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Attention: Fitness Professionals & Boot Camp Owners!
36 Brand NEW, ADVANCED Boot Camp Workouts to Maximize Your Camper’s RESULTS & Breakthrough Their Stubborn Plateaus!

Are you READY to take your boot camp workouts to another level by introducing NEW Challenges, Crazy Interval Circuits, and KICK ASS Fat-Burning Workouts to YOUR campers?

Are you SICK and TIRED of using the same old boring workouts in your boot camp classes?

Do your campers feel like they are doing the SAME exercises OVER and OVER again?

Do you have other trainers teaching your Boot Camps & want Done-For-You printable workouts that you can just hand over to your instructors?

Do you want to separate your camp from your COMPETITION by having workouts that campers will be talking about LONG after they leave class?

ANNOUNCING: 36 NEW Cutting-Edge Boot Camp Workouts that will explode the energy in your camp, get your clients CRAZY and accelerated results, and save you the LONG hours of designing your own boot camp workouts!

Dear Fellow Fitness Professional,

These advanced workouts are written BY boot camp owners, FOR boot camp owners. We know what it’s like to have to constantly come up with new and challenging boot camp workouts ALL THE TIME!

It’s VERY time consuming, and can get very tedious, monotonous, and even stressful to have to continually design your own boot camp workouts. The tendency is to use your favorite exercises over and over again. Doing this will not only put you on the fast track to complete boredom with your boot camp, but your campers will also become uninterested and bored. (NOT good for client retention.)

We’ve spent a LOT of time creating, designing, and testing these challenging workouts in our own boot camps, and are VERY excited to finally be able to share them with you!

We DO currently use these workouts in our own camps, and have seen AMAZING results in our boot camp classes! Since these workouts are advanced and not designed to be used every class, we pepper them in our regular workout program to add more variety and challenge our campers in a different way.

These Advanced Workouts are truly KICK A** and will take your camp to another level.

WARNING: Limits will be pushed and RESULTS will be achieved! These workouts have helped our own clients to break through the dreaded plateaus because they challenge their bodies in new ways! GUARANTEED they will do the same for YOUR clients!

We have AWESOME “Challenge” workouts, HIIT circuits, Partner challenges, Tabata sets, and tons of other workout ideas included in our new edition of Advanced Boot Camp Workouts.

So… if you are looking for a new way to accelerate your camper’s results, use fresh new workouts in your camp, and truly separate yourself from your competition, then you NEED our AVANCED BOOT CAMP WORKOUTS!
Check out One of Our FREE Advanced Boot Camp Workouts!

FREE Advanced Boot Camp Workout! 

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These workouts are not meant to be used every day, but are designed to be added to your boot camp program 1-2 times per week to rev up your campers metabolisms and help them to burn more fat!

Our advanced boot camp workouts will motivate your clients to work their hardest so they will see the results they are looking for in YOUR camp!

We’ve tested these workouts in our own camps, and have an average of 6-12 pounds lost per month, per camper!

Here are some Advanced Boot Camp Workouts Highlights:

• These workouts are a PERFECT complement to our Complete Boot Camp Workouts Program!
• Save time, energy, and money by having your workouts DONE-FOR-YOU.
• In a hurry? Just “Print and Go!”
• Great for Team-Building and will GET RESULTS for your campers!
• And tons more!!!

You'll get EVERYTHING you need to Take your Boot Camp Workouts to the NEXT LEVEL:
Boot Camp Starter Guide! 36 NEW & Advanced Boot Camp Workouts Featuring: • Warm Ups & Cool Down Variations • Team Building Partner Challenges • Fat-Burning “Challenge” Workouts • Total Body Workouts • Kick A** HIIT Circuits • Group Challenges • Intense Upper & Lower Body Workouts • Killer Core Workouts • Timed Intervals • Tabatas, & TONS more… Master List of Exercises: **OVER 145 Different Boot Camp Exercises!** 74-Page Exercise Technique Manual with Photos and descriptions of EVERY EXERCISE

But don’t take our word for it, listen to what these other Boot Camp Owners had to say…

“The Advanced Workouts program rocks! I use the advanced techniques once or twice each week, and my bootcamp members always leave exhausted. They absolutely love it. Thanks for such a great product - you guys are awesome!

- James Patterson, Max Results Bootcamp
Hey Alicia & Carrie - I have purchased both The Advanced Boot Camp Workouts & Advanced Boot Camp workouts and have had great success with both!

As Boot Camp owners, we strive to create the ultimate experience for our participants! Implementing the done-for-you workouts not only saves me time but allows me to deliver the best in diverse fun workouts.

These workouts & exercises bring in a new dimension of training to our program! Thanks so much for designing & offering such a valuable product! You can bet I will be the first in line to purchase the next one!

- Julia Zammito National Fitness & Figure Champion, Total Body Results Boot Camps
Hi Alicia and Carrie, Thanks again for another great set of workouts. My boot campers are loving them...not!! (Which is always a good sign!) I think the worst one for them so far has to be the lucky 7's. 7 exercises, 7 reps each and 7 sets.

The ¼ mile run sets with 50 exercise reps were great also, keeping the heart rate elevated. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for making my job a whole lot easier and my workouts a whole lot better!!!!

You guys rock!!!!!

- Charmaine Bates, Fit Gym Instructor
Hi Alicia and Carrie, I just wanted to let you know I have tried several of your Advanced Bootcamp workouts with my classes. They are a HIT!!! I just adjust the number of sets and reps to fit individual needs. My peeps love it and I love that I am not racking my brain trying to come up with new ideas for class. - Shannon Ripple
Hi Alicia and Carrie, The advanced workouts are great! I just started my first camp of the New Year and decided that I'd do one advanced workout per week with my clients. We did our first one this week and I joined in to see what the intensity was like - that was 2 days ago and I'm still sore! (And I teach over 20 classes a week so it's not like I'm out of shape!)
My clients hate it while they're doing it and love it after - as I always tell them, if they don't hate me even just a little bit during our workouts then I'm not doing my job.

As a busy instructor it's great to have so many great workouts already put together for me. I was feeling like I was in a bit of a rut before I got your workouts, but now I'm excited about the new workouts, and that burnt out feeling I had has disappeared!
- Heather Lind, WholeyFit.ca
We took campers through workout campers through workout #1 today. - they all found it really challenging - we were able to modify upward for fitter ones and downward for those who could not do all of it. All campers had nothing left to give at the end which is what we like to see! The programs are lots of fun, challenging and very adaptable. Thanks for the very useful programs!! Great work!

- Cassandra Everts, Personal Trainer, New Zealand
The tendency when you have been doing boot camps for awhile is to always stick with what you know and not push the envelope. That is how boot camps fail! You have to keep things fresh to keep getting repeat campers. It is HUGE to have a resource of done-for-you workouts that you can access whenever you need them. Even if you don't use the exact workouts, it will stimulate your brain to come up with more new and exciting workouts. If you plan on coaching boot camps for awhile this is a must have product!

- Joe Martin, HunstvilleBootCamp.com
Hello Ladies. I love the new workouts. You guys have made me the master of "O #$% what’s next" and they love it. Although more intense, they are easy to step down for some. The campers that are in the game are seeing faster results due to the massive muscle confusion that each workout brings each day. I got a group wanting to workout even though we have an ice storm coming in the morning. Keep it coming. You ladies are awesome and I sincerely appreciate what you do.

- Keith Hollifield ApexxFit.com
OH yea! We did this last week and it was AWESOME! The sweat was DRIPPING!!! Thanks for making my life easier! :) I look forward to more new workouts in the future from you! I WILL BUY! :) It's a no brainer!

Brenda L Gross, CPT, CNS, CTT, Brenda’s Bootcamp, HealthyStepsLLC.com
Check out One of Our FREE Advanced Boot Camp Workouts!

FREE Advanced Boot Camp Workout! 

Enter in your name and email to gain access to one of our ADVANCED Boot Camp Workouts!



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Our Complete Boot Camp Workouts Feature:
• Tabata Intervals • Timed Workouts • Body Weight Exercises • Sprint Relays • Obstacle Course Drills • Ladder Drills • Functional Training • KILLER CORE Workouts • Group Games & Challenges • Timed Interval Workouts • Partner Exercises • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) • Dynamic Warm-Up & Cool Downs • AND TONS MORE!!

Are you READY to Take Your Boot Camp Workouts to Another Level?

Are you READY to Save the Time, Energy, and Thought that it takes to Design Your Next KICK A** Boot Camp Workout?

Are you READY to Start TODAY?

Let's go over everything you will get in our Advanced Boot Camp Workouts Program…

You'll Receive Our

Advanced Boot Camp Workouts Program, Including…

1) 36 Done-for-You, Advanced Boot Camp Workouts– Total Value: $719

2) Advanced Boot Camp Technique Manual– Pictures and Descriptions of OVER 145 Boot Camp Exercises – Total Value: $357

3) Master Reference List of Advanced Boot Camp Exercises– Total Value: $34

4) Boot Camp Quick Start Guide – Total Value: $67

Total Value of our Complete Boot Camp System = $1177


Get Instant Access To Our Workouts NOW:

[Click Here to Order Your Advanced Boot Camp Workout Program $67](http://Advanced.FitChicks3.pay.ClickBank.net)

Who is Your "Advanced Boot Camp Program" Designed For?
Our Advanced Boot Camp Workouts are designed for anyone currently running results oriented fitness boot camp classes and want to take their workouts to another level. Each workout can be modified to decrease the intensity, so they are suitable for all fitness levels. They're for any and all personal trainers from the novice just starting their own boot camp to the experienced veteran trainer looking to gain an edge over their competition.

Our program provides you with over 145 boot camp exercises to add more variety, more energy, and deliver faster results to your boot camps.

Ready to start saving some money and long hours? Stop spending all that time organizing your workouts! We've already DONE THAT FOR YOU!

What Happens If I Don't Like Your Program?

We are so sure that you will love using our boot camp workouts that we proudly stand by our 60-day, 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our boot camp workouts, just let us know and we will gladly refund 100% of your money.

How do I order your "Advanced Boot Camp Workouts Program?"

Once you click on the "ORDER NOW" button above and fill out your information, you will get INSTANT access to our workouts! ORDER TODAY and use them TOMORROW! You can print out our complete workouts, exercise techniques, warm-up and cool down progressions….you'll have EVERYTHING you need to lead an AMAZING workout!

Do I Need Any Equipment?

Over 85% of our boot camp exercises are body-weight exercises that don't require you to purchase any equipment! There are a few exercises that we added that use exercise bands/dumbbells since it adds a nice variety to the workout- but with over 85 exercises to choose from that don't require any equipment, it's extremely simple to substitute in a different one.

Does this include pictures & technique breakdowns of each exercise?

Of Course! Each and every exercise in our program has multiple pictures and a description of the proper technique. Everything is clear and simply laid out for ease of use and a quick print-and-go format.

Our Advanced Boot Camp Workouts are 100% Guaranteed.
We are so convinced that you will love our Advanced Boot Camp Workouts Program that we proudly stand by our 60-Day, 100% money back guarantee!

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our Advanced Boot Camp Workout Program, just contact us within 60 days of your purchase to request your 100% money-back refund. Fair Enough?

[Click Here to Order Your Advanced Boot Camp Workout Program $67](http://Advanced.FitChicks3.pay.ClickBank.net)

Looking Forward To Your Success,

Alicia Streger, CSCS, RKC
Carrie Kukuda, National Board CPT, RKC

PS – Don't forget our Print-and-Go Workouts make it so easy for you to have a kick-butt and fat blasting workout in seconds!

PPS – Our advanced boot camp workouts come with 100% money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied!
**Our Advanced Boot Camp Workouts Program is formatted as a downloadable e-book as a PDF file. Once you order, you will have INSTANT ACCESS to our program!
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