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I don’t need to second guess why you may be here reading this. All I know, is that you are looking for something different. And this book is just what you have been looking for  [](http://innergoddessproductions.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/img_1320111903174536250.jpg)
You are in the right place
Life is too short for BLA BLA BLA! This ride is gonna be fast, it’s gonna be fab and it’s gonna be sexy! You ready? Course you are! Read on!
Hello Missy!   I am about to share with you a secret and this secret is not something that I like to make a big song and dance about. I was once the kinda gal who suffered with the big D.


I don’t wanna take you to the depths of despair right now because life is too short for MY story.

Today, right here, right now, is all about YOU

But let’s just say that if a gal could be in the darkest place possible, well that is where I was at

It was only when I had had a break down, had docs wanting to put me on serious medication and was considering suicide that I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror.

Sure – I had had a LOT of crap happen in my life! Some of it would make your hair stand on end!

Infact, still being alive was quite a feat considering some of the things I had experienced – I tell you, some of the crap that OTHER PEOPLE had inflicted upon me really was quite something…….. but that was when I had my ‘lightbulb moment’.
Woah Nelly, that kinda hurts my eyes!

I realized that I was blaming other people, circumstances, LIFE – for having inflicted pain and misery upon me – therefore I was a VICTIM! I was POWERLESS. Right?


Instead of feeling comforted by this realization, I was FURIOUS. I was soooooo angry with myself you cannot believe!

I actually stood in front of my mirror, picture this – 3am, no make-up on, puffy eyes from crying, shocking pink dressing gown with a zebra on the pocket – gazing into the mirror with fury written across my face, like a wild woman, and I slapped, YES, I SLAPPED MYSELF ACROSS THE FACE!

What on earth had I been thinking for all of these years? Well, I will tell you. But hey, being the writer that I am, I thought I would Jazz this up a little, so get comfy, you are in for one hell of a ride!
In a world, where women deserve to be hot, happy, rich, sexy – there is one problem…..

And that problem is that we have an arch enemy who roams the streets, this arch enemy wants you to doubt yourself, wants to throw you into a tailspin, and wants to see you remain in the role of the VICTIM!

This Villain is called FEAR! Yep… and Fear does not come alone. Hell no! Fear has a whole lil’ army of bad ass mo’fo’s who roam the streets with him, let me introduce you to Chitter Chatter, guilt, indecision, insecurity – you get the idea!

Now don’t get confused here ok – there are two kind of fear out there. One protects you. The other wants to destroy you. How will you know which is which? You just will – if you would listen to your Inner Goddess that is! Christ woman, listen to her!

Okay, Okay, I was a little harsh there. It is not so easy, I know. I have been there. When you are caught up in a cycle of ups and downs, it can feel like a losing battle right? Just as you think you have mastered ‘it’, and are on your way to happiness, BOOM – the army of Villains come along again and zap you down, until you are bleeding on the ground.

Thing is, it’s NOT your fault – you have not failed.

You just didn’t know the secret………….
Ta Da Da! (add in scream sound effect)

The secret is, that just like any story, this story that we call life, has a SUPERHERO in it too. It can never just be a case of the Villains taking over! Noooooooooo! Oh and for the hairy legged feminists out there who confuse us kick ass women with being one, yes yes, I really should point out that the superpower that I am about to introduce you to, is a SUPER-HEROINE but I can’t be arsed with stereotypical gender roles…

Rant over…

This superhero exists deep within YOU… right at the very CORE of you…….. intrigued? You should be……. read on Baby!


Grab your popcorn, it’s MOVIE TIME!



Imagine now, how freakin’ FAB your life is going to be? Actually, scrap that.Imagine how FAB your life already is, just from finding out about your INNER GODDESS today!

Life will never be the same again. Life can never be the same again now that you know that you have this secret power within, that will kick the ass of fear and other ‘frenemies’.

So, rather than look at where you were at before you stumbled into the ‘Inner Goddess Experience’, just imagine how different your day – yes TODAY is going to be!

You have a kick ass opportunity to get your hands on an instant download of the book ‘Unleash your Inner Goddess! From Victim to Vixen in 21 days and beyond’ RIGHT NOW …. well, as soon as I have finished my little story …. oh hell, go on then, here is the link to grab yours now if you cannot wait a moment longer…… (damn it!)


Grab your copy right now for just $17.99!

If your heart is telling you that this is for you, then click the heart and grab your future right now!

Okay – those of you who are still here – now where was I? Oh yes – TODAY you can grab an instant copy of my book, and begin your very own 21 day challenge to Unleash your Inner Goddess!

Just picture this – any area that you have perhaps struggled with, whether it be finding love, wanting better sex, a more lucrative career, wanting more confidence, hell, even battling with your weight and debt, because all of this misery has left you going on shopping sprees and reaching into the cookie jar! – you can insert your own scenario here, ‘cos I am no psyhic (well actually, I am but that’s another story!), EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE WILL BE TRANSFORMED, because this book gets to the core of ‘stuff’

Think of it a little like RIPPING THAT BAND AID OF YOUR FESTERING WOUND… cleaning all the gunk out, allowing  a little space for things to breathe and heal, before infusing everything with magic potion that will zap you into the life that you always knew was waiting for you, but somehow seemed outta reach!

Until you get to the root cause of whatever it is that has been going on inside of you, at a core subconscious level, well, everything else, diets, visualisation, affirmations .. none of it will work … they will work short term, but not LONG TERM

And I don’t do anything with a half hearted attitude, do you? (if you say yes here, let me a) kick your ass and b) ask yourself why?)

Life’s too short for bla bla bla! It’s all or nothing baby!

Yep. That line just about sums it all up!

And that really IS it. No hard sell. No ‘buy now and get 10 free crappy e-books that you’ll never read’

You’re no fool. You don’t need to be misled. You will already know whether or not you are a kick ass Sista who wants to rocket fuel every area of her life and finally grab life by the balls and make IT happen

And I have utter confidence in my book – plus, I am a firm believer that the law of attraction delivers those most suited to my mission to me…….

And take note of that word ladies, for this is a MISSION

This is not just about a quick fix. This is a lifestyle choice.

And when you have Unleash YOUR Inner Goddess, I will invite you to pass on the word to other women – we gotta take this GLOBAL ya hear?

If you feel so buzzed up, so frickin’ AMAZING that you want to do that on a bigger scale, I am even launching the Brand Goddess Academy very soon …. you can train as a coach, NLP Mistress (yes yes, Master but come on!!), AND learn how to write your own book in just 21 days!

But for now, grab your book, and start YOUR challenge, and I look forward to meeting you on the flip side

Which reminds me…..
Because this is NOT an internet product to get me rich quick (god I hate those things!), and this is actually a digital version of an actual book that you can also buy in book stores in the UK< and off amazon and waterstones bla bla bla….

And because I am doing this e-book version so that my ladies across the globe who cannot pop into a store in the UK, can join in on the Inner Goddess Experience, and I am a kick ass coach who actually cares about making a real difference because I was born that way (Lady Ga Ga tune should now be playing in your head)


I am going to be a little foolish here (hey, I like to spice it up a little) and offer you an email session with me to personalize your 21 day challenge, and truly kick the ass of whatever it is that is bugging you, or holding you back. Now, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet so to speak but I cost a LOT to see on harley Street, so erm…. you really should take advantage of this!!


I will of course be knackered from keeping up with all you ladies BUT hell, I love it !! This is about keeping it real!

Ready to start YOUR challenge?

Then take action now and grab your future by the balls. Yours now for the ridiculously low price of $17.99  and just incase you are totally off your rocker and choose not to opt for happy, sexy, hot, confident, rich…. I am throwing on a 60 day money back guarantee

Why as low as $17.99  Ang? Are you nuts? Is this a cheap marketing ploy? : NO. This is a digital version of an actual book that you can buy for the UK equivalent of that very price. Why on earth would I charge more? That is hardly fair now is it? I play fairly and I hate those who throw together a naff e-book and ask for $49 or something daft. I treat you with respect and I expect to be treated in the same way by you. That way, we are all happy. You are paying for the book and that is it, and the coaching session is a BONUS. Yeah, yeah, I rock, I know, I know……

See you on the flip side, where you can download your book right away and will also get my personal email address!


Your future awaits you for just $17.99 AND it comes with a no quibble 60 day money back guarantee, as I am that confident in this program!  




Just click the heart and you will be able to rush through checkout to your book that is waiting on the other side right now! No hassle, we use clickbank so that you can whiz through and download your product RIGHT THIS INSTANT!



Got any questions about this product? Feel free to[ contact us!](http://innergoddessproductions.com/contact)
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