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I can illegally download YOUR EBOOK for free, how do you stop me?
If You Aren’t Protecting Your Digital (like pdf ebooks) Products, You Are Likely Losing A Fortune In Profits!

ProductLicenser™ Is Your Answer To Protecting Your Digital Products And Keeping All Of The Profits You Are Earning!

Dear Business Owner,
The digital age is upon us. More and more often, people prefer to obtain books and reports in digital, downloadable format so that they can obtain the product right away and can read the product from virtually anywhere, whether it would be on their laptops, iPhones™, Droids™, Amazon Kindles™, etc.

As a result, most business owners, including yourself, have incorporated digital books, also known as “ebooks,” into your product line to satisfy this demand.

The inherent problem with offering ebooks, software programs, audio files, and video files lies in the very ability to download them. You have to provide a download area with a specific URL in order to reach that download page so that your customer can download your ebook, software program, audio file, or video file.

How people steal your product (without paying for it!):

1 – Finding your download link

2 – Downloading from torrent sites

As a result, your ebook could be downloaded by 500 different people, while only 1 (the one who learned the download URL and is spreading the word about it) pays for it! That means that instead of earning profit 500 times, you’re only earning it once, or 1/500 of the profit that you deserve to make!
And, let’s face it, how are you going to stop a buyer from spreading the word about what your download page URL is? There’s virtually no way for you to stop him/her if he/she chooses to reveal that information.

There are download link protectors on the market that can restrict access to your download link to only the person who purchased your product. But, they can be bypassed easily, AND download link protectors CAN’T PROTECT your file from the following problem.

Another problem is the sharing of your file on torrent sites and via RapidShare™, MEGAUpload™ accounts. Anyone who wishes to upload your file to these sites would be able to do it, and anyone who learned of the download link on these sites would be able to download your file and use it for FREE. This is how most people loose their once profitable ebook business.

This is certainly a problem, and not a small problem either. After all, you depend on the sales of your ebooks, software programs, audio files, and video files to provide profits for your business, but if people start learning what your download URL is without them paying for access to it, your sales numbers will go down and your profits will suffer.
For instance, if your ebook costs $29.95, and that ebook is shared with 500 people a month (i.e. 500 people who won’t buy your ebook because they gained free access to it), you’re losing $14,975/month, which would equate to $179,700/year in lost profits! Can you really afford to lose that after working so hard on your ebook?

The obvious answer is “NO!”

“what if you WANT to give your pdf for FREE?”

Even if you WANT people to give your product away, you still want to collect their email address for followups. If people downloaded it for free on a torrent site, you will not have their email address. When your ebook is protected, you can still give it away for free.
People will then not put it online for anyone to download, but point to your website to get it for free. NOW you do have their email address and you can followup on them.
So even if you are giving away your pdf, you still should consider protecting it.

You didn’t create your business to create freebie ebooks for everyone to read – you are striving to make consistent profits from your business. However, that won’t occur unless you do something to stop illegal downloads and illegal file sharing of your products by people who should be paying you for access to it.

“How can I prevent those illegal downloads?”


As mentioned above, one attempt to stop these problems is using download protectors and thank you page hiders, but as also mentioned, they can be bypassed easily and that only stops unauthorized people from accessing your download area; they do NOTHING to stop authorized people from sharing your files on torrent sites and RapidShare™ accounts, thereby giving free access to people who never paid for your products. Imagine if someone uploads your digital product to a torrent site. Those download protectors and thank you page hiders won’t provide much protection now, will they? Anyone who has access to the torrent site (essentially anyone with an Internet connection) will be able to download your ebook FOR FREE.

As a result, anyone who has access to the torrent site or RapidShare™ or megaupload or any upload account (essentially anyone with an Internet connection) will be able to download your products for free, severely damaging the profitability of your business, a business that you’ve worked hard to make profitable and sustainable.

An added danger caused by people sharing the actual download link on various websites is the fact that the search engines will display this link any time that someone looks up the title of your product or any related information. After all, the people displaying the link aren’t going to tell the search engines to not index the page that they display it on, whether it’s on their own websites or on other websites like torrent sites and RapidShare™ account sites.

Download protectors can provide some protection in that they create a unique file for each purchase of your ebook. This prevents customers from sharing the download page with their friends and associates. However, this DOESN’T prevent them from sharing the actual ebook file itself on torrent sites and other websites. You STILL can be losing sales via illegal file sharing!

As a result, people who were genuinely interested in your ebook and looked it up via a search engine will now see that they can access it for free. You can bet that it’s almost a guaranteed certainty that the vast majority of them will help themselves to downloading your ebook for free, thereby reducing your profits even more.

In the older days of the Internet, you could reasonably protect your digital product downloads via creating a “hard-to-guess” URL for your download page. For instance, you could create something like http://www.yourwebsite.com/ad1c1f49d79e.html to keep people from guessing the location of your download page.
Unfortunately, in today’s Internet world, that tactic is no longer effective either, as server logs show that people who are determined to access your download without paying for it will spend up to an hour trying to guess your download page.

Even if they don’t succeed, there is special hacking software available that can run overnight and try millions of different possible combinations in an attempt to uncover the URL of your download page.

As a result, creating a “hard-to-guess” URL is no longer an effective strategy in protecting your digital products from theft.

And, if the problems mentioned above didn’t cause you enough heartache and grief to keep you up at night, here’s one more problem to consider: there are immoral people out there who will purchase your product, ask for an immediate refund of that product (while keeping the product file or files on their computers), perhaps make a slight modification or two to the product, then turn around and sell it as their own as if they had created it from scratch. There are so many of these people online today that they actually have been given a name: “professional refunders.”

What do you think will happen to the profitability of your business if “professional refunders” are buying and “returning” your product?

You guessed it, your profits will take another hit. Perhaps even worse, your own reputation could be tarnished because people may think that YOU were the one who copied from them, not the other way around. People won’t know for sure who was the creator of the original product, which is surely going to adversely affect the profitability of your business AND the reputation of both your business and yourself!

Talk about absolute grief – did you ever think that when you opened your online business that you would have to deal with so many ways of people stealing from you and hurting your profitability and reputation?

If you answered “no,” you’d be like many online business owners who don’t have any idea that they’re getting ripped off – it’s no wonder why many online businesses don’t make it past their first or second year, as those owners who work hard and put their hearts and souls into them don’t get anywhere because their profits are far lower due to theft that is happening under their noses.

So, what can you do to prevent theft, illegal file sharing, unintended search engine listings, and lost profits caused by “professional refunders”?

Introducing “ProductLicenser™.”



How is ProductLicenser™ different, and how will it protect your downloads from theft, illegal file sharing, search engine listings, and “professional refunders”?

Here’s how:
1 – ProductLicenser™ will create a personalized version of your product for each customer and uses an integrated download protector and will only allow access to the person who provides the email address that was registered at the time of the original purchase.
2 – The download link will only be active for a small time that you set it to be active; after that time, the link becomes inactive, so there is little chance of the search engines even listing the personalized download page before it becomes inactive, and even if they do list it, without the correct email address, people cannot access the page.

You may be thinking, “Well, that’s great, but what if the original purchaser provides his/her email address to his/her friends in order to access the personalized download page?”

3 – Well, ProductLicenser™ takes care of that too with “digital fingerprinting” technology. Essentially, each file is unique and has a “digital fingerprint” that enables us to track the original purchaser, marking the file with the information of the owner.

If you find an illegal copy of your product you then can bill the purchaser for the illegal downloads and sue him/her for fraud for violating the terms of his/her purchase because you’ll have verifiable proof that his/her email address allowed the access to steal your content, and you’ll have his/her personal information on file as well.

Protect your business against professional refunders !

This will prevent “professional refunders” from buying your product, “returning” it, then trying to sell the same or similar version as a product of their own, since the file or files will be embedded with THEIR “digital fingerprint” that CAN’T be removed. Our system will recognize that the file or files they are selling is actually your file or files and that they had asked for a refund, thereby cancelling their rights to your product – as a result, “professional refunders” will be caught red-handed and you’ll be able to sue them for the damages that they have caused to the profitability and reputation of your business.

Almost like an Ebook lojack


ProductLicenser™ also enables you to do the following:
Creates an unique personalized copy of your ebook, fully automatically Limit the number of times your product can be downloaded Set and Forget – Everything is handled fully automatically Integrate easily with clickbank or paypal sales Protect against multiple downloads Protect all of your products, regardless of file size Create multiple different products A product can consist of multiple files Allow for free and protected products Accept ANY form of payment The protected pdf can be read with any pdf reader and without special software or internet connection. Protect zipped downloads, thereby enabling you to protect multiple products inside of a zipped file


You would think that such an advanced digital protection software system would cost a small fortune and/or would very complicated to setup. However, neither of the above applies here, as ProductLicenser™ requires only a small monthly fee, so it is easy to setup and no expensive purchase.
For this you get a digital protection system that can rival and even outdo those utilized by multi-million dollar software empires.


Plus, unlike many other software protection systems, ProductLicenser™ will not turn your files into .exe files – you can keep your files in their original formats, whether that’s PDFs (for ebooks and reports), MP3s (for audio files), WAVs (for video files), etc.

Read protected files everywhere, no restrictions

In addition, ProductLicenser™ does not require you to be connected to the Internet to read your documents, unlike most other digital product protection systems. Therefore, ProductLicenser™ is convenient for your customers to read their files on the go, wherever they are.

Licensed information is provided on all PDF pages, in tags and embedded inside the product, information that CANNOT be removed. This will identify the name and email address of the purchaser.

Again, this will stop “professional refunders” from trying to sell your product as their own because your information and the information of the purchaser will be embedded into the files, thereby making the “professional refunders” liable for all damages that they cause to you and your business.

NO download link protector or thank you page hider gives you this level of protection and security when it comes to protecting your digital products!

Best of all, ProductLicenser™ is easy to set – there are NO complicated scripts to play with – so you can benefit from its protection technology immediately after setup so you can keep ALL of your hard-earned profits. Once it’s set up, just sit back and feel secure that all who want access to your product will have to pay the price you set for access.
ProductLicenser™ has an extensive administration panel that will enable you to quickly and easily set up your products, combine your files into one zipped folder, customize the emails that are sent to your customers, and set up multiple download directories.

ProductLicenser™ also protects your products that are sold through [affiliate](http://www.productlicenser.com/affiliate/) members as well, so people trying to pass your product around by buying from one of your affiliates will not have any more success in doing so than if he/she bought it directly from you. Rest assured that people can no longer steal from your affiliates either.



What you might say about ProductLicenser™?

At least when you use it.
(The following are not testimonials, but possible outcomes of using ProductLicenser™)

“I wish ProductLicenser™ had come around years ago – it would have kept me from losing at least $50,000 worth of income.”

“One of my customers illegally uploaded my ebook to several torrent sites across the Internet, allowing anyone and everyone to have access to my ebook for free! If only I had ProductLicenser™ at that time, I would have known which customer was responsible and would have easily recouped the $100,000 in sales I lost because of this theft.”

“Someone bought my product and is now reselling it under his own name… and they make a ton of money with it… I wish I could have prevented this.”

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Just give it a try, no risk involved and great results to create. We give you a full 60 day refund if you somehow do not like ProductLicenser or if it does not suit your business.
Your online income will increase 10 times , guaranteed!

If after 60 days you are not conviced that ProductLicenser will increase your online income at least 10 times, just let us know and we will give you a FULL refund


It’s safe to say that ProductLicenser™ is a product that has been long overdue on the Internet due to its ability to keep people from stealing and sharing your valuable content, which has been a problem ever since digital products have been sold on the Internet.
No longer will you have to wonder how much profit you are losing due to some immoral customers sharing your download links with the entire Internet. No longer will you have to figure outdownload protectors and dream of long and tedious URLs in an attempt to protect your digital products.

Don’t allow your digital product downloads to be stolen, passed around, and resold any longer! Don’t allow your hard-earned profits to go down the drain due to thieves! Order your copy of ProductLicenser™ today and receive all of the hard-earned profits you deserve!

Protect Your Digital Product,


Genie Peterson

P.S. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you are protected by our 60–day no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

P.P.S. It’s not a question of if you’re being robbed, but rather, how much you are being robbed. If you’re selling digital products online, it’s quite likely that you are losing profits because people are sharing your download link, sharing the product file itself, selling the same or similar product file, doing some combination of these methods, or doing all of the above.

This means that you are losing an untold amount of profits, making it that much harder to profit from your business. You work hard enough as it is to have a successful online business. Don’t make it harder on yourself by allowing thieves to steal your hard work without paying for it. You can put a stop to it easily RIGHT NOW with ProductLicenser™ and obtain all of the profits you have earned.


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