and strategies to the idea. This means you do not need any money or security to start a business. Get an infinite return on their investments by applying the same Universal Laws and strategies to their investments. This means you do not need any money or security to start an investment and you then will have the ability to grow that investment so that you can become financially free in a very short period of time.
I hope you will be joining my class of Alchemist Mentorship Students … a community of people who, I have come to discover, share some remarkable qualities.

I believe that you have the same qualities and I want to applaud you for putting in the effort to improve yourself and your situation. For example, just the fact that you are reading this tells me a great deal about you:
It tells me that you are in the process of changing your life so that you can create wealth. It tells me that you are very serious about this, because you are committing your time to read up on the Alchemist Mentoring Program™. It tells me that you have come to the conclusion that the lessons you learned during your formal education are insufficient for you to reach your life’s goals. It tells me that you have found that the messages you are inundated with daily in the form of advertising, newspapers, television, and ‘conventional wisdom’ are not getting you closer to the life you want to lead. It tells me that you have decided that you need to find out why not … and more importantly, that you have a drive to find the truth.
Very few people do this. Look around and you will see that many people are not content with their lives, but they still do nothing to change this beyond looking for a higher paying job.

It takes a certain type of person to take real action and to commit to change.

I recognize these qualities in you because they are my own, and I’m inviting you to become a Wealth Creator as I have done.

In becoming a Wealth Creator you will learn the tricks of the trade of an Alchemist – to take an idea and turn it without any financial risk into wealth.

What is wealth?

Wealth is more than just money. We all know stories of people who have all the money in the world but nevertheless lead unhappy lives.

My definition of wealth is much broader: It is to have life in abundance. To have, in abundance, the time, energy and money you need so that you have the opportunity to understand yourself and your purpose fully, leading to abundance.

You will see that all the way through this course I distinguish between riches (money and assets that can be counted) and wealth (a life of abundance).

What is a Wealth Creator?

A Wealth Creator is someone who knows how to create preserve and enjoy his or her wealth.

33 years ago I was a policeman, and one of my goals was to own and pilot a helicopter. I joined a financial institution, thinking that by helping others get rich I would learn how to get rich myself, but found that all I did was sell products that made the institution rich. Life taught me that I would need to find my own answers, and this I set out to do.

Today I am a Wealth Creator (see my CV on this site) and many years ago I bought and flew that helicopter. More importantly, I lead a balanced and fulfilled life in every area.

Because I did it I know that you, too, can reach your life’s goals, no matter how distant they may seem. Right now, you may look at private jets and helicopters as they fly overhead and think:

“They’re out of my reach!”

Well, the simple fact is, they’re not. There is no secret knowledge which you are currently denied that can make you rich:
Rich people do not have mysterious powers and many of them do not even have exceptional talent. They may have good ideas but there are millions of brilliant ideas which never make it, so ideas are not enough. Lottery winners often lose it all within a year or two, so it’s not luck.
… so, how do you become – and remain – well off? I believe that what is missing is just the right kind of learning. And that is what I undertake to teach you.

How will I teach you?
Simply put, by helping you change the way that you think By helping you gain and use effective strategies, systems and formulas By emphasizing, the effective management of your money and time
These are all important but most important of them all, is the shift in your way of thinking. It all depends on that. And that is something only you can do.

You have taken the first step.

That took a certain vision, a certain awareness that is not commonly found. This is why I talk of remarkable qualities. You are already on the path towards becoming an Alchemist yourself.

How is the Alchemist Mentoring Program™ structured?

You will find there are three different levels of the Alchemist Mentoring Program:

Bronze level – This level is free and open to all subscribers. They will receive a general overview of my personal challenge, and from time to time receive some Wealth Insights.

Silver Level – This is based on a monthly subscription fee. Silver subscribers will join the process and see what went on behind the scenes when I started my personal challenge. They will be able to follow the thinking process and track me on my journey to take an idea, turn it into a business and then grow that business to a level 7 investment in order to attain financial freedom.

At the same time they will get Wealth Creators special bonus education to help them on their personal growth.

Gold Level – This is only available to all fully subscribed Wealth Creators University™ Students! They will have additional insights to see how I have applied the Wealth Creators Business and Investment Model™, The Wealth Creators Strategy™, the Wealth Creators Blueprint™ and the Formula For Riches® to take an idea and turn that idea into a business and then take the surplus and invest it according to the Wealth Creators Investment Strategy™ to attain to financial freedom.

Pace of learning

I began the Alchemist Mentoring Program™ on the 29th May 2011. This is the day that I decided to start a new business with NO investment and NO database and apply The Amazing Formula For Wealth Creation® in order to be Financially Free In less than two years. (I was financially free at the age of 37 but in this challenge I will only take the financial wealth which I accumulate as a result of this new business into consideration to get to financial freedom).

In the beginning of this program I will keep you updated on a day to day basis as to my progress until I get my first income in the business or at least for the first 30 days (even if I made some income).

From then on I will give you feedback and mentoring on a week to week basis (maybe more frequently, depending on the situation). Because the Wealth Creators Principles™ are based on Universal Laws time becomes irrelevant if you are learning the principles and an Alchemists knows that once you know the principles and the laws which govern your businesses or investments you can duplicate the process over and over, in almost any country in order to secure your financial freedom and a life of abundance.

So in summary, let’s say it takes me a month (30 days) in order to be able to generate my first income out of this business. Should you join this program 10 years later, you will still receive lesson 1 first where I begin my journey and only a month later will you receive the lesson where I make my first income in the business.

This in effect means that no matter when you sign up for the Alchemist Mentoring Program™, it will still be in real time for you, in other words an Evergreen Experience no matter how long after I have completed the challenge you decide to sign up.

This will prove over time that the Universal Laws and the Principles which I base my work, strategies and frameworks on are timeless and will be applicable no matter what financial conditions we are in as they are based on Universal Truths which never change, that is what makes Universal Alchemist Laws timeless and able to produce the results, not just base everything on theories which are flawed.

It may be tempting to go faster, but I will give you access to one lesson at a time for very good reason: the only way you are going to get a realistic experience of Wealth Creation is if you go at the same pace I did.

If you’re chomping at the bit to get going, I would like to reassure you that my pace takes most people’s breath away!

I want you to throw yourself wholeheartedly into the program and the exercises, even if you’re convinced you already know how to do them.

Goal setting is a good example of a familiar exercise which is a completely different thing and a powerful tool towards growth when handled in the way I will teach you. So when you get to that section, don’t think ‘Been there, done that’!

You will see that there is goal setting as the world understands it (you know, when you write down all sorts of wild dreams, stick them in your diary and never look at them again) … and then there is goal setting which actualizes your goals at sometimes astonishing speed.

My Wealth Creator Students who take my advice about this find that they move much faster than if they try to leapfrog the process.

In addition there are ways for you to get practically involved in exercising the principles and mindset of Wealth Creation as we go along, in the form of the Bonus section which appears with some lessons. If you’re itching to get going, start there!

This Program is a Real Life Experience!

This may seem odd: on the one hand, I have developed some powerful tools which have made me wealthy. A series of thought patterns, affirmations, goal setting exercises, time management and lifestyle management tools underlie everything in my life and I have used them to great effect, and will use them again in this program and hand them on to you.

On the other hand, this program was born out of a challenge and when I began it, I did not know from week to week how I would achieve my goal. I only knew that I would use my tools and that they would get me there.

This makes sense when you understand one of my approaches - to start with a goal and a deadline and to work backwards from that. You’ll see for yourself how powerful this is!

Inevitably, there are some things I did that worked out while others did not. As you go from week to week, you will see a real life experience of the process of Wealth Creation, with some dead ends and other successes.

That’s how life works in the real world!

It’s important that you see these steps!

To remove them would be to do you a disservice by suggesting that life should be perfect.

It would be to suggest that mistakes never happen.

Well, life is simply not like that. Not for anyone. We have goals, we have systems to get us there, but we do not know when we wake up each morning, exactly what apparently promising routes will turn out to be cul-de-sacs, nor what seemingly unpromising side roads will turn into multi-lane highways.

You should feel reassured to find that life works the same way for me as it does for you, so that you are not afraid to make a mistake, or to change your approach when necessary. This is such an important lesson – one we are not taught in school!

Wealth is a state of mind, not a bank balance!

While I have learned and developed a great deal of valuable tools for wealth, this course is not a matter of just handing you those tools, because there is a lot more to it than that.

In the course of my life I’ve seen many people come into unexpected fortunes – and lose it all within a year or two. I have learned that you can’t become or stay wealthy unless your approach to life changes.

I truly believe that being wealthy is a process of changing yourself!

The challenges for us both:

1. No ‘experts’!

I do not believe in ‘experts’ who do your thinking for you. If someone else is doing your thinking for you, they’re doing it for themselves. I believe God has given us everything we need in life, and it is up to us to find and develop our abilities.

So during this course you will learn to do your own thinking. It sounds straightforward, and often I find that I’m under the impression that I’m doing it already, but it’s only true if I’m getting the results I really want.

The fact is, society does not train us to think independently, and, in fact, we are punished at school for doing so. The world bombards us with half truths and ‘conventional wisdom’ which keeps us stuck where we are. Training ourselves to think differently is a very big part of this program. The good news is, once you’ve decided you want to do it, it need not be difficult!

2. We will walk this road together

Because I don’t believe in experts who pass on a package of pre-digested information and advice, I’m not going to do this myself.
How can I make sure I don’t?

I will do so by walking this road with you and structuring this program on a real life experience of Wealth Creation which is taking place as we speak.

I am going to start right at the beginning and give you an insider’s view of what I did, step by step. So it would become a road we walk together, learning as we go along.

This was the question which I asked myself in the early morning on the 29th May 2011 which started this real life journey:

Is it possible to start a new business with:
No database or list of prospects, no money, no security, no risk and not using the banks or other people’s money?
And then to create a new database of more than 5000 people, from the one contact (prospect) in less than 6 months without it costing me a cent by applying the Wealth Creators Marketing Strategy™ and Formula for Riches® (Cannot add my existing clients to the new data base)

Then to grow this business from a level 1 to level 7 business in less than two years by applying the Wealth Creators Strategy™ - (where a level one is only an idea and level 7 is a business which gives you financial freedom and you do not have to work in it).

3. No dusty textbooks – this is a living experience

One of the reasons I have structured the program this way is that I will learn in the process as well. Growth is never over. Thinking you’ve arrived is a sure indicator that you’re starting to slide, because there’s no such thing as standing still in life. If you think you’re standing still, your life is actually shrinking in tiny ways you don’t even notice but which add up over time to stagnation and decline. You look around one day and say:

“Where did my life go?”

This is true in every area of our lives. It’s one of the reasons I place so much stress on constantly managing life through the Wealth Creation process and my The Formula for Riches®. So it is important to me that the lessons of entrepreneurship and investment be conducted in a setting which is a vibrant, living experience of the teaching.

When you join the Silver Alchemist Mentoring Program™ you will be making commitment to me – so I must match your commitment.

I said that a change in thinking is fundamental to Wealth Creation and that human beings find it hard to change. You have committed to this program and so it is important that I match your commitment, not only of time and money but also of trust.

By setting myself a relatively big goal which is to generate more than $1,000,000.00 in revenue within the first year, starting off with NO BUSINESS or database and starting the business with NO Money, this may seem impossible to many but I know it can be done, even in one of the biggest recessions the world has ever seen.

Nor am I allowed to borrow money or use any kind of credit such as an overdraft facility from any financial institution and then to publish every step that I am going to take to get to my goal I am going  out on a limb too, requiring of myself the same kind of growth which I spoke of. I’m doing what I’m asking you to do. That’s not only fair, it’s also fundamental to earning your respect for me as a mentor, and it’s fundamental to the success of my mentorship program. So I’m not the ‘expert’, as I mentioned before – I’m in this with you.

So now it is time for action.

Fill in your personal details.

Choose the option and press the Register Now button and complete the rest of the subscription process (for Silver Members)




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"Your initial charge will be R50 for a 14 day trial. After 14 days you will then be billed R300/month after your initial charge has been made."

Money Bank Guarantee: ClickBank's 60 day money back guarantee is good enough for us. - If you do not get at least 10x the value of what you paid, you can cancel at any time.


I will see you in the first lesson

To your wealth, health and happiness,

Dr. Hannes Dreyer
The Alchemist Mentor
Helping you to become the best that you can be



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