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The Beach Wedding Planner and Checklist

The Beach Wedding Notebook and Planner

The Secret To A Fun and Stress-Free Beach Wedding

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So your thinking about a beach wedding? Are you a little unsure about where to begin and how to get started. Wedding planning is difficult enough but a beach wedding or destination wedding can be even more so since they are still quite unique.

At Beach Wedding Planning we are proud to offer our Beach Wedding Notebook & Planner. It's an 95 page fully printable planner for only $22.97. It was designed specifically for the beach bride & groom. You can download it now by checking out at the bottom of this page.

I planned my beach wedding a few years ago when there were not many resources at all. Beach weddings have since become my passion and this planner was developed as a result.

What Can the Beach Wedding Planner Do For YOU?

You want you wedding to be perfect but since you can't be there to plan it in person it adds stress to the

process. The Beach Wedding Planner and Checklist can ease your fears and stress. Its an authoritative and comprehensive planner that will guide you through the entire planning process to ensure your beach wedding is a success.

The Beach Wedding Planner and Checklist includes information that will:

1) Help You Determine if a Beach Wedding is Right For You - A destination wedding is not right for everyone. We will walk you through the decision making steps.

2) Walk You through the Time Line - Beach Weddings take a bit more preperation. You need to start earlier and let your guests know . Our time line will ensure you are prepared.

3) Help You Choose the Location of your Beach Wedding

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