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Before we get started, let’s have a look at some common myths about finding a job
You need to know people to get the best jobs.
Having a good resume and cover letter are the best ways to land interviews.
Having a degree guarantees you’ll land a job.
Having a LinkedIn profile is a sure-fire way to get noticed
While all these points above can help in finding a job, they are not enough by today’s standards

Here are some things you might not have known:
Your social media presence can play a critical role in the hiring process.
Publishing content related to your industry increases your chances of getting hired.
Researching information about the managers you’ll interview with dramatically improve your chances of being hired.
You can influence hiring managers before and after the interview process.
In fact, the information available to the hiring manager outside the interview is just as important as the interview itself!

Taking a few more hours to do a only a couple of things can increase your chances of getting hired for a job by up to 90%!

Our guide is a sophisticated approach to the hiring process, from search for potential jobs to apply for all the way to negotiating your salary. In our guide, you will learn:
How to find the best jobs using Social Media, Job Boards and through your Personal Network.
How to tailor your resume and cover letter to get noticed by a hiring manager.
How to build an online presence in your niche, giving you more experience on your resume.
How to manage your online / digital brand.
How to make a meaningful impact during your interview.
How to follow up effectively with the hiring manager, using secret methods to get their phone numbers and email addresses.
How to negotiate a salary once you’re made an offer for a great job.


The difference between our system and others you might see on the internet, is ours is backed up by verifiable sources. Check-out the author’s social media profiles to see for yourself:



Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Purchase our guide and you’ll get:
Complete list of job boards to get the best possible opportunities. $29.99 value

How to create a professional blog in your niche. $69.99 value

How to get the phone numbers and email addresses of hiring managers you interview with. $19.99 value

Bonus Material: How to increase traffic to your LinkedIn Profile. $99.99 value




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