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No other Handicapper has the guts to share this secret with the general public. Your’ just moments away from getting my NFL system picks and my MLB system picks all for one low price.

Dear Sports Player,

Are you a loser every time you leave the Vegas Sports Books?  Well, I was too, until I discovered the secret to making money in Sports Betting.  There is a simple secret to the House making money on Sports Betting…  THEY DON’T CARE WHICH TEAM WINS!!  For the Bookmakers to make money, they try to balance the action on both sides of the bet.  To do this, Vegas will adjust the betting line to keep the bets balanced.  Once you understand this you’ll never view the betting lines the same way again.  The movement in the lines tells a story, and based on the movement, we can tell if a line is weak or strong, and which side of the bet to favor.

Once you understand the movements, and the reason for the movements, we can tell where the “Smart Money “ is going and we can follow it.  We’ve developed an amazing system to exploit the lines and make you piles of money.  We call it the…

Sounds easy, right? We study the line movements at over 100 Casino’s and online sports books to detect a trend in the lines that we can exploit for HUGE winnings. We put in all the work, and you’ll enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The Football Formula System is only $29.99 per month.   I’m going to give you a 7 day trial for ONLY $4.95 to test the system for yourself .
We’ll also throw in the MLB system for FREE ($49.99 per month value) for the rest of the baseball season.  This system alone generates thousands of dollars in profits each year.
So act now to get the Football Formula System and the Major League Baseball System for just $29.99 per month. Remember, you can cancel at any time without any further obligation.

Our Record:
We were the 2010 [National Handicappers Bowl Champion.](#) We beat every other handicapper in the Over/Under division of the National Handicappers Bowl, as featured in Pro Football Weekly magazine. We competed against the very best Vegas has to offer and beat them all.
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