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Natural Secrets to Conquering Cancer


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Most people are surprised to learn that there are over 3,000 plants
that cure or inhibit cancer.

Most people are surprised to learn that cancer cells can be killed by
heat, even a fever.

Most people are surprised to learn that cancer cannot survive in a
properly oxygenated body---or, that cancer can be caused by inadequate
oxygen---or that high pH blood can carry up to fifty times more cancer
killing oxygen.

Most people are surprised to learn that hydrogen peroxide and baking
soda can be used in extraordinarily effective cancer treatments.

Most people are surprised to learn that some popular foods, such as
berries, particularly strawberries, are as powerful as some of the top
cancer drugs.

Most people are shocked to learn that the non-toxic leaves and fruit
of a plant from the Amazon was found to be far more effective than
certain major chemotherapy drugs, yet the discovery of the cancer
curing power of this plant was intentionally concealed by Big Pharma.
Big Pharma's findings are still under wraps, but the word on this
cancer killer leaked out anyway.

Most people are shocked to learn that this non-toxic plant from the
Amazon has been found to be devastatingly effective against twelve
major cancers, including pancreatic, lung, breast, prostate, and colon
cancers. Amazing.

The list goes on, and on.

Cancers are especially vulnerable to natural cures. Big Pharma spends
big bucks trying to duplicate natural cures that are known to work.
But their motives are not humanitarian---they want to develop similar
artificial molecules that they can patent and milk for billions of

Orthodox medical treatments typically cost $350,000 to $750,000 with
oncologists making big money on the drugs they administer. Some people
see this as a serious conflict of interest.

Guess what? Alternative cancer treatments are being confirmed in
scientific studies from universities all over the world. These studies
are not over-hyped sales pitches by product vendors. The supporting
literature is massive. However, simple natural cures are ignored and
ridiculed by Big Pharma, which steers doctors and their patients to
the patented chemo drugs that they peddle for billions of dollars.

Most doctors dare not use these non-toxic natural cures lest they face
the censure of their peers, even the loss of their license. Don't
expect your doctor to tell you about the natural cures, even if he
knows a few.

Some of the most powerful natural cures cost only pennies a day. So
you can see that natural cancer treatments are a serious threat to Big
Pharma, the most lucrative oligopoly in the history of the world.

There's not just one natural treatment for cancer---there are many. We
are awash with remarkably effective cancer killers---plants from the
land and plants from the sea.

Our report "Natural Secrets to Conquering Cancer" describes in detail
six of the most powerful cancer killing substances known---six
non-drug cancer killers.

As mentioned earlier, some of these non-toxic natural substances are
far more effective than chemotherapy ---yet they cost very little and
they do not destroy your quality of life or make you lose your hair.

You can order our report, "Natural Secrets to Conquering Cancer," with
complete confidence. If you are not totally satisfied in the first 60
days, we will refund your money in full. No questions asked. And you
keep the report. Fair enough?

Order now at the special price of $19.95 and receive immediate access
to our life-saving e-book in downloadable PDF format.

Every 60 seconds someone dies from cancer -- and every 3 minutes,
someone new is diagnosed with cancer.

That someone could be you. Don't accept a death sentence from your
doctor. Take responsibility for your own survival. Order our
sensational life-saving information now.

* Learn how to save your own life from cancer
* Learn how to kill cancer for two pennies a day
* Learn natural treatments your doctor cannot prescribe
* Learn which Amazon herb kills pancreatic and 12 major cancers
* Learn which common mushrooms kill cancer
* Learn which edible seaweeds kill cancer
* Learn about cancer cures at your health food store
* Learn how these cancer cures that can be inexpensively purchased on
the internet



The information in our e-book is an economic threat to Big Pharma and
their political friends. They may force us to take down our website.
They play rough.

Be sure to order right now.

Remember, we offer a 60 day full-satisfaction money-back guarantee.


ONLY $19.95

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