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From the Desk of:  David Simmons, Broker

Dear Fellow Agents,

Do you have plenty of signs in the yards, but aren’t closing transactions because there just don’t seem to be enough qualified buyers?  Or, would you prefer to represent buyers but just can’t find enough of them to go around?  Are you spending too much money and time advertising your services online and then spending your time responding to “tire kickers”?  Are you having trouble standing out from the crowd?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, then you’ll be relieved to know that there is a much better way to find buyers online.  The best part is…it’s easy and it actually works!

Hello.  My name is David Simmons.  I’m a licensed Texas real estate broker.  I have a passion for and have been involved in real estate for over 15 years.  Only a short time ago, I was laid off from my job as an acquisitions manager for a commercial real estate investment firm.  It was crushing because the position promised high volume and high transaction amounts, but lenders were no longer willing to back the developers that would make these commercial deals feasible.  I had to change direction…fast, but I didn’t want to abandon my passion.

The residential real estate market was appealing because it would allow me to work from home with flexible hours.  But the residential markets weren’t in great shape and there are SO many real estate agents who would be my competition. How would I put buyers and sellers together without the local “connection” that some local agents had from working the same area for so many years?

At first, I was like you, I WASTED a ton of money on advertising with the “big real estate websites” and expensive direct mail campaigns.  I WASTED a ton of time posting on free classified sites but got NOWHERE.
Do the following statements describe your current situation?

I have a website.  I got it when I joined XYZ agency.  But…I don’t get any leads from it. I know I need to have a Facebook(TM), Twitter, Linked-In and YouTube account, but I don’t know where to start.  I can’t keep up with it all! I get a few leads online, but they’re costing me an arm and a leg each month. I know I need to start blogging to get leads, but I’m not too good at computers. There are more real estate agents in my town than there are buyers to go around.

Finally, I discovered the secrets that changed things for me…

I’ll never forget the day that a particularly eager buyer had seen a property online and called me frantically wanting to see an available short sale over the weekend at just around the $1,000,000 price point.  Four weeks later, we were signing the closing statement at the title company.  At that moment, I knew that persistence and further efforts using these secrets would yield more buyers.  Now, I’m regularly showing property in this price range.

By simply applying some basic skills that online marketers use to capitalize on untapped “niches” online, I was finally able to get buyers to call me on a regular basis about homes for sale in specific neighborhoods which I promptly turned into clients…then SALES!

I spent the better part of six months perfecting these methods of online marketing for real estate.  I know that there must be thousands of agents in the same situation as I found myself in not long ago.  I’m willing to share all the secrets, tools, shortcut methods and pitfalls to avoid that I learned to successfully attract buyers online with you.
Check Out These Buyers Leads That Keep Rolling In…

With only minimal computer knowledge, I’ll show you the SECRETS I learned that allow me extract BUYER leads at the perfect time…when buyers are just getting started looking ONLINE! If you can log into Facebook and purchase something online with your credit card, you have the necessary skills to complete this course.

You have the skills to put together your own website that will rival custom websites that costs thousands of dollars to develop.  Believe me when I say that the internet, Google, Yahoo! and other search engines do not care whether you’ve spent $10,000 on a website or less than $200.  If they a properly designed and optimized to target buyers, they will both produce results.
Introducing the Buyer Brigade Lead Generation System…

Buyer Brigade Features…

Learn How to Set Up Your Own Real Estate Blog on Your Own Domain Learn Basic Search Engine Optimization Methods to Get Your Listings to the Top of Search Results Setup and Integrate Your Social Media Accounts to Post Content Automatically Get Access to a Premium Real Estate WordPress Theme - Attractive Graphics and Functionality Learn the Top Methods to Encourage Buyers to Contact You as a Buyer’s Agent through Your Blog Step-by-step Video Instruction Keeps it Simple – Even if You Don’t Know Much About Computers



I’m confident that if you follow the secret methods outlined in the Buyer Brigade training course, you’ll get the results that I’ve experienced and hopefully SURPASS THEM! Start getting buyer leads online right away.  Laser target your search engine optimized content to SNIPE buyers online in the subdivisions you target.  Let them come to you! Your purchase is completely RISK FREE for the first 60 days, so please order using the secure order form below.

Here’s to your success in real estate,



How to perform proper keyword research for real estate websites. How to register a keyword rich domain name to boost your rankings. How to host your own branded website/blog for pennies on the dollar. How to install a hosted copy of WordPress together with one of the best real estate themes on the market. Plug-n-play functionality with basic pages already set up.  Just customize your profile and add your listings. How to create and integrate your social media accounts with your blog so that social media auto-updates. How to style blog posts to spoon-feed content to buyers so that they want to contact you for more. How to increase your rankings by building relevant backlinks to your website.

This cost of this training course is a single payment of $137.  After your payment is competed through Clickbank, you will receive your login details by email and can immediately have access to the training materials online.

Remember that if you are unsatisfied for any reason within the first 60 days, simply let us know and we will return your money.



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