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The one mobile marketing course that actually works. Masses of people can't be wrong.

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(For some time, I’ve sold this package across various forums. The testimonials presented here are screenshots from my sales threads on these other forum sites. You’re seeing what real forum members who have purchased this package have to say about it. For confidentiality reasons, usernames and distinct design features of these forum sites have been blurred.)




Dear friend,
After hitting insane profits by creating mobile websites for small businesses, I decided to go ahead and create several videos so others can follow along and earn from this method too.



I’m going to be straight up about what you will receive. I have absolutely nothing to hide. You will receive a .ZIP file. Inside the .ZIP file the first thing you’ll want to open is a README.pdf file explaining how and where to start the course and where to finish so you understand everything inside of the course.

Here are the models inside this course:


Model 1: An Introduction Video

Inside this model you’ll receive a video explaining everything that will be happening and everything you’ll be learning inside this course.


Model 2: Newbie Friendly, Easy To Customize, Mobile Website

Inside this model, you’ll receive a totally newbie friendly and easy to customize mobile website which you will sell to your offline clients.

Model 3: Two Videos Explaining How To Customize The Mobile Website

Inside this model you’ll receive two videos explaining how to customize the mobile website. The first video explains almost everything you need to know. The second video explains extra complex tweaks that you may need if your offline client requests those changes inside the website.

Model 4: Cold Calling Script And Email Script

Inside this model you’ll receive a cold calling script and an email script that you can use to gain offline customers.

Model 5: A Video Explaining How To Use The Script

Inside this model you’ll get a video that explains how to use to script and how to modify it to your needs. The scripts that I am talking about are the ones in model 4.

Model 6: Extra Advertising Techniques

Inside this model you’ll receive a video explaining some hidden, and uncovered advertising techniques I use to get hundreds of clients literally begging me to take their money.

Model 7: Two Narrations Explaining How To Make Extra Money Using Your Client

Inside this model you’ll receive two narrations explaining how to make much more money using the client that you have.

Model 8: A Case Study

Inside this model I show you an actual conversation with a real customer for your further understanding.

Model 9: The Conclusion Video

Inside this model I sum everything up – tell you those last touches and “get you in the mood”.



I just want you to know how extremely lucky you are. Mobile marketing is extremely hot right now and you won’t be able to get in so easily. A month ago, I wanted to get in too, but all I found were offers that cost $500+. So I decided to hire a programmer, create the easy-to-customize mobile website (which cost me over $1,500), then create my own techniques and get offline customers. I’ve managed to get over 200 offline customers, each ranging between $197 and $497, averaging $297 per customer. You do the math, see how profitable it is. Now, you can also have a piece of that success. Get into mobile marketing now, while it’s still extremely profitable!

One price that I considered was $97, a very fair price compared to other packages, especially when you consider what I’ve invested to produce this. Ultimately, though, I decided to create an extremely generous cost of $37. Yes, $37 is the price of this excellent package. So what’re you waiting for, hurry and get yours today: you won’t be disappointed.



Of course, there are always people who don’t believe me. It’s actually completely fine because I know it’s profitable. Below is a screenshot. Note that the payment crossed out does not involve mobile marketing, so I crossed it out.




In the nature of online e-books and courses like this one, you know I’ve got to throw in a bonus. So, in addition to the highly praised Mighty Mobile Marketing, I’m throwing in my book Dominating Niche Products. I’m still selling this book for $17 elsewhere, and it’ll make for a great extra revenue stream after you’ve got money flowing in from easy mobile marketing.


What’re you waiting for, get your copy today! You can download the course instantly after you order, which is as easy as [*clicking the button*](http://1.gingeleski.pay.clickbank.net/) below. If you’re still unsure, you can check out the testimonials on the bottom of the page from some of my forum customers, or the FAQ below this where I’ve posted some answers to common questions/concerns.



All the best,




Do you have questions, comments, or concerns? Anything at all you need clarification about? I’m here to help. Whether you’ve purchased the package or not, you can contact me at any time at my personal e-mail address: [ron@mighty-mobile-marketing.com](mailto:ron@mighty-mobile-marketing.com). I’d love to hear from you (though, naturally, I will be able to disclose more specific information with individuals who have bought the package and prioritize them more so than potential customers). Thanks, and I’m looking forward to chatting with you.


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