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Attention Men – if you are experiencing a divorce, there is a simple way to return to a happy place after it’s over. And it doesn’t involve a hitman! Find out how to legally become a winner.

"The Biggest Loser in a Divorce Is Usually the Man. Lose Your Excess Baggage of Anger, Frustration and Stress, and Discover Your True Happiness - Guaranteed. One Man Dares to Share the Unknown Secrets of Surviving Your Divorce."

FACT: Divorce is one of the most stressful things you can endure in your life. Research shows that the current divorce rate is the highest it has ever been and is increasing...

I did it. You, can too.

Divorce in a day?

Wouldn’t that be great!

The reality is it takes a little longer, but it doesn’t have to be a war. Find out what real men are using now to minimise the aggro and maximise their happy new lives.


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Dear Greg – I can’t thank you enough for your inspirational book! I am lucky enough to have had a friend gift me your book as they saw what I was going through during my divorce. It wasn’t pleasant. I was deeply depressed and suffering, but after I read your book I felt like the weight had been lifted and I was back in control of my life. I can safely say that I have now wrapped up my divorce and am embarking on the next stage of my life, thanks to you and your book…I highly recommend it to all men experiencing a divorce.
Michael Radcliffe
[N.S.W ](#) I am lucky enough to have had a friend gift me your book as they saw what I was going through during my divorce. It wasn’t pleasant. ! I can't believe how my life has changed!
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Minimise the impact legally and

Minimise the impact on the children

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If you want to know why I am doing this, I can give you three reasons right now:

1. YOU




are your own centre of the universe. Everything spins around you…It is not you spinning around everything else. Regain this, and you will realise that you are in control. When you let yourself spin around everything else – then you are not in control anymore. Would you agree?


without happiness you are…( fill in the blanks here yourself…) You know what you don’t want to be feeling because you are feeling it right now. Learn how to get happy again, and your life will improve immediately.


your greatest achievement, aren’t they? You’d crawl over broken glass for them in a heartbeat if they needed you. Now is the time they need you the most to be at the top of your game. Right?


Copyright © 2011 MenCopingWithDivorce. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2011 MenCopingWithDivorce. All Rights Reserved.

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