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Turn Auction Traffic Into Cash


Top selling eBay expert and author wants to
show you...

"How to easily turn your auction traffic
(visitors) into a lifetime stream of income."

Most people think it's hard to have
success with an online business. What's your excuse?

The problem is
most people haven't seen eBay.com the way I do...yet.

SHOWS YOU HOW! Every visitor that your auctions get is a
potential lifetime automated source of income for you. Not
all visitors buy, but they are all priceless!

It's a simple concept!  One of the most visited websites in
the world is eBay.com. ANYONE can learn the basics of eBay
in about ten minutes and be in business the next day. With
millions of customers already registered and 80,000 per day
jumping on eBay.com for the first time every day you
don't have to worry about getting traffic - the traffic is

put your mouse over the
book to flip it over

Every visitor that
your auctions get is a potential automated lifetime
source of income for you. Are you
capturing these leads? I'll show
you step-by-step how to automate the whole process.
Set it up once and it will run for

This isn't
a book that shows you the basics of learning to sell on eBay. If you want
to learn the basics you can
get that information for free by going to eBay.com and clicking on the HELP

Want some
proof that this works? I've got some specific examples for

Free Report Reveals:
"How to AUTOMATICALLY turn your auction visitors into a lifetime stream of income!"


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Consider these two scenarios:

month you run twenty auctions each selling one item to one customer. Each auction earns you
$50 profit. That's 20 x $50 for a total of $1000
profit. Not bad for very little work right?

work as scenario one. Again, we have twenty auctions each selling one item to one
customer for $50 profit each. We ALSO are automatically (effortlessly)
COLLECTING THE CONTACT INFORMATION of one in ten visitors to our auctions.
If each auction gets 200 visitors then at the end of our twenty auctions we have 
$1,000 profit AND a list of 400 TARGETED leads and future

QUESTION: Which scenario is

QUESTION: Under which
scenario are you better off if eBay.com goes away or cancels your account for
some reason one day?


If you read this book and decide it's not
for you please ask for your money back. No
explanation required. Keep the book
and use it if you want to, but you'll get a full quick
refund no questions asked.
About the book:

This book is an
eBook that will be
immediately made available to you via download. It is PC
and Mac compatible. Full customer support is provided if you
have any questions or problems accessing the information.
You also get free updates FOR LIFE.

Over 80,000 people are subscribed to my
newsletter "Creative eBay Selling". It's the most popular
eBay success newsletter in the world and has grown that
large mainly by word of mouth. I'll give you access to all
past newsletters going back to Jan of 2002 when you order.
That's a $450 value FREE to keep forever even if you decide
you want a refund on the book.

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About the author:

Jim has been selling on eBay since 1997 and has been

helping others start successful eBay and online businesses since
2000. He works full-time educating others on how to run successful
Internet/eBay businesses. His free newsletter "Creative eBay Selling"
is read by over 80,000 subscribers. Jim has
been interviewed for multiple radio shows, books and newsletters.

He is currently best known for his top selling Book "The Silent Sales
Machine Hiding on eBay" that is one of the all time best selling
ebooks about eBay success.


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