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Learn faster
be smarter
live happier

- Learning does not have to be difficult or time consuming

- The ability to learn is built into our neurology and is an essential part of the
human experience. We are constantly and rapidly doing it whether we are
aware of it or not. Learning to use this natural ability effectively opens to you
a new world of possibilities.

- The greatest barriers to successful learning are found in your own mind.
When you change your state you change your thoughts and learning becomes
natural and easy.



Uncover The Secrets To Learning That
Schools And Teachers Don't know How To
Teach You. Learning Is Easy And Fun
When You Use Your Brain In the Right

Dear Friend,

You have read correctly, learning is easy and fun! That is if you know how to use your
brain in the ways it was designed to be used. You see, your brain is plastic. It has evolved in
such a way that it is able to change and grow quickly. This is the result of the millions of
neurons and billions of connections in your brain. Our neurology is meant to learn, adapt,
and grow. We cannot help but do just that.

Over the last 6 years I have spent time in higher education and various academic circles.
This included graduate school and working as a university instructor. During this time one
thing that always stuck out to me was that students were never taught how to learn. They
are taught ways of thinking but many never actually learn how to learn. I have had
numerous students with so much potential who constantly under performed because they
were never taught this fundamental skill. Their greatest obstacle became themselves.

This is a terrible disservice since learning is a life long process. In the Unlock Your Inner
Genius program I have combined current research in memory, psychology, and education
with my experience as an educator and conversational hypnotist to create for you a unique
learning experience that will undo negative patterns and establish positive beliefs and
learning habits.

My goal is to see you succeed. The process laid out in this program is the same process I
used to complete a graduate degree, learn languages, and master hypnosis. Whether you are
in a formal learning environment such as a university or work, or you want to acquire new
skills for your own enjoyment, the Unlock Your Inner Genius program can help you reach
your educational goals.

Kindest Regards,

Jessica Marion C.Ht. M.A.

Jessica Marion
July 24, 2011

Stop Wasting Your Energy On
Strategies That Don't Work. Stop
Spending Hours Struggling To Learn
New Material. Use the Full Power Of
Your Mind And Finally Make
Learning Easy

Session One: Formatting Your Mind For Optimal Learning

- The Difference Between Explicit and Implicit Learning and How to Exploit Both
- The 2 Pathways of Learning and How They Have Helped You Grow Throughout Life
- How to Utilize the 3 Primary Modalities of Information Processing
- What Neuro-Plasticity Means For Your Learning
- The Importance of Accessing Positive Emotions
- The Reason Why Learning is Naturally Easy and Incredibly Enjoyable
- How to Integrate Your Rest into Your Learning Process

Session Two: The Learning State

- The Usefulness of the Access State Principle
- How to Create Positive Learning Associations With Your Environment
- The Reasons for Goal Setting and How to Set Powerful Learning Goals
- How to Design the Optimal Learning State For You
- How to Use External and Internal Focus to Compliment Your Learning Experience
- This Session Also Includes Powerful Exercises to Establish Your Learning State

Session Three: Practice For Mastery

- How Your Memory Works and How to Make it Work for You
- Why Internal Rehearsal is Essential
- How to Internally Rehearse Effectively
- How to Utilize Reverse Engineering in Your Learning Process
- Decision Trees and What They Can Do With the Information You Take in
- The Amazing Potential of Your Imagination to Strengthen Learning Experiences
- How to Visualize Even if Your Not Very Good at it

Session Four: Bringing Your Inner Resources To
Your Outter World

- The Reasons Why Practice in the Outside World is Essential
- How to Give and Receive Constructive Feedback
- The Nuts and Bolts of Truly Effective Practice
- The Necessity of Collaboration
- How to Build Your Confidence
- How Break Through Fear of Failure
- Your Success Rests in Your Hands
- The Need for Motivation and How to Get More of It
- How to Avoid Burn Out

Session Five: Modeling Success

- The Relative Age Phenomenon And Why It's Important to You
- What Fluent Second Language Speakers Have Taught Us About Learning
- Why You Need to Surround Yourself With Mastery
- How to Recognize Masters in Your Field
- How to Begin the Process of Modeling Them
- The Importance of Unconscious Teachers and How they Help You Learn
- Why You Should Have a Mentor
- What Mentors Do and How to Find Them

Session Six: Innovating The Field

- The Links Between Creativity and Skills Development
- How Principles Trump Mindless Repetition
- What Your Life Experiences Have to Offer Your Learning Process
- How to Avoid the Dangers of Compartmentalization
- Why Specialization is the Better Choice
- The Connections between Exploration and Development
- The Links Between Innovation and Confidence
- The Importance of Problem Solving and Peer Teaching

We Didn't Stop There

Because I want to give you the best opportunity to develope your own
amazing learning abilities, I have created a second track for each session.
This is your Learning Integrations Training Experience (LITE). Each LITE
track creates for you a deeply relaxing experience through which you get to
tap the deeper parts of your mind and build for yourself an unstoppable
learning machine.

One Genius Who Really Understood The Power
of His Mind

Over a hundred years ago a man
sat in a comfortable chair, closed
his eyes, and allowed his thoughts to

In his right hand he held a heavy ball.
Now, every once in a while he'd become
so relaxed that the ball he was holding
would drop to the floor and the man
would open his eyes.

He would then immediately write
down everything he could remember.

From these experiences this man gained
the inspiration to invent the stock ticker,
phonograph, and light bulb to name
a few achievements.

Thomas Edison Used His Mind In Ways That
Changed The World And You Can Too

Exclusive 16 CD Program

Unlock Your Inner Genius

The Inspiring Story Of One Man's Quest To
Learn To Walk

In the early part of the twentieth century there was a
teenager named Milton living in the deserts of the
American South West. He had spent most of his life
working hard on the family's farm.

At the age of 17 however, tragedy hit. Milton had
contracted Polio and lost the use of his legs. Not
knowing how else ot care for their son, his parents
would often leave him in a chair in the living room for

This would be devastating for anyone but he did not
give up hope. You see, Milton had nothing but time
on his hands and he was determined to walk again.

One day while siting in his chair, Milton noticed his
little sister who was just learning to walk. He
watched her as she learned how to use all of the
muscles in her legs. He observed how she found her
balance and finally how she was able to cordinate
everything and take her first steps.

An interesting thought occured to him, why not learn
to walk from a baby learning to do the same?

After watching his sister, Milton would close his
eyes and focus intensely on his own experience. He
entered a deep state where his mind could apply
everything he observed to his own body.

Slowly at first, he began moving small muscles. Each
day he practiced this until he could twitch the larger
muscles in his legs. Within a few months he
completely regained the use of his legs.

Milton went on to canoe large portions of the
Mississippi on his own. He later completed medical
school and became a pioneer in the fields of
psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis.

Milton Erickson Discovered The Secret To
Learning Is Found in Your State Of Mind And
Used That Wisdom To Change Lives. With Your
LITE Tracks You Too Will Enter That Very Same
State And Change Your Life

That's Not All!

If You Order Now You Will Recieve 3 Bonus LITE
Recordings To Help You Achieve Your Learning

Track 1 is designed to help you overcome negative associations with learning

Track 2- Pass Any Exam With Confidence will help ease test and performance
anxiety so that you can perform at a top level.

Track 3- Memory Super Charger will boost your memory and create a high
level of confidence in your own inner abilities.

These bonus tracks will not be available for long and will soon be sold as a
separate program retailing at $127. I truly want you to have every
opportunity to dramatically improve your learning experience though and
would like to give them to you as a special thank you.

The Complete 13 Disk Unlock your Inner
Genius Program Including Your 3 Bonus

Yes! I want to Learn Faster, Be
Smarter, and Live Happier
Yes! I want to recieve my 13 Disk
Unlock Your Inner Genius program
including the 3 Bonus Disks. I also
want to take advantage of the risk free
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Yes! I want my program in mp3
format so that I save $100 and only
pay $97 for the entire program



Here Is What You Will Discover

Jessica Marion M.A., C.Ht.

-Proud Member of the International Association of Professional
Conversational Hypnotists
-Certified Hypnotherapist
-University Instructor and Senior Lecturer
-Guest Lecturer
-Founder of Advanced Communication Training and Philadelphia Hypnosis

The Ultimate And Comprehensive
Learning System



Money Back Guarantee

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