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Tired of high gas prices?



Learn How I Beat The Oil Companies and

Save Nearly $4,000 a year!


Just like many of you , I too was hit with high gas prices in 2008

However , instead of suffering along and playing the game that most
Americans do. I decided that I would research and develop my own way
of beating high gasoline prices.

After a year and countless hours, I have now developed a proven
method for greatly increasing the effective miles per gallon of ANY
vehicle on the road. I even increased my own vehicle's MPG rating to
well over 160mpg.

Many people simply can't believe that this is possible since the
average car only gets around 30mpg in America. This is why I'm willing
to offer a full _MONEY BACK GUARANTEE_ if you choose to return the

My system is NOT the so called "Water conversion" that doesn't even
work and may even damage your car , nor does it involve overly
complicated conversions that cost thousands of dollars.

My system can be installed on almost any vehicle, however diesels see
a much lower effective increase (approx 150% increase in MPG vs
300%-400% for most gas cars). This stunning technology is available
for most gasoline engines from the 1960s onward, it works on both
carbureted and EFI engines as well.

Best of all , the cost for this is SO CHEAP and the increase in MPG
SO BIG that the conversion will literally pay for itself within months
or even just days for many drivers. This puts in in reach of nearly
every American that is currently driving too much.

LET'S FACE IT - Gas companies are making record profits, the
government isn't willing to allow for new drilling and demand is
increasing because of countries like China and India. Gas prices
simply are not going down in the near future. So wouldn't it be wise
to invest in something that will take off your reliance of gas
companies, the government or hostile foreign nations? By using my
method, you can say "Goodbye" to all of these groups that are stealing
money from your pocketbook every single day you drive your car.

According to statistics, the average American drives 25,000 miles per
year, and will spend nearly $4,000 this year alone on automotive fuel.
Just imagine if you could cut your bill in HALF , that would be a
_savings of over $2,000 per year. _ With my method however , many
people are personally reporting to me that they are cutting their
gasoline bill by over 75% , which means you could see up to a _$3,000
savings in only one year._

\"SO WHAT'S THE CATCH?\" Many people ask me about my amazing method
and why they haven't heard about it yet. Far too few Americans don't
know about this ground breaking technology, and the oil companies are
fighting against its release. From my research , more than 80% of
Americans can use my method ">

Now , many people are skeptical about my claims , but take a look at
a VERY small sample of the countless people that have bought our book
and been quite happy.

DONOVAN G. Just like everyone else, I've been trying to figure out a
way to lower what I spend at the pump. I hate the way the oil
companies are riping off average people, so for the past few months
I've been trying to figure out a way to 'stick it to the man'. This
book finally helped me out in that quest! I now am spending less than
FIFTY DOLLARS A MONTH on fuel! Thanks 160mpg, this thing totally
works! My family has fallen victim to high gas prices, I'm on the
road all the time selling Avon and drive nearly 35,000 miles a year!
Without doing the conversion I woulda spent something like $8,000 this
year in gasoline alone! Now I'm planning on spending something like
$1,000! This book is an absolute lifesaver!!!!1! JIMMY K. IT WORKS! I
was pretty keptical to begin with, I've tried everything from gas
treatements to that stupid water pump thing. I tried inflating my
tires, braking less , not running the AC as much and only saw a little
gain in MPGs. With this thing, I went from 15mpg in my truck to well
over 50! If my math is right, the last time I did a fillup I got
something like 52mpg after everything was said and done! I don't know
why anyone wouldn't spend $17 and get this thing, I wish every single
American knew about this!! TARELLE N. I figured that this would be
like everything else I see, lots of promises and nothing in the end,
but I can say I'm pleasantly impressed at the amount of information in
here. No complaints, I've almost got my conversion done and am
thrilled about the potential for results. Video Testimonials coming

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