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Dear Friend,

You're frustrated at the multitude of money making schemes and gimmicks online. You've had just about all you take of "magic bullets", and you're ready for a real, workable and PROVEN strategy to making money online.

We all want the "good life", you know what I'm talking about; being able to work from home, be in control of our own financial destiny and just carve out our own path to success online. But you've tried countless "make money" strategies and every one of those guides just led you back to square one.

No further ahead, and absolutely no idea what to do next.

Affiliate Marketing is about to change EVERYTHING for you.

Stay with me for a moment if you will. Imagine waking up every morning and being so anxious and excited to get to work. No more exhausting commutes, no inner office politics, just YOU - YOUR BUSINESS - YOUR WAY.

I know that for many, it seems like an impossible dream but I'm here to tell you from personal experience, (and as a former non believer) that it REALLY is possible, and affiliate marketing is the golden ticket to the fast train to success.

Some have called it the 'gold rush of the new generation", while savvy people know that affiliate marketing has been around for decades, in many different formats.. and it's not going anywhere anytime soon!

People are earning a great income every single day promoting other people's products and services, and there is absolutely NO reason why you can't join the ranks of online marketers just by following the EXACT same successful strategy that they do.

Do you feel as though you are the ONLY one struggling to put the pieces together and get this "online business" thing off the ground?

I promise you, your situation is not unique at all and you are certainly not alone. There are more people stuck at step one than there are people who are able to take action and start making money online. That doesn't mean it's difficult to do, it's not - in fact you can start making money in less than 48 hours just by following a simple blueprint that ANYONE from ANYWHERE can do.

The problem isn't in being able to become a successful affiliate marketer - the problem is KNOWING WHERE To START!

Introducing 'Affiliate Shakedown'

It is hard to give the exact numbers - but according to Wikipedia, Marketing Sherpa tallied that in 2006 affiliates were paid the equivalent of $6.5 billion worldwide in 'bounty and commissions', yes 6.5 billion!

We may be in the grip of a recession but people are still buying things every single day, and there are certain markets that will NEVER slow down!

What this means to you is that there's NEVER been a better time to get involved in affiliate marketing, as online businesses are consistently thriving while brick and mortar businesses are closing like falling dominoes as we speak!

YOU can become the middleman between bargain hunters and desperate buyers and make a full time income from doing it!

Listen, there's really NO better business than affiliate marketing.

Think about it, with this business opportunity you don't have to:

- Deal with customers or support issues.
- Spend exhausting hours updating your product.
- Spend a fortune launching your product.
- Hire developers and freelancers to create your products.
- Deal with joint ventures, partners or affiliate payments.
- Create detailed websites or pay a fortune in copy writing.

In fact, all you really need to do is choose a handful of winning products, create a couple of laser targeted campaigns and you're good to go!

AFFILIATE SHAKEDOWN will show you how to begin your online business in just a few hours with a single website, domain name and a proven formula that will guide you from A to Z - effortlessly!

And it gets even better for you...

With affiliate marketing, you never have to invest thousands of dollars as you would with nearly ANY other online business opportunity! You can start making money as an affiliate marketer on a shoestring budget, even if you have absolutely NO money to invest!

There are no risks, no overhead, no start up costs - and no nonsense!

Affiliate Shakedown is the ultimate guide to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. It provides you with a clear-cut blueprint to making money in affiliate marketing quickly and easily with no confusing mumbo jumbo, time consuming "gimmicks" and absolutely NO "magic bullet" BS!

What you will receive is a PROVEN guide based on real life strategies from successful affiliate marketers.

Here's just a little of what you will learn..

How to grow your business for future longevity (many people crash and burn in a few months because they don't have a clue how to build a business on NEVER ENDING PROFITS! - You will!)
Where to get FREE traffic... that will jumpstart your affiliate campaigns instantly!
The fastest way to build a traffic sucking, cash pulling website that will NEVER stop generating commissions!
The #1 secret to being accepted into virtually any affiliate network (and how to change their minds if you get turned away!)
The insider strategy to choosing winning products every time, eliminating ALL risks of a campaign DUD!
How to create magnetic traffic siphons using targeted keyword phrases!
How to test the waters and make sure you have a winning niche before you spend any time creating campaigns!
How to start generating traffic to ANY campaign in less than 35 minutes absolutely FREE!
and so much more!

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I'm not trying to sell you an impossible dream here, we've all had enough of those thrown our way.

I'm not trying to say that if you buy this guide and fail to take action, you will still make thousands of dollars and live a debt free life.

And anyone who DOES tell you that is outright lying to you.

Affiliate marketing DOES require work to get started and you ARE going to have to put effort into your business, because that's exactly what it is! A BUSINESS!

But with a copy of the Affiliate Shakedown at your fingertips, you will be able to instantly eliminate ANY chance of making costly mistakes or wasting time on useless strategies. With this guide, you are given a crystal clear blueprint that will literally take you from start to finish as you create polished, HIGH PERFORMANCE and most importantly, INCREDIBLE PROFITABLE affiliate campaigns!

I know what's on your mind.. "What's the cost of this fantastic guide..?"

Well, let's do a quick comparison - last time I checked the average guide on affiliate marketing would set you back around $97 and there is no guarantee that the material will actually help you make money. Or you could pay $150 - $500.00 for an online seminar if you can stand sitting through hours of endless chatter, while "newbies" try to help "newbies".. talk about the blind leading the blind..

The other option is for you to dish out hundreds of dollars purchasing expensive internet marketing "systems" that will probably just sit on your shelf collecting dust. (I have a few of those myself.. they're great as bookends, but that's about the end of their so called "value"..)

So, what would YOU expect to pay for a step by step guide to making money in affiliate marketing that offers you a paint by number system that is so ridiculously simple that you couldn't fail if you tried?

Regardless of the number in your head, you will NOT even pay anywhere near that amount.. In fact, you can grab a copy of the complete Affiliate Shakedown guide for only $27.00 IF you order now!

(I can't promise this special price will be available when you return to the site later on)..

Don't Decide Now - Just Try Everything At My Risk

If you have been looking to make money online for any time at all then I have no doubt that you have been hammered by one "get rich quick" promise after another - and I am positive affiliate marketing is a true golden opportunity, but I am not going to hang you out to dry with broken promise and false claims, which is why I'm giving you a rock solid guarantee for your piece of mind...


I'm giving you a full 60 days to review "Affiliate Shakedown". If after putting the strategies in this book to work you still haven't made single dime with Affiliate programs, then I will give back all your money, 100%, guaranteed, no questions asked.

How do I offer such a guarantee? Because I know that if you honesty put into action just a few of the strategies in this book you will see cash as a result of your work.

I take all the risk here! Unless you are 100% satisfied with the information contained within this book, then just send a quick note any time within 60 days of buying the book and I will refund every last penny of your purchase!

Look at it this way -- $27 is really is a drop in the bucket when you are being given a fool proof guide of how to create a successful business in affiliate marketing. Just a single campaign following my winning strategies will pay for a copy of this book time and time again!

It's easy to get started right away. Just click the order link below.

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There is a ton of money to made online, but only for those people who stop messing around with get-rich-quick schemes and start to build a real business - learn how to make real money with affiliate marketing with Affiliate Shakedown.

Tony Kendle

P. S. Don't forget I take on ALL the risk, if you aren't positively floored by the info in this book then you don't pay solitary penny - it's as simple as that!

P.PS  Every second you don't have this information you are missing out every minute as people never stop buying products online and you could be getting a piece of that action - reach in grab your share now!


[Buy It Now $47 Today $27](http://1.ebooks20.pay.ClickBank.net)




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