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Do You Want to Create a Change in Your Life?

Do You Lack the Confidence to Make that Change? Do You Feel Stuck?

21 Days to Sky High Self Confidence is exactly what you need!



Dear Confidence Seeker,


Have you ever felt stuck, frustrated or lacking in confidence?


Ever wanted to change something in your life but lack the confidence to do so?   Well, no longer, I am very excited to be telling you about my revolutionary programme which will literally change the pathways in your brain to give you more self confidence.  Real confidence, not pretending to be confident and hope it becomes real.  You will actually be self confident!

I know, it is really exciting!

It takes around 21 days to create a new neural pathway in your brain, so this unique programme gives you an easy to follow 21 day plan, which will shoot you from stuck and stagnating to success!


You Will Learn:

Techniques and Tools to let go of the past – did you know you can actually change your memory?

Do you have guilt, regret, hurt or other negative emotions holding you back?

These easy to use techniques will take all the emotion out of the memories, so when you think of that time in your life, or that situation, it will evoke no more feeling than when you think of your phone number.


When your brain is cleared of this useless baggage from the past, is is ready to have some new beliefs installed!

Firstly, the unshakable belief in yourself, that you are self confident and you can achieve everything you set your mind to.

21 Days to Sky High Confidence will show you how to discover exactly what you want (and why it isn’t always what you think!)

You will programme your mind so that your ideal future is the only possibility

You will easily naturally overcome any fears of moving forwards – of change, success, failure and other factors holding you back.


Powerful imagination exercises will create new pathways within your brain, so the self confidence you feel isn’t a temporary boost – it is embedded deeply within your subconscious, it is permanent.


After following the programme for 21 days, you will barely remember the you that was – you will be transformed!


I will show you simple techniques to set goals, and how to align yourself so you don’t need to overcome procrastination….because procrastination is gone.


Proven NLP techniques will let you easily overcome your limiting beliefs and rid yourself of those negative voices inside your head.


Your internal dialogue will become a friend rather than foe.


21 Days to Sky High Self Confidence can be with you in just a few minutes!


Here is what you will get:
A link to download the manual, which gives you some background on NLP and why it is so effective, how to do the exercises and all the techniques and tools you need. MP3s of all the techniques, so you simply need to lie back, listen, and let the audio’s create new neural pathways in your brain. A 21 day plan, showing you exactly which techniques to use on each day and charting your progress.

After 21 days, the shift in your feelings will be huge – you will be more confident, secure in yourself, know that you are well on the way to achieving your goals and achieving them easily.

All for just $77!




So what are you waiting for?! To get started, simply click the link below, and 21 Days to Sky High Self Confidence will be in your inbox within a couple of hours (usually a few minutes). The manual is in PDF format so you will need adobe and the audios are MP3s so can be saved to your computer or MP3 player.

I have purposely set the price very low as I want to work with action takers, people who will really make a change to their lives. And you are that person – you may have watched the video series, you may have read this letter, either way you have proved you have got what it takes to change your life.


And for that reason, I want to make it a no brainer for you to work with me.


So don’t delay, simply click below, make the tiny (and fully guaranteed) payment of $77 and get started.

[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.happykate.pay.clickbank.net/)

You can try the system for a full 60 days and if you decide it is not for you, I will offer a complete, no questions asked, refund. You can try the system nearly three times before deciding if you want to keep it!



My mission is to help as many people as possible reach their goals, to create the confidence to change and go from stuck and stagnating, to success.

For this reason, and for a limited number of people, I have decided to offer LIFETIME membership of my silver programme, when you purchase 21 Days to Sky High Self Confidence.

This costs £47 (about $75) per month….so even if you only stayed a member for 3 years that is a massive saving of £1692 (or about $2700).

Yes, I may be mad offering this, but you are an action taker. You have bought 21 Days to Sky High Confidence and are committed to making changes in your life…..so I am going to support you to make that as easy as possible.




The membership includes: 

Monthly e-classes with me. These are interactive – I cover a different topic every month, all related to self confidence, self esteem, success, happiness, overcoming limiting beliefs, changing perception of time and much more. You can ask questions, get involved, and really be a part of the Improved Confidence Community.

Expert Interviews: I interview many different experts on everything from confidence in dating, to changing your career, to creating an extra income.

You will have access to the recordings of all these e-classes and interviews, so if you can’t make it to one, no problem, you can listen at your own convenience.

If that wasn’t enough, the membership also includes 10 powercalls with me. If you are stuck in any area, would like to overcome an obstacle, or limiting belief, feel a little lost or overwhelmed, or just need a kick up the bum to get going I am here.

We will arrange a time to have a 10 minute coaching/mentoring call over skype, which will send your success rate soaring! And you get 10 of these!

I told you I wanted to make it a no brainer for you!

[CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.happykate.pay.clickbank.net/)


My friend Sarah White is also offering a fantastic report as a bonus, it is packed full of useful, practical, workable advice on recovering your self confidence – a perfect partner to 21 Days to Sky High Self Confidence!

Take action today and you will receive:

The 21 Days to Sky High Self Confidence Manual.

21 Day Plan

All the audios needed for you to use the techniques and make a permanent change to your subconscious.

LIFETIME Membership to my silver programme, including:

Monthly interactive e-classes.

Interviews with experts.

10 powercalls with Kate.

Sarah White’s brilliant report on recovering self confidence.


All for just $77!

As you can imagine, I will only hold this offer for a short time, so purchase now or regret it forever.



So click the link above, simply make your purchase, and join the Improved Confidence Community.

I can’t wait to work with you!

Best wishes,


PS. Please only join the programme if you are serious about your future – it will change you so if you want to cling onto your excuses and uselessness in life, this is not for you. If however, you want to become the you that you dream of [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.happykate.pay.clickbank.net/) now!

PPS. The whole programme is completely covered by a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee – if for any reason, you would like a refund, just ask, and it will be yours!

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