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All Courses Taught By A Professional Photographer

Learn From A Professional Photographer
The Art Of Photography

Beginner to Intermediate eCourse for Digital ">6 Month Membership

Step-by step, self paced courses specializing in complete in-depth
narrated lessons. Thiese courses afford visual elements accompanied
with further explanation, so you will have a thorough understanding of
photography. It is a simple, fast and affordable way to learn either
film or digital or both formats of photography without being in the
classroom, instead the Classroom Comes to You. These courses are
packed with information to cover all areas for the beginner to more
advanced photographer.
The narration helps the student completely absorb the learning
material so you're not just reading. You are reading, watching and
listening, which is a very dynamic engaging way to learn and to start
improving your photography

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Need a little extra guidance,a tutor someone to be your mentor. Get
advice from a professional photographer for digital to film equipment,
photography questions or critiques of your images.

It is said,"You're Work Is It's Own Excuse"
In other words, you will know if a course is truly taught by a
Professional Photographer-Their Work

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