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“ Whether you have Mutual Funds, Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts or Pension Funds e.g. Skandia or Fidelity accounts, these neat indicators are wonderful.”

Have you ever wondered why when you enter into funds the market falls and as soon as you pull out into cash, the market goes up?


Did you know that by pulling your MONEY out of funds in a falling market you can literally SAVE THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.  


By moving into funds when markets rise you can MAKE THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.


To help you make these important decisions you will really benefit from the name and settings of these highly efficient fund indicators.




Are you feeling unsatisfied at how your Pension Fund is being managed?


If you are thinking of taking control of your own fund discover how the simple indicators I’m revealing can significantly limit your losses and maximise profits.

Is this the right indicator for you to use?
This is NOT hours of Course or Video material.This is NOT a Fundamental or Technical chart analysis.This does NOT tell you which funds to invest in. This is NOT for Shares, Forex, Options or Spread bets.This is certainly NOT a Quick Get Rich Scheme.This is NOT a Signal Service when somebody tells you buy/sell.There is NO Selling, NO Marketing, NO Pyramid Scheme.There are NO ongoing payments.

In addition to the indicator names and settings available for purchase here, you will need a commonly available chart e.g. Tradestation, Sharescope, Big Charts etc.


Then by following the simple instructions provided, you could be reading these indicators in under 5 minutes. Use the indicators to complement your existing method of chart analysis.


As with all investment strategies it can’t be claimed to work 100% of the time, but the beauty of these indicators is that they work very well for most funds, most of the time.


I have used them successfully and it’s time to pass these great benefits on to you.


Derek Lakhani


Email: [Dlakhani@fund-indicator.co.uk](mailto:DLakhani@fund-indicator.co.uk?subject=Website Contact)







[]Take control of your Investment Fund Management!


Exploit the potential of these fund indicators and “Buy Now” using my secure payment link below at the discounted price of just $49 $11 available now for a limited time.


Following receipt of your payment you will then be directed to download my 4 page Adobe PDF e-book with full details of these great Indicators and their settings.  

If you can read simple signals as shown in the chart above you are already on your way to improving the performance of your investment.


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