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Power to Witness


Power to Witness 3.00 Receive the e-book via
e-mail in minutes! Here it is folks, a complete book for the soul
winning heart, with an up to date adventure in spiritual fulfillment.
I was Born in Bath New York October 26, 1933, and Born-Again in Sept
1952, and filled with the Holy Ghost in April, that following year. I
chose to be ordained by the Universal Life Church after more then
fifty years of active witnessing for Christ. Those who have known me
over the years often call me when there is a special need in their
life. I have seen many miracles over the years, sometimes God has
raised people from the dead, he has done that for me several times,
but more importantly I consider the salvation of a human soul the
greatest miracle of all. Then of course it is always exciting to watch
a soul grow up in the nurture and admonition of the Holy Spirit. I
consider keeping an open heart, and a willing, learning attitude the
number one ingredient for Christian growth. For this reason, and many
others, I was called to formulate a guide for all Christians who were
specifically interested in witnessing and winning souls for Christ.
After 58 years of being saved I finally heard God clearly enough to
complete the book. I struggled for years to get a sense of direction
and clarity but, I know God is a master of timing. The events that are
coming down will show a need for us all to have power to witness. So
in 2010 through the accumulation of experience research and prayer I
was able to fulfill my calling and complete a worthy guide to
effective soul winning for Christ. You may be an individual who has
always wanted to be a real soul winner for Christ but, felt that you
lacked the ability and approval of God in your life. If that is so
then you will find 'Power to Witness' a very helpful and easy to
understand guide to use in your own growing experience. The book is
designed so that once you have attained the knowledge within it you
will easily be able to share with others, or you may use it in group
study. This e-book contains questionnaires that can either be used for
self reflection as you read through or to be used in group/classroom
setting. These can be printed out as well. The book has been broken up
as to allow the reader to take the information in at their own pace.
This is also well suited for groups and class sessions. There are
many books written on similar subjects, I know because I searched for
the answers for many years. I have found no book that is complete in
its attempt to explain The Word in a way that that fulfills Acts 1:8
which says "but, ye shall receive power after that the holy ghost is
come upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and
in all Judea and in Sumeria and unto the utter most part of the
earth." You might not see anything important about this verse and this
may be why you have been brought here! To be effective soul winners we
must take a deeper look at the true meaning of several verses within
the bible and many of the ones I speak of in my book are hardly
touched upon in most denominations. I have given my life's energy and
dedication, into helping others understand what I have worked very
hard to learn. In this book you will discover how to recognize the
gifts of ministry, and how to effectively apply them as a soul winning
tool! In the same way you should develop a hunger for the baptism in
the Holy Ghost and recognize the power of the gifts of the Spirit that
were given to you by our Savior Jesus Christ. The next step is
learning how to use these gifts effectively through the understanding
of The Word that is required to start ascending into God's calling.
Some people like a challenge, and look for ways to be useful to others
in the short life God has granted them upon this earth! I can think of
no greater challenge then the harvest of souls! Jesus said, the field
is ripened unto harvest, but the labors are few! Look around you,
what do you see, what do you hear? I see turmoil gripping people's
hearts, I hear voices of desperation begging for answers as to what
can be done to escape the doom they feel is getting ready to come
down! Now comes to pass the song that is old, but is always true (SAFE
IN THE ARMS OF JESUS) You may fearfully utter, "What can I do"? The
greatest, and most important thing you can do is to get in tune, and
in touch with Jesus Christ, repent of any sin that may be hindering
you from receiving the promises of God, and ask him to help you
understand his calling on your life, then be willing to do it! Try to
always remember, to be in God's perfect will, which may put you in
great danger, just like the three Hebrew children in the fiery
furnace, but God kept them from harm, because they were doing God's
will! Blessed are ye when men revile against you, and say all manners
if evil against you for my names sake, that ye rejoice, and become
exceedingly glad! For so did they to the prophets of old! This
Christian life may not be for cowards, but it has made mighty men out
of weaklings who put their trust in God! In the early years of our
country there was a Presbyterian pastor, who for what ever reason was
very paranoid! Even though his fear was unfounded, he was always
afraid someone was watching him. He would stuff cloths around his
window shades at night, so no one could see what he was doing. He
would often feel uncomfortable when someone was walking behind him,
and much afraid of someone doing him bodily harm! Even while on board
ship while traveling to the New-World, his fears overwhelmed him. One
night a very severe storm arose and threatened to capsize the ship.
Great fear gripped his soul, and he felt that this would be the end of
his life! Yet a group of Puritans traveling with him stayed very calm,
and sang praises to God all through the storm. Upon inquiring as to
why they were not fearful, he was told, they knew Jesus Christ as
their personal Savior, and they knew where they would go should they
die. with this testimony he surrendered his heart and life to Jesus
Christ, and as a result he became a great preacher, and evangelist.
Is that person you? Are you willing to join in- to God's army, and
remember, I can lead you to the water, but only God can help you to
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