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Happiness is Within

This is the Plight of a Woman who made it through with GOD

            Written to help people who may be going through
                                    a similar plight.

This EBook was written to show the different ways people can deal with this plight.

This plight was mine.

This was not an easy task. It was a little bit complicated.  

It is not so much related to drugs, but it is similar to this. 

There were so many different explorations I had to do to become better. This was my own doing, but GOD helped me so much with this. 

I don't think I would have been able to do this without HIM.

Thank you for listening,

Happiness is Within

                                              I have been a Nurse for over 30 years. 

            I want people to become happier, to live more productive lives, and to be healthier,
                                                              as I did with GOD.


Happiness is Within 

Only $7.49

This Ebook was written to help those in plight.


             If you need any help, please contact us at: [Happiness-is-Within@safe-mail.net](mailto:Happiness-is-Within@safe-mail.net) [happiness-is-within@safe-mail.net](mailto:happiness-is-within@safe-mail.net)


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