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Prey Of Innocence

This book explores the innocence of love untouched,
a virgin with no knowledge of love,
 misguided desires, a prey to attraction.


This book explores the innocence of love untouched, a virgin with no knowledge
of love, misguided desires, a prey to attraction and the pureness of love given
early in life as maturity grows old.

Prey of Innocence is a treasure amongst treasures which analyze the innocence of
one's emotions to genuinely experience the possibilities of love and the
awakening of one's true self.

Within this book, you will find the wisdom to ripen.

Thank you for sharing in my innermost feelings of expression.



An insightful gift of poems which awakens the soul in each of us.

"My body lie dormant as my soul lie awake."

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Prey of Innocence comforts me like a warm blanket. The poems express how one with less experience or knowledge is still worthy of being loved.

The book is magical and capable of moving negative thoughts and replacing it with positive energy. Everyone who reads this book will benefit from the poetry; because we all are connected to each other in some kind of way.


Prey of Innocence is a work of art. The author captivated the true
essence of one's self by exposing the soul. Amazingly deep!!!

Assistant Manager

The author of this beautiful work captures the true essence of love in all stages of life from young to adult love;when reading this work the reader will find themselves thinking "she wrote this for me" (I did).


Prey Of Innocence

Only $19.95

"The Awakening Of The Soul"


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