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Isn't It Time To Stop Wasting Your Time and Money?

"How to Use Facebook To Get Thousands of Eager Fans You Can Make Massive Profits From - Guaranteed!"

You don’t realize it yet, but in the next 2 minutes, you’re going to learn an easy system to make your cash register ring – over and over again.

You’ll probably agree that, as business owner, your bottom line is one thing: profit.

Sure, it would be nice to spread the world about your brand or be seen as a leader in your industry. But unless you are a Fortune 500 company, your goal is to make more sales.

Everyone knows that making sales isn’t always so easy. Whether you’re a local business, small business or internet marketer, you’ve probably went through periods where you weren’t doing so great. You spent money on advertising, SEO, pay-per-click, YellowPages, etc. And you wait for that boost in profits…

But It doesn’t come.

I’ve been there many times and it sucked. I hated the gamble of spending money on traffic and advertising and not knowing if it would actually make me more money.

But Then I Discovered How To Reach Out To LOADS Buyers – For Free!

You’ve probably already guessed what I’m hinting at.

Imagine being able to break into any niche market you choose, give your business non-stop exposure, and make more money with less time and work involved?

…without every paying a DIME in advertising?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you are probably already aware of how powerful and popular Facebook has become.

As you continue reading, you’ll start to realize the true POWER of Facebook as a way to generate massive traffic to your website, spread your brand to get your business noticed, get more leads and make more sales- for FREE!

You Can No Longer Afford to Ignore Facebook

Consider these facts carefully…
Facebook has over 700 million users, the majority of which are adults with buying power. A portion of whom will become your “fans” and customers down the line! The average Facebook fan is worth $136 to a business (source: Syncapse). Even if you only have 100 fans, that’s almost an additional $14,000 in revenue! 1 out of 5 online purchases are influenced by the business’s fan page! (source: Compete.com) Half of all users log on to Facebook every single day, for an average of 55 minutes… and it only takes a few clicks to get your marketing message to them! A recent study showed that 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations while only 14% trust ads.
You might be thinking, “Oh yeah, my son has a Facebook. He uses it to look through pictures of girls at his college. How the heck is it going to make me money?”

I want to prove to how easy it is for you to set up your business on Facebook and have your own army of loyal customers promote your products and services for you!

If You’re Not Taking Advantage of Facebook, You’re Losing Money!

FACT: Facebook has recently surpassed Google as the number 1 visited website in the world.

Today, more and more local businesses, small business and internet marketers are already realizing the power of using Facebook to promote their business and skyrocket their profits.

You may even be losing valuable customers to your competitors, simply because they have a fan page and you don’t.

Or maybe you already have a fan page, but don’t know how to use it to make sales. Perhaps you have no idea how to get new fans. Or you’re embarrassed that your page has only a few dozen fans while your competition has a few thousand.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if if you could DOUBLE, or even triple your profits- with no start up cost and working just a few extra hours a week?

Well, my friend Eliot decided try Facebook and saw spectacular results:

Case Study: How A Small Business Saw An ROI Of 5000% with Facebook!

Eliot and Emily Roberts are the owners of Rosehall Kennels, a small dog breeding business. In January 2011, they decided to try a new way to promote their business and set up a brand new Facebook fan page for Rosehall Kennels.

It transformed their business completely.

They spent about a $1.50 a day over a period of 6 months driving fans to their Facebook page. Eliot also spent a few hours a week chatting with the fans on his fan page. Six months later, they’ve made $15,000 in new sales – that’s an ROI of %5000!

Even cooler, Facebook allowed their brand to spread like wildfire and they quickly became THE “go-to” place for German shepherds in the area. They started receiving dozens of messages from people who they never heard of who were interested in their puppies.

Apparently, Facebook had turned them into rock-stars!

Facbook is not just new, “hip” way for businesses to reach new users and promote themselves. It’s proven, free system that guarantees a steady stream of additional leads, repeat customers and profits every single month!

You can easily apply this YOUR business to skyrocket yours sales. We’ll talk about that shortly.

Most Businesses Who Try Facebook Aren’t Doing it Right…

Emily and Eliot were lucky because they took a Facebook marketing course. However, most “smart” businesses who do know importance of Facebook still aren’t doing using it right.

I admit, Facebook can be very confusing. If you didn’t grow up using computers everyday, the technical aspects alone are enough to drive you nuts!

But even if you set it up right, you still need to learn how to use it to make sales. Most business owners why try to use Facebook end up with a bunch of “friends,” not customers.

After all, aren’t you looking for new customers and sales?

You see, your target audience is already on Facebook, but there is a very specific way you have to convert users to your fans to customers and eventually repeat customers.

This is counter intuitive and many people aren’t too skilled at it.

One option is to work with a social media manager or consultant. This would cost you thousands of dollars. Which is is fine if you have the budget, but many business don’t.

However, once you understand fundamental Facebook marketing strategies, you will never need a social media manager. You’ll even laugh at all the businesses who are paying these “managers” thousands of dollars to sit around, chatting with fans and posting silly messages on their Facebook wall.

At First, I Had No Idea How What I Was Doing

A while ago, I heard about the Facebook craze and decided to give it shot. After some research, I set up a fan page for my business (I later realized that I picked the wrong type of page). I uploaded a profile picture, entered my business info and made it public.

A few months later, I had a grand total of… 9 fans.

I had no clue how to turn those LIKES into buying customers, and I had no idea how to get more fans. I was wondering how competing websites were able to get thousands of fans and everyone participating on their walls. From a potential customer’s standpoint, it was REALLY obvious who was the better business.

I even got desperate enough to buy Facebook fans. I paid hundreds of dollars to get a few thousand guaranteed fans pages to my fan page. The quality of these fans were absolute garbage! Not only did no one buy from me, the majority of them were completely FAKE! I felt like such an idiot.

So I decided to do massive research on Facebook marketing. Being obsessive person that I am, I ended up consuming almost every single product and course on Facebook marketing. I spent countless hours putting everything into action. The cool part was, I saw some immediate results.

You can clearly see that my system works.

When I made more money, I even started working with the top social media experts to learn how to really use Facebook to grow my business.

Pretty soon, I had a system of creating profitable Facebook pages that my fans LOVED. I knew exactly what I had to do to make my page look super professional and stand out from the crowd. This alone caused my business’s name to pop up in several discussion forums. I had gone from guy that no one knew about to the guy who people were talking about just because I had a cool Facebook page!

Besides looking great, my fan page had a system of converting regular visitors into fans. And more importantly, fans into buying customers. Keep in mind that I spent hundreds of hours and lots of money learning, testing and tweaking these strategies! But in the end I’d say it was well worth it.

I Now Have A Reliable System to Generate Profit – on Demand!

I now have reliable system that could generate more leads and sales on demand! Anytime I wanted to make more money, I would simply find more fans! Even better, my fans would buy from me ever and over again because I was constantly popping up on their Facebook feeds!

I also got to see how FUN Facebook marketing is. You don’t have to be ultra professional when you’re communicating on Facebook. In fact, it’s best that you don’t. You can joke around all day and still make a killing! How cool is that?

I’m not saying this to brag. Well, maybe a little. But I want you to understand that Facebook will totally transform your business.

I started giving away tidbits of this system to other business owners through my blog. The word spread and I started getting more and more questions from people on how to use Facebook to make more money. I finally decided to brain dump everything I knew about Facebook marketing and create a guide for business owners who are looking for the most efficient way to get more business.

I spent countless hours writing, editing and further testing these Facebook strategies and compiled them into…

“The Facebook Success Blueprint”

The Facebook Success Blueprint contains PROVEN, tested methods that work to turbo-charge YOUR business to pull in more money!

This complete package includes audios, videos, guides and templates which will serve as your blueprint for creating and managing an ultra-profitable Facebook fan page.

What’s Included In This Package

1.  Facebook Success Blueprint Master Guide

Here’s what you’ll discover…
How to set up a stunning fan page that outshines your competitors’ – in less than 10 minutes! In 5 short minutes… you’ll learn the key Facebook marketing mindsets- skip over these and your fan page is doomed to make sales! Just picture knowing the proven, psychological principles that trigger people to buy from you and how to apply them to your Facebook fan page – This one’s really cool! How to avoid the number 1 success-destroying mistake many people make when trying to use Facebook for business.. hopefully you’re not doing this! What if you could build a custom landing page tab that doubles your fan in only 10 minutes? Don’t miss out!
What is a “Fan Magnet” profile picture and they can instantly increase your fans A simple tactic to avoid your fan page getting permanently shut down by Facebook (yes this does happen) Imagine being able to instantly establish authority within the minds of your prospects Which types of content to post to make your fans LOVE you and pick you over your competitors
In 30 minutes… you can quickly get your first 25 fans- guaranteed! Just picture getting people to buy from you directly ON YOUR Facebook fan page…don’t miss out! Tested, optimized page setting for maximum fan conversions and profits A cool tactic to get your fans to do whatever you want them to by creating a Photo-Menu on your fan page! How to set up a super effective lead capture system on Facebook to boost your sales and get repeat customers! And much, much more!
2. Core Training Videos

I will hold your hand and guide you through exactly what you need to do to create a profitable Facebook fan page! I’ll show you…
Shortly, you’ll learn…how to set up your optimized-for-profits Facebook fan page, step by step How to create a “fan magnet” profile picture What is a Photo-Menu and how to use it as extra advertising space on your fan page How to create a reveal tab that doubles your fans – in under 10 minutes. Just plain awesome! Envision yourself sucking in targeted leads like a hoover vacuum with an opt-in form right on your fan page! Much, much more!
3. Fan Flood Tactics

Once you set up your fan page and marketing funnel, I’ll show you 51 super effective tactics to attract thousands of fans to your fan page..
How to go from zero to thousands of new fans in 30 days! You don’t want to miss this one!
How to automate your fan growth so your business gains new fans on auto-pilot The most popular FREE ways to attract new fans How to track your growth, find what’s working and duplicate your success Where to get custom promotional banner and signs for your Facebook pages Much, much more…

I’ve created an easy to follow, step-by-step action plan for YOU to go from no fans (or no fan page) to having a wildly popular fan page with thousands of fans and customers!

No matter what business you’re in or how bad you are with technology, you can follow my blueprint to take advantage of this amazing source of new buyers.

Sure, you can save weeks and even months of time trying to research and learn everything about Facebook. But I understand that you have tons of other issues to worry about in your business.

So How Much Is All This Information Worth?

STOP reading for a moment and imagine it would be like to have a system that gets MORE people to buy from you- that’s completely free and fun to manage?

I’ve seen other courses and products that offer only a handful of these strategies and techniques priced at over a $500. And social media managers charge thousands to take care of this for you.

Plus, there are secrets in this complete package that aren’t even mentioned in the top of the line $2000 social media training classes! I know because I’ve watched them all!

Just getting someone to create a good looking fan page for you can cost a few hundred. I show you how to set up your equally beautiful page in less than 20 minutes!

I finally decided on the fair price of $197 for this goldmine of informaiton.

However, I’ve worked with small business owners before and understand that most people don’t want to commit that much money upfront. There’s just too much JUNK on the internet nowadays.

But I still want you to apply this valuable information because I know it will completely transform your business.

Wouldn’t you love to learn how to use Facebook to make the cash register ring – over and over again?

So, after a lot of debate, I decided to offer this package at a much cheaper price. It’s not going to be $197. It’s not even going to be $97.

When you order today, you can get your hands on the Facebook Success Blueprint for…

$197 Only $47

[Click here to Instantly Download Facebook Success Blueprint!](#order)

This $47 introductory price is A STEAL for what you’ll learn and the incredible increase in sales you’ll see.

As of, this is a limited time offer.

It’s very likely that this price will increase two to four times in the coming weeks!

I don’t know if you will download today, but I’ve thrown in some bonuses to encourage you to take action quickly.

2 High Value Bonuses For If You Take Action Now

Professional Fan Page Templates ($47 Value) – FREE !

A major key to a successful Facebook page is looking good.

I’m also going to give you 61 fan page templates to give your page that professional look and quickly establish trust with potential customers. 

These templates will give your page the same professionalism and beauty that others are paying designers hundreds of dollars for!

This template package includes…
Fan page templates for whatever market you’re in- business, health, e-commerce, fitness, local business, etc. Easy to customize banners, background, images, text, links and buttons “Like us” call to action text to get more fans Social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, RSS, StumbleUpon, etc.) buttons to let more people know about your fan page Step by step tutorial video that make setting up a breeze!

Facebook Fast SEO Guide ($27 Value) – FREE!

Facebook is becoming an insanely powerhouse of free traffic.

Unlike Google, Facebook’s ranking algorithm is extremely easy to figure out.

So if you’re ‘in the know’ you can easily take advantage and get your fan page ranked to the top of both Google AND Facebook’s internal search, and see a huge increase in FANS as well as traffic to your site!

In this no-nonsense fan page SEO guide, you’ll learn…
The single important factor in getting your fan page ranked – if you screw this up, you have NO CHANCE getting the coveted free search traffic to your page How to save time and get fans to generate SEO friendly content FOR you Two most effective backlink sources you can instantly use to get ranked immediately A powerful, up-to-date linking strategy to blast your fan page through the ROOF Much, much more!

Note: I reserve the right to remove these bonuses and change the price at any time. You don’t have to order now, but I can’t guarantee that these bonuses will be here tomorrow.

[Click here to Download Facebook Success Blueprint!](#order)

Get 10 New Sales with My Facebook System Or Pay Nothing!

I really want YOU to succeed with Facebook. It has completely transformed my business and I’m sure it will do wonders for yours.

After you purchase the Facebook Success Blueprint and go through material, you will see a steady stream of new sales.

If you still need more assurance that Facebook fan pages WORK and my strategies WILL get you more sales, I offer you my 100% satisfaction guarantee:

My Risk Free- No Questions Asked- 100% Money Back Guarantee!

What’s the best way for me to prove that the Facebook Success Blueprint will truly explode your business?

I’m so confident that the Facebook Success Blueprint will bring your business extra customers that I’m offering a 60 day “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee!

All I ask is you try out the Facebook Success Blueprint for 60 days and if you haven’t gotten at least 10 new sales from Facebook, then I don’t want your money. Simply contact me at tony[at]fbsuccessblueprint.com. I’ll happily refund your purchase in full- no questions asked.

When you download Facebook Success Blueprint, you can feel completely confident that you have nothing to lose!

So go ahead and click the Add To Cart button below now and start attracting a steady stream of new customers and sales with Facebook!

](http://1.90014.pay.clickbank.net)After ordering, you will be able to immediately download the Facebook Success Blueprint, which includes the pdf guide, 3 tutorial videos, and 2 interview mp3s. It usually takes about 10 minutes with high speed internet.

After you order, you’ll have everything you need to set up your profitable fan page and start building a steady stream of new customers and sales right away!

Here’s what others had to say about the Facebook Success Blueprint:

“Facebook Success Blueprint Solved it All!”

It’s not that I never thought about using Facebook as a marketing tool to get more sales and brand name recognition; it’s just that I didn’t know how to.

I must admit that I didn’t know how powerful Facebook can be as a marketing channel until I started following the Facebook Success Blueprint. I had problems getting fans to not only like my page but also know what my brand is about.

With the Facebook Success Blueprint, it solved it all. This is a step by step guide on setting up a fan page and optimizing it so people would like it. By following the formula I’ve created a buzz for my brand and created a closer bond with my fans – which equals more money.

If you’re not using facebook and the FB Success Blueprint you’re missing out on over 600 million fans and customers.

- Kevin P.

“The Best Facebook Guide I’ve Ever Seen”

These last two chapters alone are worth 10 times the price paid!!. This is the best FB fan page guide I’ve ever seen!

- Gabriel

“Very Powerful”

This is a very informative guide and a great tutorial in setting up fanpages that look great, get great responses, and makes money. I’ve discovered info in here that I didn’t know about… and I’ve read quite a few FB guides.

Tony also reveals a very under utilized resource in here that will allow you to send out mass messages, and really cash in. Very powerful!

I strongly recommend this to my associates and fellow business men. Get this! Its worth it.

- Sarget

To Your Success with Facebook,

Tony Thor,
Facebook Marketing and Social Media Consultant

PS. As this page ends, I want you to think about which one is more valuable to you? $47 or generating a flood of additional sales from new and repeat customers every month- for free and with only a few hours of extra work?

PSS. Just imagine days from now when you have an amazing Facebook page that’s pulling in sales and your fans and customers love. Remember, you’re covered by my 100% Money Back Guarantee and this package comes with over $70 worth of bonuses!

You can test out the Facebook Success Blueprint for 60 days, can’t you?

PPPS. I’m not ready to let you order until you’re 100% confident. If you have questions about anything, you can always contact me directly at tony[at]fbsuccessblueprint.com

“Delivers in Spades”

I’m pretty familiar with the tech aspects of getting a custom fan page setup, but I have been buying fan page related guides to find out about links and resources that I don’t know about.

This guide delivers in spades on that front!

Having said that, this guide gives a good step-by-step run through of how to setup a fanpage, including some pitfalls to avoid along the way.

The step-by-step is simple enough for the greenest Facebook newbie to follow.

- Johnno

[Click here to Download the Facebook Success Blueprint!

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