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Why Pay Over $100 a Month in Cable and Satellite Subscription?

When you can get over 4,000 Channels Almost Free?

Let's face it. Times are pretty hard. With the unemployment situation not much improved and inflation figures not very cheery, you need every penny you have to take care of life's essentials. We all need some entertainment to spice up our lives. But the question remains...

If I were to charge you $500 or more for it, I will be justified because this is money that you can make from selling this product. But I will not do that.


If you have to keep spending $150 a month on cable and satellite TV fees, you'll end up spending $1,800 in a year. Just for tube entertainment. Surely such money can go into other things. 

What if I showed you a way to:

Enjoy cable and satellite TV, with an increased range of channels to choose from, at virtually ZERO cost to you? Make money from this product to add more income to your pocket, in addition to giving you the $1,200 savings we mentioned earlier?

Introducing E-TV + E-TV2 Software and Reseller Pack

With this software, you get to watch thousands of TV channels on your PC with an internet connection. View full-length movies, popular TV shows, videos and streaming radio. You also get an Apps section that gives you direct video streams from your favourite news and sports channels. 

No need for expensive satellite dishes, receivers or decoders.  Zero installation costs. You pay once and watch all your favourite programs and channels - full length movies, videos and receive streaming radio for life.  You can watch from anywhere on the globe; from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to the Swiss ski resorts, as long as you have your PC and internet connection. Apps for popular content like Youtube, Justin.TV and Revision3. You can suggest new content or add it yourself. Access to content database which is updated daily with new ratings, channels, feeds, apps and remote bug fixes.

Screenshots of E-TV Software

Do you want to make money selling the E-TV software package? You can do this by acquiring the Master Resell Rights of this product. Imagine watching TV and getting paid for this past-time. You can sell this as a complete package or charge subscription costs from your customers.

This is a product that can pay you consistently for the rest of your life. The future of television as we know it today is on the internet. Even Microsoft founder Bill Gates recognises this. 

Does this appeal to you? 

Ok, Here's the Deal!

Ok, Mr Tom, how much does all this cost, I can hear some people saying now. Before I answer, just consider this scenario.

You will be getting thousands of channels on your PC. How much does your cable/satellite TV station charge for transmitting 20 channels? $50, $100, $200 EVERY MONTH?

Now how much will they charge you for transmitting thousands of channels (if that was even possible using cable TV)? $1,000 or more?

Now compare this with a product that charges you just a one-time fee FOR LIFETIME ACCESS, gives you reseller rights to the product with the potential to make thousands of dollars from it.

If I were to charge you $500 or more for it, I will be justified because this is money that you can make from selling this product. But I will not do that.

Instead, I will make you a deal. For a limited time only, you will get the products at these prices:

E-TV + E-TV2 Software (standalone): $19.95 (formerly $149)



(Pay securely via: Clickbank)

E-TV + E-TV2 (Reseller Pack): $49.95 (formerly $299)



(Pay securely via: Clickbank)


I am so confident that you will enjoy this product and make money from it that I will give you an iron-clad money-back guarantee. If within 60 days of purchase, you are not completely satisfied with any of my products, or you are unable to make money selling the reseller version, I will refund you your money, no questions asked. 

With a great product, a reseller version that you can make money on for life and an iron-clad, money-back guarantee, what do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing!

So what are you waiting for? Order the E-TV + E-TV2 Software or Reseller version today using the links above now!

Tom Gallagher


The special introductory price is for the first 50 customers who rush now with their payments. I can tell you that the ads for these products have reached more than 100,000 customers. Once I get 50 clients, the prices of these products will go back up to their premium values. So waste no more time and rush now to order.
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