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So you want to write a Pantomime?

Not sure where to start, how to go about it? Where to get story
lines? What is expected? How many pages it should be? Published
writing conventions?

Want to see your characters burst into life on the stage? Want to get
your pantomime published (it is a very lucrative market!) Yearn to see
your name up in lights? Want to save your local am dram society money
(_buying _pantomimes can be a very expensive business!) Or perhaps you
have a creative itch just bursting to be scratched. Seen a pantomime
and just know you could do better?

The good news is that you _CAN_ do it!

You _can_ do it because this book provides all the information you
need to plan, construct, sell and have your pantomime performed and,
if you wish, published. It will take you step by through selecting a
topic to write about, constructing a writing framework, writing
conventions, actually writing your panto and much more

Why should you but this particular book?

In today's digital society it is easy for anyone to dig up
information from the internet and bang together a book pretending to
be "knowledgeable" on the subject. There is no law against this and
the result is often just a hodge-podge of material worth very little.

I have been in amateur dramatics for some 25 years as an actor,
director, stage manager and writer. I have 5 pantomimes, 6 murder
mysteries, 5 one act plays and numerous variety show skits to my name.
I was a theatre critic for The Bucks Free Press for many years and am
currently chairman of Prestwood theatre club in Bucks.

In other words I am not a charlatan and have a pretty good idea of
just what makes up an award winning pantomime

So, what do you get for your money?


Introduction.why write a pantomime?

History of pantomime

Which pantomime shall I write?

Essential Characters

Pantomime Essentials

Planning it!

Writing it!

Getting it published!

Useful websites

And finally. (tips and hints)

Buy Me!

And enter a world full of creativity, fun, laughter and end up with
your very own pantomime. As you build your pantomime you will be
laughing yourself silly.your spouse will think you have lost your
senses! Mine does.

Buy this book and you could set yourself on a lucrative and very
satisfying career path.

Order today and this is what you get!

1) A copy of "How to Write Your Own Pantomime" @ a recession busting

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