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Where You Take Squatters Right

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Welcome to the Must-Read Book of the Decade

[Get your copy of BLACK, DUMB, AND BAREFOOT …KNOCKED UP BY THE DEMOCRATS](http://1.heymilt.pay.clickbank.net)

With chapters like Living La Vida Negro; Bend Over and Spread Yo’ Ballot Box; The Audacity of Dopes; Crouching Negro, Hidden White Man; and The Content of Color, The Character of Skin, BLACK, DUMB, AND BAREFOOT …KNOCKED UP BY THE DEMOCRATS is not to be missed and never to be forgotten.  It is a provocative and unapologetically written assault on the paramour-ish relationship that has existed for decades between the Democrat Party and the American Black voters.

Fried Chicken…or Watermelon With That Ballot?

For today’s majority of Black voters, crossing the entrenched line in the political sands to dare[](http://1.heymilt.pay.clickbank.net) voting other than Democrat is tantamount to finding fish perched in trees and birds burrowing underground. It just does not register, no pun intended, for Blacks to consider Republican alternatives. This even in light of Black sharing more with “Conservatives” than they do with Liberals.

During the Presidential Primaries, leading up to the 2000 Election, the author rushed into the voting polls late in the afternoon, braving a violent rainstorm that had convinced many to stay inside. As he approached the check-off table, presenting his legal I.D. and registration card to pick up his ballot (yes, this was prior to computer-based voting), the poll workers were reflexively sliding him the blue-tinged ballot. And, when he asked for the Republican ballot, he was certain that he heard the torrents outside come to a sudden and certain hush. Even nature, he thought, must have found his lean to the Right to be uncharacteristic and halting. The only thing missing, he mused, was a side order of watermelon or fried chicken.

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After all, they had everything else right…except him.

Character of Color…Content of Skin

Ever since the famous I Have A Dream sermon of the mall speech by the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Blacks have had the benefit of the social doubt and the air cover of political correctness that was later canonized by Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society. And, no matter to what extent one might argue the kinship that exists between Black interests and conservative values, Black voters still refuse to acquiesce and admit that the very legislative achievements from which they benefit and ascribe to Democrats actually were championed by Republicans, such as Civil Rights.

Try as one might, it may be easier to walk on water than convince Black voters that those held up as their grand saviors – the Democrats – have no interest in Blacks other than as field insurgents in the Class Jihad, which the Liberal Left has mounted against achievement, self-reliance, and the very notion of Capitalism.

And, since Dr. King’s call for judgment of character over color, Blacks have returned the comfort of victimhood, but victimhood that is self-imposed and claimed as rightfully theirs and not to be denied.

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