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Edge - WoW Talent Build Addon


Proof of Performance Increase


One-Click Talent Optimization

How Edge Works:

* Select the class you would like to play
* Choose a category (Raiding, Leveling, PvP, etc)
* Choose a Talent Build
* List the information of your selection along with a helpful
description on what your class does, The Pros and Cons, Strategy and
Rotation to be used.

EDGE has a spec for anything you want to do in game. With the
Auto-Talent feature you can choose your class, choose your playstyle,
then spec and go with ease. No tabbing back and forth while you look
at a talent calculator. No wading through countless threads just to
find the best spec for you.


Raiding specs are provided for every class and every tree, from
Protection Paladins to Beast Mastery Hunters. Any way you want to
raid, you'll be given the absolute optimal build, researched and
tested by our team of class experts.


PVP specs are provided for every class and viable arena spec, from
Restoration Shaman to Balance Druid. Consolidated based off of
information provided by top-rated arena players, each spec is
finely-tuned for a fast-paced PVP environment.


Leveling specs are provided for every class, with optimal builds for
questing and dungeon leveling. Players are walked through what talents
they should spec at each level and how best to learn the basic
mechanics of their class.


Soloing specs are provided for each class, allowing every player to
utilize their talents for completing old raid and dungeon content for
achievements, reputation, mounts, and other rewards.


Confused about which glyphs give you the best performance? EDGE tells
you exactly what you need and why you might choose differently for
specific situations. Raiding glyphs give you the biggest boost, PVP
glyphs combine defensive strategy with offensive synergy, and leveling
glyphs are presented in an easy-to-view format that tells you which
glyphs you should slot first.


The First In-Game Talent Build, Rotation, and Glyph Advisor

With EDGE you don't need to search all over the web for the best
possible build for every situation. All you have to do is log in the
character you want to spec, manually or auto-distribute talent points,
pick up the recommended glyphs, and practice the rotation - all

Hundreds of Ways to Excel

Other sites may provide you with the one ideal, Flavor of the Month
spec that everyone in WoW is playing these days. EDGE shows you how to
get ahead no matter what spec or activity you choose. All DPS trees,
every style of tanking and healing, for every purpose you could
imagine. The Freedom of Choice

EDGE gives you the power to take control of your playstyle. Do what
you want and still pull ahead of other players. And if you ever decide
to try something else, everything is at your fingertips. Easy to
understand, easy to access, quality information that helps you make
decisions fast.

Get Advice From a Real Person

As soon as you download EDGE you'll be a part of the growing Manaview
family, granted exclusive Member's Only access to our community forums
and support board. There you can find answers not only about our
products, but also about your class and the various elements of
gameplay. Don't see an answer to your question? Our support staff
works around the clock to meet your needs.

One Step Ahead With Lifetime Updates

When you download EDGE, you're also downloading the Manaview updater
and the Manacore utility. These modules ensure you'll always have the
latest, greatest version of EDGE the moment you need it. Just run the
Manaview updater then click the EDGE button on the Manacore module to
access the most current information for your class.


* You will grant me instant access. Once my membership is
successfully processed, you will give me immediate access to the FULL
addon and all it’s features.
* By taking quick action today, I’ll be taking advantage of this
special discount price. There are no recurring fees, no other charges.
So I don’t have to worry about my membership ever running out. Plus
I’ll get free updates for life.
* In addition, I understand that I will forfeit this discount price
and if I do not purchase it now.
* I further understand that on top of all these incredible benefits,
I am backed by your ” 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee – No
questions asked”
* It is on that basis that I am clicking the secure order link below
and grabbing my own copy of EDGE this instant!

For a limited time get EDGE for 20% off!

Today’s Discounted Price: $49 $39

Click the 'Add to Cart' button above!

EDGE is the first and only addon that takes you from scrub to
superstar with just the click of a button.

The best talents, optimal glyphs, and easy-to-follow strategy -
Anyone can excel at their class!

No matter what you enjoy doing in game - Raiding, PVP, Leveling, or
Soloing - EDGE has you covered.

Save yourself the time and frustration. Click the ORDER NOW button
above and give yourself an EDGE.

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