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Don't read this if you want to loose weight!

You want to lose weight but your problem is you’re too lazy!

Not only are you too lazy but you also lack the motivation and self discipline to follow a diet plan either.

You’re one of those who has tried out a zillion different weight loss programs..

Half way through any program you quit.. You have zero self discipline..

You work out… you stop… You start jogging… You stop.. You do this.. You stop… blah blah blah… You know what I am talking about…

How do I know all this?

Because I am exactly like you… I hate working out.. I am far too lazy for that.. I hate diet plans.. I personally think they are a waste of time. Plus I can’t stick to any sort of diet.. I always end up cheating…

But there is one major difference between me and you… I am not overweight.. In fact I am in the best shape of my life..

I wasn’t always this way.. In fact there was a time when I was just as over weight as you are.. yucks..

But I am never going to be overweight again… Snickers…

You see the lazy guy that I am figured out a way to get into shape without any exercise, no diet plan, no creams, no surgery no nothing...

Imagine loosing weight, safely and effectively without ever having to exercise or worry about giving up the foods that you love.

That’s what I wanted and that’s exactly what I did.. I lost all the excess weight I wanted safely and effectively while all my other fat buddies kept on experimenting with all types of diet plans and weight loss programs...

Unlike them I didn’t waste any money on the gym or any money purchasing various fat loss programs online..

After much pleading and begging I finally shared my system with a couple of my fat friends and boy did I change their lives forever.

Not only did my fat friends lose weight but they also improved their self esteem and found them selves being more confident as well.

And unlike all the other systems and programs they tried before this one was totally free of cost. Well not totally free of cost because I had each one of them buy me a pack of cigarettes.

Ya but other than the measly five bucks they paid for the pack of cigarettes they didn’t have to spend any more money towards shedding their excess fat..

Word got round of my system and I have gotten countless requests from people to share my system with them. Some of these requests are just down right pathetic.

After much pestering I finally decided to release this program free of cost to all fat and overweight people in the world.

I wrote an ebook but then I realized that you’ll lazy people wont take any action if I give it to you free.

The thing is I didn’t want to charge you for the program either.. So I decided like my old friends of yore I would charge you the price of a pack of cigarettes to get this system..

You can get the magic blue pill of weight loss for just $4.95.. That’s right.. Just a one time payment of $4.95 and you get the entire system.

I told you I didn’t like to pay money for anything and I am guessing you don’t either so that’s why the entire system is available for $4.95

Here is a quick look at what you will learn inside..
If you’re anything like me you’re too lazy to want to learn any thing I will teach you how to lose weight effectively and safely and nothing else That’s all you will learn but that is not important, you will lose fat and your excess weight.
No fake stuff, No creams, No pills and definitely no diet or exercise.

Not only is the price the cost of a burger but I am going to give you a full 60 day money back guarantee as well. I challenge you to not lose weight with this system..

If at any time during 60 days you feel this program is a joke you can request for a refund and you will get your money back in full..

The whole system has been penned down in such a simple manner that if you purchase and you can’t comprehend the entire system within 30 minutes you should immediately ask for a refund!

You now have two choices to make. You can either click on the red X on the top of your browser and go spend 5 bucks on some more calories or you can buy the system for 5 measly bucks and change your life forever. The choice is yours..

Nigel, The lazy weight loss founder (nigel@weightlosssystemthatworks.com)

Once you buy the eBook, you will be able to download it immediately. It is created as an Adobe PDF file, which is the standard for eBook so you should not have any issues reading it on your computer or eBook reader.

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