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My eBay Powerseller eBook Business Earns Me On Average $17,000 Per Month On Autopilot - a simple eBay eBook Business Can Change Your Life, Like It Did For Me... But PLEASE Do NOT Buy An eBook Business From Me, UNTIL You Have Bought ALL The Rest - And Failed AGAIN...

"How Selling Information eBooks On eBay And The Internet Changed My Life... In Just 8 Months I Went From £1,100 Per Month To Over £17,000 And Written A 73 Page No Holes Barred, Step By Step Guide, For You To Do The Same!"

Video 1: Do I REALLY Earn Big Money Selling eBooks On eBay?...

See How much you can earn

See the LIVE PROOF of my earnings

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Ray Johnson- eBay member:

Hello, [e.z.sell_ebooks](http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/e.z.sell_ebooks)([1545](http://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=e.z.sell_ebooks&ssPageName=STRK:ME:UFS)) [](http://pages.ebay.co.uk/services/buyandsell/powersellers.html)[](http://stores.ebay.co.uk/id=204699771?ssPageName=ME:F:ST)[](http://members.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=e.z.sell_ebooks)

From the home office of Ray Johnson, eBay Powerseller ebook Business owner respected eBook Author & Webmaster.  

 are you tired of all the hype and scams? Do you want me to SHOW YOU how much a simple eBay eBook Business can REALLY earn you? My monthly eBay earnings alone allow me to enjoy my home...

Most of the Internet "guru's" online consider me to be a "guru" myself, but I am really just like you... you see, I wanted to buy an ebook business but I was tired of falling for the hype of 99% of the other ebook Powersellers on eBay and the internet. I quit my job 4 years ago, and set up my own eBook home business, and began make money selling ebooks. I now earn a fantastic income using the strategies you are just minutes away, from finding out for yourself. See proof of my earnings in [eBook marketing](ebay-ebook-earnings.htm).

I am an eBay Powerseller making a big income selling eBooks on eBay. Why should you trust me? Simply because my website is [ranked NO.1 in Google.com from OVER 21 MILLION websites](http://www.ezsellebooks.com/images/google1.JPG), [ranked 2 in Yahoo.com from OVER 9.8 MILLION websites](http://www.ezsellebooks.com/images/yahoo2new.JPG) AND [ranked NO.3 in the Clickbank Marketplace](http://www.ezsellebooks.com/images/clickbanksales.JPG)  for turning people like you, into wealthy eBay eBook Powersellers.

"I Have Purchased,Tested And Failed With Virtually Every Other Information Marketing Business Guide Out There And 98% Are Scams..."

That's no word of a lie. I have been scammed. Probably just like you. I have waited for the "next big thing" to come along - it never did come...

In fact, I was SO sick of failure, I soon realised that I would have to put my OWN plan together, a plan SO bulletproof, that it couldn't fail.

My hard work, sales analysis, and loss have paid off...

I have put together the ultimate guide to becoming rich. You see, unlike the other "guru" guide's out there that TELL you how to succeed... My guide actually SHOWS YOU, STEP by STEP - written in such a way that you need NO knowledge of ANY aspect of this business to succeed.

Even a complete idiot could sell eBooks on eBay and earn thousands - using my guide...

"See For Yourself For FREE"

I understand because I have been there, I used to be a sceptic myself. I KNOW you won't fail, which is why I want to give you a FREE trial starting NOW...

I will SHOW YOU step-by-step how to make money selling simple eBooks. PLUS you'll get 2040 FREE eBooks inside to sell for 100% profit on eBay! You can even earn 75% commissions for promoting this very guide!   Email: Name:
Your privacy is 100% safe with me. Your details will never be sold rented or shared with anyone... plus you will receive the FREE "leaked chapter" INSTANTLY!

I am now eBay's Powerseller ebook business record holder, [see my eBay feedback](http://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=e.z.sell_ebooks&ssPageName=STRK:ME:UFS) - I achieved Powerseller status in under 42 days, making a huge "autopilot" income from home.
In my first 2 years 3 months selling eBooks, I purchased my pride and joy... 

OK, OK you may need more proof - see me and my beautiful daughter IN my M3...

"$800 Million Dollar Market..."

My business has lots of income streams pouring into it now, that it almost runs by itself. I'll show you how to put all of this together in just a couple of hours with ease, if you can follow simple pictures and instructions - you are good to go.

You do not need ANY experience of using eBay OR the internet, you can instantly follow my guide to success... Remember, I was a complete newcomer to all this, under 18 months ago.

"Keep It Simple..."

My goal is to set you up with your very own "information marketing business" selling simple ebooks on eBay and the internet. I will arm you with everything you need to start right now, and I will be available in my new [online forum](http://www.ezsellebooks.com/forum) to help you with any questions at any time, not that you should need help! If you can do this, you can succeed...


Video 2: If You Can Follow This Video, You Can Run Your OWN eBay Powerseller eBook Business With Ease...

Learn how brutally simple this business is to setup

Learn the key factor of success

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"Do The Maths! Sell $1-$2 eBooks To 8 Million Ready To Buy Customers WorldWide At Any Time Of The Day Or Night!"

At ANY point of the day or night, millions of people log on to eBay and the internet looking for simple information to improve their lifestyle, their health, their personal life, their business - just general information as a whole.

This is 21st century... knowledge and information IS POWER. Everyone wants it. I know that my guide works, because I have made hundreds of thousands of pounds using it.

It really is simple to make HUGE money relatively quickly, I mean - if YOU had a problem, or a need... ASK YOURSELF RIGHT NOW... Would YOU pay just $1-$2 to fulfiul that need?

[SEE THE PROOF OF MY EARNINGS HERE](ebay-ebook-earnings.htm)

I could be here all day telling you about my previous existence. I used to get up about 7am and take my kids to school for about 9am. I would then go to work, and return at 6-7pm every day.

Now, things are very different. I still take the kids to school, but now I go home and relax in the garden, or just do what I please. Now, I usually go online at about 12 mid-day, to answer some emails from my customers, and withdraw more money to my bank account.

Please read on to see just what respected internet marketers are saying about my guide...

In my interview with you recently Ray, I knew I had discovered the latest eBook protige.

It is no surprise that you put together this eBook so perfectly. You can only achieve such a thing if you really are a powerseller eBook business guru.

I believe no matter how you play it down, that you are the next bigtime internet marketer. I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to achieve real success online to buy this eBook.

It is your turn to run your own eBay Powerseller eBook Business...

Ricky "The eBook Generator" Allen
Respected Internet Marketer

[READ MORE REVIEWS HERE](ebook-sales-testimonies.htm)

The most simple, understandable methods allowing anyone to become an eBay eBook Powerseller and make money selling ebooks.

The best eBay related eBook business guide I have ever seen. In fact - I now use the methods detailed in the guide on my own online business, and have seen my profits increase 400% compared to direct mailing! That is staggering, considering I have been involved in direct mail for years now.

If you are looking to run your own powerseller ebook business, this guide is seriously hot! It will walk you through every aspect imagineable. A master class if you want to sell ebooks on ebay...


Simeon Tuitt
Information Publisher

[READ MORE REVIEWS HERE](ebook-sales-testimonies.htm)

If you are looking to buy an ebook business, look no further.

What Ray is offering is a priceless ebook which walks you through the entire setup, of a Powerseller ebook business, learning you how to start an ebook business and sell ebooks on eBay profitably. You even get over 670 of the top selling ebooks available on eBay today, which puts you way ahead of the competition.

This 100% automated ebook success guide, with step by step pictures was very simple to follow. I was up and running in approximately 2 hours and just over 2 weeks on I am now making £1000 on average per month on eBay alone.

But that's not all... Ray's priceless ebook shows you how to get the edge on the competition. His expert strategies are built into the ebook for you to copy! Ray showed me in the eBook how he uses eBay as a simple tool for huge eBook sales off eBay also.

To sum up, there are a number of ways to make money selling ebooks on the internet but very few are legitimate, foolproof, and most importantly achieveable. I recommend this ebook to anyone looking for a legitimate way to become a profitable eBay Powerseller - that works!

Michael Rasmussen
Internet Marketer

[READ MORE REVIEWS HERE](ebook-sales-testimonies.htm)

Simply astonishing.

As an eBay ebook PowerSeller I know how overwhelming it can be when you're starting out. 

Selling ebooks on eBay is a potentially difficult topic to explain but you have done an excellent job of simplifying the process. The detail you go into Ray is astounding - and anyone (and I mean anyone) could make a fortune by buying "Build Your eBay Empire".

Tom Parker
eBay eBook Powerseller

[READ MORE REVIEWS HERE](ebook-sales-testimonies.htm)

"Do You Want To Change Your Life?..."

Studies show that people say that they are happy in life, but wish they had a direction to take to make a better life for themselves. Please read these points, and decide if my guide is right for you to shape your future...

  1. Enjoy lots of cash, and have the TIME to enjoy it - Many multimillionaires have been created in the online information marketing business, and this is a growing trend, many more millionaires are predicted to be created. This business is booming, will you be the next millionaire?

2. Build a business that fulfils people's desires and helps people - We live in the information technology age. People have a ravenous craving for information, and you will cash in by helping these people fulfil this desire. Even the most simple or silliest of information, can carry huge financial rewards for you...

3. Free time - Probably your current work situation controls the majority of your time right now. If you join me today, as an information marketer, you can work when you want to, for as long as you want to. You'll soon discover that freedom and financial security do exist...
4. Virtually no start up costs involved - You can get involved today in the information marketing business for just the cost of this guide, no HUGE risk or investment, and the best part is, you will be ready to earn in a matter of hours...

5. No stock to hold - Forget piling your garage with boxes, and frequent visits to the post office... and then finding you stuck with stock you cannot get rid of. Everything you'll need will be stored on your PC...

6. Run your business from anywhere, at anytime - I run my business from home... I also can take my business with me, using my wireless internet connection, anywhere I go. My business is "always open" and the power of the internet brings customers wordlwide - direct to you, even whilst you sleep...

"Complete Novice To Computer Pro..."

I will show you as soon as you read my guide, with NO knowledge required, how to set up a completely automated income machine that I can guarantee will bring you an income for many years to come.

I want you to succeed, and will hide nothing. Why? Well the reason is simple, so that you will recommend this business to friends, relatives, colleagues - anyone!

"Straight to the point, solid information, anyone could use... I have already put into place lots of the information, and now my partner wants to use the program for himself. "Adrienne Benham - London - UK
 "Making Money Really Is Simple..."

Forget all the "guru's" trying to brainwash you. It is relatively easy to make money. As long as you can fulfil an existing demand (needs, wants, solutions to problems or desires) then you will make money!

The exciting part is bringing eBay into this equation, just look at the facts below and see why my guide and this business guarantee your success...

Last years eBay eBook sales worldwide, topped $800 MILLION (£400 million)
eBay has over 90 million current registered users - and rising daily
Every registered user - at some point in time, uses eBay to look for information of any kind - as it is a low cost to solve their problem, need, want, or desire. They may even look to purchase your ebooks to build their feedback!
There are 6 MILLION eBook BUYERS buying ebooks on eBay AT ANY POINT IN TIME
eBook buyers are targeted, which simply means, they are ALREADY SEARCHING for the information you sell, either again to satisfy their need, problem, desire etc. Or to resell for themselves!
Information is inexpensive to buy - so it sells very fast and make you money
Convinced yet? You should be... earning thousands has never been so simple!

"Excellent, information and unbelievable rewards...

I have earned £6732 in 4 months, and I still have a job!

You are one of a kind! Thanks for all of your help and support too Ray, my relatives are interested now, so I will be sending them to you!!"Frank Shaw - Birmingham - UK

Build Your eBay Empire


"Setup a 100% automated Powerseller information marketing ebook business in under 2 hours that delivers information ebooks to your customers INSTANTLY after payment, generating you 100% profit MINIMUM on EVERY single sale you make!"

Instantly find out with step by step pictures:

How to get an eBay seller account (if you don't already have one)
How to open your eBay shop
How to obtain your own website to store and sell your ebooks
How to upload your ebooks to your website
How to setup your INSTANT download system to your customer
How to setup INSTANT delivery of ebooks to your customer
How to automate invoicing and feedback
How to build your eBay feedback safely and quickly to gain credibility as a seller
How to protect your business and STOP negative feedback in a snap!
How to guarantee your ebooks sell before the thousands for sale on eBay right now
How to design power packed sales letters to have customers fighting to buy from you
How to gain repeat buyers "after the sale"
670+ (in total) of the top selling eBooks available today (worth £$179.95)
How to become a profitable eBay Powerseller in under 90 days - guaranteed.
How to make a minimum of £100 Per Day selling eBooks on eBay alone
How to expand on the above and take the entire eBook information business to the world wide web
How to create killer sales pages that have customers flocking to buy from you - everytime
How to obtain your OWN website and achieve TOP search engine rankings without spending a single penny
And really, that has just scratched the surface, but...

Do not buy ANY other ebook Business for sale unless they meet this STRICT criteria...

1. It must be an automated business: The Powerseller ebook business owners making the real money, do not have to touch their businesses. They sell ebooks on eBay on complete auto-pilot, 247/ world-wide.

2. You MUST be able to make a PROFIT!

3. It must be a USER FRIENDLY setup guide. We have much more important things to do, other than separating the fluff from the fact, and it MUST walk you through step-by-step, with pictures (if possible)

4. It should be a relatively low investment to start making money.

5. It must be able to pay for itself - many times over, and continue to make you money in the long term.

6. It MUST "do what is says on the tin" and work!

"What It May Cost You If You Do Not Buy My Guide"

Well, you have seen a handful of benefits, current customer testimonials, eBay Powersellers, and ebook website owners who are making big money right now and slaughtering their competitors using my guide.

Hi Ray,

I just wanted to drop you this quick testimonial to tell you
how much I have taken on board from your mentoring in the past 2 months.

I started off in Internet Marketing just over 2 years ago, the earnings were steady but not good enough so I could quit the 9 - 5. Within the first 2 weeks of your mentoring my earnings shot through the roof, your marketing tactics were just out of this world, and two months on I can now proudly say Internet Marketing is my full time job and hobby (how good is that!)

Thanks again Ray,

Tom Mansell
Webmaster/Graphics Guru


[READ MORE REVIEWS HERE](ebook-sales-testimonies.htm)

You are probably wandering just how much this is going to cost you - right?

Let me put it this way...

You have been searching for a legitimate, proven, low investment, 100% automated, 100% profit per sale ebook business that works, maybe for a long time... You still haven't found one. You have probably spent £££'s searching for the "next big thing"... It hasn't come along.

You fell for the scams and hype... Finally, you realise what a TON of money you have spent - to fail and achieve nothing.

...right again aren't I?

Now mull over this. Considering "Build Your eBay Empire" is hands down, the BEST eBook marketing business setup guide on the planet, I could charge well in excess of $249... 

But wait, that is NOT including all of the secrets I have not yet revealed to you.

Not to mention:

The time it has taken me to prepare
The step-by-step structuring of each section
The easy to follow full colour pictures

You only get what you pay for - and if you are not 100% serious about making BIG money selling simple ebooks on eBay and the internet, then I strongly advise you to FORGET the ENTIRE idea of making a single penny anywhere else... Your once only investment of just $49.95 will pay for itself in no time at all.

You really do not need this to happen to you. You have come this far, which is why you should immediately download your copy using my secure ordering system...

You MUST Get Your Copy Of "Build Your eBay Empire" Or You Will Be INSTANTLY In The Shadows Of Those That Already Own It...

I have personally trained hundreds of people in developing and maintaining a successful Powerseller ebook business and website and they say my guide, is unlike anything else they have used to skyrocket their ebook earnings. You will be at a distinct disadvantage to the people that already own my guide if you do not order today. Don't take it from me, simply read the handful of testimonials again from the average ebook seller with no experience, and the more successful - established ebook Powersellers and webmasters.

Again I must stress that no experience of computers, eBay or the internet is required. It's all here. I developed the guide, and I STILL use it today, my results USING "Build Your eBay Empire" have taken me from an unknown ebook seller - to a highly successful, profitable internet marketer.

My results, and my clients results speak for themselves...
Ray Johnson
Creator Of "Build Your eBay Empire"
Owner, Webmaster And eBay eBook Powerseller
But wait! There's more... watch this video below, and find out why thousands of people - just like YOU, have already ordered this very guide.


Video 3: Just How Many eBay "GURU's" Show You This...

Find Out Why You Are Being Conned By The eBay eBook Big Boys... (P.S. You KNOW Who They Are...)

Find Out Just Why, I Wake Up At 3pm Everyday...

[Click Here To View](http://www.ezsellebooks.com/videoclips/paypalproofnew)

If that proof STILL isn't enough, order today only and you'll also receive...

"Over $347.00 In Bonus Gifts - That Will Help You Make More Money... FREE"

Bonus 1:

The eBook Download Secret

Learn how a simple system added to your
eBay ebook business can double, triple
or even quadruple your earnings. Overnight!


Bonus 2:

The Ultimate eBook Collection

5,000 man hours of sales analysis, 130, 96% sales rate eBooks, GUARANTEED TO SELL REPEATEDLY. If you are looking for a head start to making HUGE profits, look no further...

All the hard work has been done for you, you just have to sit back and count the cash!


Bonus 3:

Fully Optimised Website Sales Page Optimised With The Internet's Top Ranked Software...

A $276.10 Value - Yours FREE...

Not just any web page, a fully search engine optimised (friendly) website sales page - guaranteed to rank high in the search engines like Google, AllTheWeb, MSN and Yahoo!

Your website sales page will be fully professionally optimised using the No.1# Website Building SEO Software XSite Pro...


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Undisclosed Bonus 4:

Access To The Members Area £100 Per Day On eBay And The Internet Business Forum

Caution: You had better hurry, because at the rate my guide is selling right now, I can't allow too many people to get these free bonuses for long. In fact, I'm going to revise this in the next 4 days. If you don't get your copy today, you might lose out.

You can purchase anytime of the day or night, even it is 2AM, you'll still get INSTANT access.

"Do You Even Need A Guarantee?"

Remember, you get a full 60 days to try it for yourself. Download your copy right now for a one-time payment of just $49.95.

Don't take it from me [see my proof of earnings.](ebay-ebook-earnings.htm) Put my guide into action, and enjoy the flood of money and instant 100% profit that will follow.

You have discovered an amazing concept Ray, too simple to believe, but it works! I thought I'd try it out, as I knew I would have the money back guarantee to fall back on.

I am not great with computers, but I am learning day by day, your ebook selling guide is so straightforward, I had completed the setup of this business in about 4 hours. The extra video tutorials are in depth too. I used to think that ebooks would never make me money, as they all sold for so little but since I have implemented a few of your backend sales strategies, I have been astonished...

Now, three weeks on, I have made double the money I made last month. The only way is up!

Thank you very much.

Mike L. Smith - Chester - UK

[READ MORE REVIEWS HERE](ebook-sales-testimonies.htm)

Right now, you are just a couple of mouseclicks away from having the ultimate information marketing business on eBay. You'll be light years ahead of your competition both on eBay and the internet, you'll know the secrets of not only selling ebooks successfully and automatically to an army of hungry customers, but the secrets to maximising the profit you make AFTER any sale you make.

Hi Ray,
I have been going through your VERY thorough book. I think this is a GENIUS system you have.  Once I get this thing working, I will get 2 promos ready for the book and add it to my autoresponder.

Susan Whitehead

[READ MORE REVIEWS HERE](ebook-sales-testimonies.htm)

Most importantly though, you'll be using my unique strategies built into the guide, that you'll follow step-by-step with pictures (as if I was right there by your side). What's more, the boost in customers and sales will more than pay for your small investment in my guide many times over...

Hi Ray


Just wanted to say a few things about your e book I purchased from you about four weeks ago, (build your e bay empire). Although I have not finished setting it up yet as I have been called away to work a few times since I purchased it from you. I have run into a few problems for which I have been on your support sight and got the answers I needed from there.


I got to where you said about listing on e bay, I put one e book up for sale so check if things were working ok.  Before I finished someone purchased the book, I couldn’t believe it.


I sent the book via e mail as I hadn’t finish everything, the buyer left me feedback and I could see that my auto feed back was working fine. So there you go I made a sale before I finished. I still haven’t finished the set up, and I am not going to bother about it as I am away on holiday now for two weeks and I want to be here to fix any teething problems.


I also wanted you to know that even if I never make another sale I have had great fun with your book and I have enjoyed every minute spent reading and putting into practice the contents of your book. I know it to be as far as I am concerned great value for money,


Many thanks mate hope you continue to have the success you deserve.



John Frampton

[READ MORE REVIEWS HERE](ebook-sales-testimonies.htm)

Also recommended by:

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Can you visualize seeing your inbox jammed packed full of emails informing you of hundreds of sales that YOU have made... with hardly any effort? Here are the reasons why you simply cannot fail to succeed:

eBay has over 181 million current registered users - and rising daily

Every registered user - at some point in time, uses eBay to look for information of any kind - as it is a low cost to solve their problem, need, want, or desire. They may even look to purchase your ebooks to build their feedback!

There are 8 MILLION eBook buyers buying ebooks on eBay AT ANY POINT IN TIME.

eBook buyers are targeted, which simply means, they are ALREADY SEARCHING for the ebooks you sell, either again to satisfy their need, problem, desire etc. Or to resell for themselves!

ebooks are relatively inexpensive - so SELL 24/7 WORLDWIDE and make you big money.


You Have 60 Days To See For Yourself!

Don't Imagine It - DO It...

Order NOW


 Your Order Details

I accept all major credit cards using Clickbank secure server. On payment you will be directed INSTANTLY to a download, thank you page where you can get access to your purchase immediately. You will receive full and frequent updates to this eBook for life, and lifetime membership and assistance in my members only forum.

This eBook comes in compressed PDF format, and can be read using a FREE program called Adobe Reader. Many PC's automatically have this installed, however you can get your copy of Adobe Reader [here](http://www.winzip.com/)

You may also need Winzip to open the eBook prior to reading, again many computers have this installed, if not, get the latest version here

Please note that "Build Your eBay Empire" is Mac compatible.

I offer a 60 day money back guarantee for any reason, if you are not 100% satisifed.





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