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Despite people copying me and being able to see the privates of my business, I'm going to give you an exclusive take-you-by-the-hand tour behind HouseOfRave.com
by Neville Medhora




Hey I'm Neville, and with zero business experience, I've started a lot of small businesses that have allowed me to never have a job. 


Of all things, a rave company I started has gained the most attention!  You know raves....the underground parties with glow sticks and strobe lights and loud music.


Well I own a rave company, and I've never been to a rave!


The company is called [ www.HouseOfRave.com](http://www.HouseOfRave.com) and it's a drop-shipping website.


Not only do I own a rave company, but the most profitable customers are wedding planners, party planners and the military...NOT ravers.  Weird huh?


What's even more interesting is how little I work on it.  House Of Rave is what Tim Ferris would call a "lifestyle business" ....meaning a business that requires very little of your time, but pays for you to live how you want. 


Here's some interesting facts about it:

I sell products, but I don't touch any of the products myself.  They are all drop-shipped.

I don't need to have a lot (or any) money to begin.

I can run the business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

I still can't program or write HTML, yet I built it all myself.


Pretty cool huh?  It's allowed me to "be my own boss" through the years and pay for pretty much whatever I want to do. 


Over the years I've documented many things about House Of Rave on my blog (NevBlog.com), and have paid dearly for it.  Lots of competitors sprung up in my previously "undiscovered" niche, and those competitors knew all my secrets because of my blabbing.


It wasn't a HUGE deal sometimes, because these un-creative people never did much with their websites, plus mine was always waaaaay better with lots of custom pictures and videos...but it was enough headache to make me stop blabbing about this business so openly...


Till now.

I've long wanted to do a product like this that literally takes someone by the hand, sits them down in a chair next to me....and explains the ins and outs of my business by showing them real data, screenshots and videos. 


Finally I'm in a place where I can do this...and let me tell you, it was a REAL JOY making this "course"! 


There are 16 videos in this course integrated with text that take people through the full explanation of my drop shipping businesses.


Now I bet you're DYING to see what the course looks like right?  I'll give you a small peek at what you will see when you purchase access to the course.  Here's the 1st and 2nd parts (they're split up on separate pages for easier viewing):

See how I integrated the video with text?  It's much better than simply watching one long video.  With this layout you can come back and reference specific questions you may have...plus it's just a hell of a lot more easy to digest the split-up videos. 


I told all my friends, "I really reallllyyy want to inspire and teach people with this course", and this format was by far the best for that.  The best part is you can view the course on virtually any device...whether it be your computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android or anything capable of view video and web...


Aren't you impressed by my Photoshopped iPad mockups??  You know you're jealous of them ;-)





Originally the course was just going to be what is known as "Part 2" of the course.  I was going to show people "Behind the Scenes" at HouseOfRave, but then I asked on my blog what other content people would like to see. 


They strongly wanted to know ways they can start selling stuff online themselves in a very easy way.  I was glad people wanted this, because it showed they were interested in taking action and trying out their own little lifestyle business. 


So for this reason I create the "Part 3" of this course as a bonus:




Part 1
How HouseOfRave Started:

What it is now

How it started from the VERY beginning

How I came up with the idea

How you can avoid the mistakes I made when coming up with an idea

How to narrow down to a niche with a simple little chart  

How I found a supplier to ship stuff for me

How you can find a drop-shipper, and why the biggest mistake people make is Googling it

How to convince a company to drop ship for you

Different ways you can work with a drop-shipper (1 easy way, 1 medium way, 1 hard way)

Part 2
How HouseOfRave actually works:

What it is now

How customers place orders and where they come from Sending 5 REAL orders to the supplier in real time (no fake test-orders here)

How the orders are tracked How customer service is handled (aka what happens when someone starts complaining)

The numbers explained: I

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