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Junkie Site - Wordpress Plugin

Easy way to auto blogging

Junkie site is a smart plugin for WordPress which automates the process of building content. This content you can use to build excelent SEO optimalizated webpages or sites made for adsense.
Content is drawn from several available sites with articles and modified according to established parameters.

The current version of the plugin gets content from: ezinearticles.com articlesbase.com artigonal.com articuloz.com articlonet.fr
Plugin is perfect for: Building stable websites with systematically increasing (site) Building thematic SEO websites Create MFA websites (made for adsense)
Script features: A very simple configuration Full automatic, set once and forget! Create an unlimited number of plans i.e. configurations for articles Systematically growing site Able to add themed comments based on the bases The ability to define their own databases as a * txt file Works on all popular web hosting
What you get: Free updates forever Many databases created by us Database of nicknames (nicks) License for an unlimited number of pages (domains, subdomains) Database of synonyms Our help for any problems
[ ](static/images/unlimited-plans.png) [ ](static/images/new-plan.png) [ ](static/images/unlimited-source.png) [ ](static/images/comment-base.jpg)

Price & Buy

We guarantee the highest quality, effectiveness and reliability - for these reasons we believe our plugin is the best choice!

Pay $39, and in 10 minutes script you will get to your mailbox.

[Buy Now](http://1.aurora85.pay.clickbank.net)

Why Junkie Site
1 Easy way to set up many auto blogs for adsense 2 Very simple configuration. You only need 5 min. to set up new plan 3 License for an unlimited number of pages
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