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Underground PLR Profits

Dear Marketer,

My name is Aaron M. McKinney and did you know average folks just like
you and me are pulling in five, six, EVEN SEVEN FIGURES every year
without ever writing a word of content?

Did you know that they aren't even paying outsourcers several dollars
per page to write content for them?

In fact, they are getting their content SO CHEAPLY it's almost

Let me ask you something. Are you...

* Struggling each day only to barely scrape by?
* Investing incredible amounts of time and money and making nothing?
* Frustrated and confused, because you don't know where to start?
* Fed up with working hard and getting nothing in return.

It doesn't have to be this way! You could be making a REAL income
faster than you could ever imagine using content other people make,
and you can get that content for just pennies!

If you said yes to any of the questions above, read on. I'm about to
reveal exactly how you can put out your own products that affiliates
can promote for you without spending endless hours researching niches,
writing content, and outsourcing with money you can't really afford to

Underground PLR Profits is exactly what you've been looking for! It's
your ticket out of the world of frustration and pennilessness and into
a world you never dreamed possible!

Look, there are a lot of ways to make money online. You could spend
hours writing content for blogs or article directories, you could
hustle on eBay, trying to make a profit in a sea of underpriced
competitors, you could write content for other people, wasting all of
your incredible talent to make other people wealthy...

Or you could step up to a real business!

You could build a list of qualified, interested buyers who will
eagerly buy from you again and again. This will give you a push-button
source of money whenever you need it.

Best of all, other people will do the hard work of promotion FOR you!

I know you may be anxious. Maybe you just don't know where to start.
It's natural. It took me several years to FINALLY decide where I
wanted to go with my business. It's a bit embarrassing, but it's the
truth. I experimented with eBay, ghostwriting, blogging, article
marketing, and just about eveything else you can think of.

I was literally spending 50-60 hours a week slaving away, but I was
making next to nothing...

That was before I discovered PLR...

PLR was the best thing to happen to me in ages! Once I realized I
could let other people do all of the hard work while I sat back and
reaped the rewards, it was like a whole new world opened up right in
front of me!

Of course, it's not as simple as just slapping up any old PLR product
and trying to sell it. That's a recipe for failure. There's a few
tricks to making great money with PLR, and I've only perfected the
system after MONTHS of trial and error.

Fortunately, you won't have to go through months of trial and error.
This complete system will teach you step-by-step exactly how to make
incredible money quickly and easily using PLR content!

So what's covered in this course?

The Underground PLR Profits Guide

This is a step-by-step guide that takes you straight through the
process of setting up a high-income business from start to finish.

You will learn:

* How to determine your legal rights
* Why PLR is such a lucrative business
* Types of PLR content
* How to enhance PLR content for profit
* Ensuring maximum profitability
* How to rebrand your PLR
* Strategies for maximizing income
* And much more!

This guide covers it all from start to finish, and that's barely
scratching the surface of what you're going to learn!

But that's not all...

Yes, you heard me right. That's not all! Not only will you get the
complete guide, but you're going to get a COMPLETE VIDEO TRAINING
COURSE included!

Check out the video training!

Video #1 - Introduction

You will learn:

* Basics of maximizing PLR revenue
* Reducing product development time
* Getting products to market quickly
* Saving money by using PLR
* What you will learn in the course
* And more!

Video #2 - PLR Explained

You will learn:

* What PLR means
* What PLR is used for
* How to distribute PLR
* The basics of using PLR
* Benefits of using PLR content
* And more!

Video #3 - Understanding PLR Rights

You will learn:

* Typical PLR rights explained
* What statements mean
* Finding PLR licenses
* Legality of price fixing
* Getting PLR for pennies
* Other information about rights
* And more!

Video #4 - Sourcing PLR

You will learn:

* Where to locate quality content
* A great forum for sourcing PLR
* Finding good PLR monthly
* Getting wholesale PLR
* Searching Google for PLR
* Mailing lists for PLR
* And more!

Video #5 - Hot PLR Sourcing Location

You will learn:

* Locating quality PLR on forums
* How to find quality PLR
* Finding special offers on PLR
* Navigating the forums
* Using search features
* Finding PLR at huge discounts
* And more!

Video #6 - Using Google for PLR

You will learn:

* Using Google effectively
* Finding specific PLR content
* Using search effectively
* Sorting through PLR sites easily
* And more!

Video #7 - PLR Memberships

You will learn:

* Factors for choosing memberships
* Determining quality quickly
* Looking and membership niches
* Looking for limits
* Checking for rights
* Deciding which rights you need
* What to look for in a membership
* And more!

Video #8 - Monetizing PLR

You will learn:

* Monetizing PLR eBooks
* Monetizing PLR videos
* Creating membership sites with PLR
* Creating audio books from PLR
* Creating home study courses
* Physical products
* And more!

Video #9 - Getting the Most Value

You will learn:

* Maximizing the value of PLR
* Creating new graphics
* Rewriting sales letters
* Add bonuses to increase income
* Beef up content with additions
* Create other versions
* Making content unique
* And more!

Video #10 - Effective Rewriting Skills

You will learn:

* Easy product rebranding
* Making products completely unique
* Minimizing refunds
* Changing the introduction
* Changing disclaimers
* Change the table of contents
* Rename chapter headings
* And much more!

Video #11 - Articles

You will learn:

* Locating great PLR articles
* Why PLR articles are profitable
* Using articles for site promotion
* Using articles for site foundations
* Rewriting PLR articles easily
* Using article spinners
* How much to change articles
* And more!

Video #12 - Conclusion

This is a summary of the previous 11 videos, and it will recap some
of the most important points you have learned in the other videos.

You'll learn the basics steps you need to take to get started, how to
target multiple niches with PLR, how to ensure the PLR you locate is
high-quality, and much more!

Plus, check out these fast-action BONUSES!
(Yes, there really is EVEN MORE included!)

Bonus Video #1

You will learn:

* How create your own product using PLR
* Rewriting PLR quickly and easily
* Adding to existing products
* Combining PLR products
* Making PLR unique without rewriting
* How to rebrand your PLR
* How to find quality PLR easily
* And much more!

Bonus Video #2

You will learn:

* How to get FREE SOFTWARE for writing
* Putting together the product
* Using OpenOffice to rebrand PLR
* Editing PLR with OpenOffice
* How to remove items from PLR
* Working with tables of contents
* Working with layouts
* And much more!

Bonus Video #3

You will learn:

* How to export files as PDF
* How to encrypt PDF files
* How to password protect PDF files
* How to set editing permissions
* How to create graphics for PLR
* Using Paint.NET
* And more!

Bonus Video #4

You will learn:

* Creating headers for minsites
* Creating footers for minisites
* Creating buttons for minisites
* How to make beautiful websites
* Easy graphics with free software
* And more!

Bonus Video #5

You will learn:

* Using Paint.NET to create eCovers
* Opening eCover templates
* Moving images
* Changing colors
* Adding text to eCovers
* Adding images to eCovers
* And more!

Bonus Video #6

You will learn:

* Using free software to build sites
* Gathering images for websites
* Building websites easily
* Creating minisites for PLR
* Choosing fonts and styles
* Creating headlines
* And more!

Wow, even more GREAT Bonus Videos?
(Okay, you twisted my arm! How about these, too?)

Newbie Video #1

You will learn:

* Where to start
* How to overcome "idea block"
* Overcoming time and money issues
* Crafting unique products from PLR
* Gathering essential tools
* The basics - getting started
* And more!

Newbie Video #2

You will learn:

* How to use PLR articles effectively
* How to turn PLR articles into unique
* Ideas for creative article use
* Get more out of your PLR articles
* Get more exposure to your articles
* And more!

Newbie Video #3

You will learn:

* How to choose PLR eBooks
* The best ways to use PLR eBooks
* How to make PLR eBooks unique
* Easy PLR eBook rebranding tactics
* Ideas for standing out
* And more!

Newbie Video #4

You will learn:

* Using PLR audio
* Thinking outside the box
* Monetizing audio creatively
* And more!

Newbie Video #5

You will learn:

* Uncovering PLR video gold
* How to rebrand PLR videos
* How to add audio to videos
* How to change video easily
* Removing and adding clips
* Monetizing PLR videos
* And more!

Newbie Video #6

You will learn:

* Manipulating PLR source code
* How to use PLR software
* Add/remove features with no coding
* Make money with source code
* Making a program your own
* And more!

I know it may be hard to believe, but YES! All of this REALLY IS
included in one incredible package for just one low price!!

"Speaking of price," you must be thinking...

Well, with this much content, most "gurus" would charge you at least
$997, right? I could easily get that much with this much stuff
included! But I understand that not everyone can afford that much.

I could always offer payment plans or some sort of forced continuity
or hidden charges, but I don't believe in those sneaky tactics to get
people to buy. If you want it, you'll buy it. If not, you won't! It's
that simple.

I want to keep the price reasonable... something everyone can manage.
That's why (for a VERY limited time) I'm offering the COMPLETE package
for the ridiculously low price of JUST $97!

Yes! I AM out of my mind, thanks for pointing that out!

Remember, I just wanted to make this accessible to as many people as
possible. I can't keep it this low forever. (After all, I have to get
paid for my time and investment at some point.)

But for now, you can get the entire package for the rock-bottom price
of $97.

Not only that, but I'm so confident that you will be absolutely
thrilled with your purchase, that I'm willing to take ALL of the risk!

My Iron-Clad 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try my system for the next 60 days. Put the tactics I teach you to
good use. If you haven't AT LEAST made your money back within 60 days,
just let me know and I'll refund every penny you paid, no questions

Let's recap everything you're going to get...

The complete guide to making money with PLR. This is almost 60
pages of rock-solid, step-by-step content!

The entire 12-part video course on making money with PLR, taking
you through every step of the process in easy-to-follow format!

The huge 6-part bonus video set, showing you exactly how to
customize and rebrand PLR from start to finish!

And, my iron-clad 60 day money back guarantee!

What are you waiting for? This is truly the no-brainer deal of the
century! You'd better grab your copy before I come to my senses and
raise the price to what this incredible package is really worth!

Remember, I'm not going to be able to keep this price this low for
long! Grab your copy now before the price goes up!

$$$ $$$

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