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So What's Inside?

* Learn why even build an asset online. Collect assets and not debt.
* What is a Domain and why you need it.
* Where to get a domain and not get ripped off.
* Find out where exactly to "park" your website. Doing this wrong
will put your website in jeopardy.
* Discover the process of installing a website in seconds and not
weeks. What is your time worth?
* The exact process to expressing yourself through your website.
Don't be a clone. Instant changes in seconds. Say a couple magic words
and your entire site will change instantly.
* How to upgrade or shall I say "pimp" your website without having
to know a lick of programing.
* The proper way to use your new website so people who aren't your
friends and family can find it (Google Love).
* And much much more!

Complete Website Training Center

I want you to be completely comfortable in moving from complete
newbie to being able to getting your website within minutes after
getting the hang of the training. The idea is that it's not difficult,
it's just so hard to find a resource to teach you. The best thing is
you get to see step by step HOW TO set it up.

_So who was my target student in mind?_

I wanted to get it simple enough to send this training to my own
mother to setup her own website. I also wanted a resource for those
who are semi-knowledgeable to have a better way to optimize their
website for traffic and how to scale up that traffic.

This is a complete website built from the ground up to help you get
over the technical hurdle of getting something online that won't be
laughed at or worse yet never be found.

This website is built on the same trainings so you can see the power
of being able to learn what's inside to start building websites just
like this!

The first time going through my training you won't hit the 30 minute
mark but once you get past watching my exact training videos you can
build websites from here on out under 30 minutes to even 10 minutes!
Quick Module Breakdown

* Mindset
* Overview
* Domains
* Hosting
* Bridge
* Installation
* Basic Setup
* Themes
* Plugins
* Design
* Content


I mean have I even done anything online? Have I impacted others into
helping them achieve their own online success? Check out some of my
students and marketers who have worked with me from other courses.

David S.
Florida “Hello! If you’re wondering if you should join or not I
would say YES! Lawrence and his team are very supportive. They’re
response time is terrific!

Enjoy and be rest assured you’re with a great team!”Brenda P.
Portland, OR

Damaysi V.

Ola A.

“I have been following Lawrence through webinars, blog posts, and
social media over the last few years. As an up and coming internet
marketer myself, I have sought out people who were further down the
path, and were honestly willing to teach and share what works and what
does not work.

Technology is constantly evolving and I find that Lawrence is largely
up to speed with these changes and willingly shares his observations.
He has an undeniable enthusiasm for empowering entrepreneurs and
fueling this industry. I find his blog to be a great resource for tips
and trends. The data he gives away for free is stuff I would normally
pay hundreds of dollars for in a weekend seminar. So thanks a million
Lawrence for the great value and enthusiastic leadership…. and I
look forward to continuing sharing the path with you far into the
future.”James W.
Scottsdale, Az “Lawrence is a Jedi Master of both established and
cutting-edge internet marketing techniques.

Tune in, get some new tricks and fresh motivation..and get to work.

Thanks to Jedi Lawrence!”Sean
Houston, TX

“First of all I would like to thank you for your leadership. You
have shown to everyone that you are not just the same old crap trying
to be one of the leaders who has no consistency. I am a living
testimony that Lawrence is the kind of leader that you want to follow.
He has shown me how to become a leader in this industry and has helped
me with his guidance despite being overloaded with tons of infos in
the past. Thank you Lawrence for being there when I needed your help
and guidance. You are an awesome leader man ”Kristoperson L.
Philippines So What Are The Requirements?

* Computer Platforms = PC, Mac, Linux (web application)
* Computer Knowledge = Download and find files. Point and Click.
Following simple video and written directions.
* Internet Access (even slow dial up speeds are fine)
* Working keyword and mouse
* Language = English (setup needs to be in english but website can
be created in other languages)
* An interest in making a website online.


I want to be sure your happy with your purchase and it makes no sense
to either party if you don't feel you got your money's worth.

I've trained many people online and I want to make sure your totally
happy with what your receiving.

If at ANY time in 60 DAYS you didn't feel like keeping the product
you can cancel without questions.

Look, I've bought a lot of training online because I'm always trying
to educate and better myself. I want to make sure your totally
happy.  Just contact us when your inside the membership area and we
will refund your purchase right away.

* Mindset - How to build a successful website starts within.
* Overview - Taking the bird's eye view to understanding the simple
concept of building a lasting site.
* Domains - The actual process to buying and where to buy them.
* Hosting - Why you must own and where to get one at 25% off street
* Bridge - What people forget and kill their website by doing so.
* Installation - The super fast method that could take under 5
* Basic Setup - How SEO can be as easy as following these easy steps
for getting found on Google.
* Themes - The ways to upgrade your website in an instant.
* Plugins - Supercharge your website with these quick and easy
* Design - You don't have to be a designer, leave it to the pros and
I'll show you how you can change your look quickly.
* Content - The reason people come to your website. Miss this and
people will never come find you.



I'm serious. I'm going to give you my free bonus that will dive into
how I've been able to get free traffic. I have a video recording of
the training that I have sold in the past but I feel is too valuable
to NOT give to you.

Instead of upselling you on this I would rather give you this
training so you will at least have one solid method of driving traffic
to your website for free. The training is over 80 min plus in pure


The most successful business people in the world understand that
leveraging money is the best way to build a business. Time can not be
created but learning how to leverage other people's time is what makes

I will be sharing this insider's training on how to leverage other
people who would LOVE to work for you and the best part they will work
at dirt cheap rates!

Click Below to Make Your Purchase for $39.97

Take care and see you on the inside,
Lawrence Tam
Start A Website

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