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The insider fast-track to standing out, getting hired, and building a freelance career on Elance

Writers: Fast-track your Elance success!

How to find the best jobs on Elance...
And how to win them!

72 Insider Tips for Elance Writers is the first book to offer a comprehensive guide to earning money and building a freelance writing career on Elance. Written by a top Elance writer, this book will show you how to stand out, get hired, and grow your writing business on the world’s leading freelance platform.

If you have found it frustrating to break into the competitive Elance marketplace, 72 Tips is your trusted guide and mentor. Author and successful Elancer Hayden Jackson will show you how to avoid common "newbie" mistakes and bid like a seasoned pro. You'll learn how to give your profile a professional makeover, submit proposals that get noticed and start earning the fees your skills should command.

72 Tips gives you proven strategies for:
Creating a standout profile that attracts attention and motivates buyers to invite you to bid on their projects–no matter what your skill level or experience. Identifying the “hidden gems”—job postings that will pay the best rates and lead to long-term work. Recognizing and avoiding scam artists, unpleasant buyers, and unrewarding, low-paying jobs. Writing proposals that win you work—even when your fees are higher than those of your competitors. Plus many more ways to rise to the top of the Elance ranks... 72 tips in all, plus lots of extras, including real winning proposal samples!

72 Insider Tips gives you solid insights and strategies that you can plug into your Elance activities today—and start seeing the payoff right away.

Tap your Elance potential with breakthrough insights

frustrated? you're not alone

The reality is that MANY writers—whether they’re seasoned pros or fresher talent—struggle to find success on Elance.

That’s because Elance is unique—and uniquely challenging. Whether you have decades of experience under your belt or you’re a greenhorn looking to break into the writing profession, the Elance system takes time and patience to master. Unfortunately, many writers give up before they start to see results. It’s easy to become discouraged, disillusioned, and overwhelmed. Maybe you can’t seem to get noticed by buyers. Maybe you don’t know how to find the jobs worth bidding on—jobs that pay well and lead to bigger and better things. Maybe you can’t figure out how to write proposals that get picked—even when your bid is higher than most.

Getting access to insider information is the key to breaking through these barriers to success. This book helps you fast-track your Elance career by showing you the pitfalls to avoid AND the hidden opportunities that newer Elance writers can fail to recognize.

Profitable tips you won’t find anywhere else

the only book by an elance insider

This invaluable guide is packed with knowledge you won’t find anywhere else—not on the Elance help pages, not in freelancing blogs and forums, and not in any other book on the market. This is the ONLY book written by a proven, successful Elance writer, and it contains every nugget of wisdom she gained during a steep learning curve—from an unrated Elance newcomer to a top performer.

Get a wealth of insights, including...
The one mistake that can cost you hundreds in lost fees The 5 warning signs that signal a project you shouldn’t bid on The one type of buyer whose jobs you should always bid on 20+ solid gold tips for writing a winning proposal Why you should never sign the Elance service agreement 86 pages of insider information you can put to use immediately—and see real results! [Order Now](72/secure_order.php)    for just $25!

What’s included in your copy of 72 Insider Tips?

everything you need to succeed

Your copy of 72 Insider Tips for Elance Writers gives you 86 pages of winning strategies designed to fast-track you to Elance success. How to punch up your profile, how to bid smarter, how to earn top dollar—it's all here, and it's all guaranteed to help you build a more rewarding career in a competitive marketplace.

Your copy of 72 Insider Tips includes:
13 profile boosters...
to improve the visibility and effectiveness of your profile 10 bidding insights...
for finding the most profitable and rewarding jobs 27 proposal tips...
to help you write a winning proposal 14 essential steps...
for ensuring a smooth, successful job 8 feedback techniques...
to ensure you get great feedback 3 business-building strategies...
to turn one job into repeat business 1 customizable service agreement...
to help you manage Elance jobs more effectively, protect your reputation and potentially save you hundreds in lost earnings 4 sample winning bids...
usually a carefully guarded secret, these bids are yours to review and use to improve your own bidding techniques [Order Now](72/secure_order.php)    for just $25!

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free resource guide

If you order your copy before August 15, 2011, you’ll receive The Resource Guide for Elance Writers absolutely free. This essential companion guide includes a list of web resources that every Elance writer should know about, including: writing resources, industry associations, social networks, fee guidelines, and much more. Get the complete package and jumpstart your Elance writing career today!

Buy your copy of 72 Insider Tips for Elance Writers now for just $25 and download it as a 86-page PDF within minutes. Your purchase is fast, secure and 100% guaranteed.

Your order will include:
72 Insider Tips for Elance Writers ebook Your exclusive Bonus: The Resource Guide for Elance Writers A 100% satisfaction-or-your-money-back guarantee [Buy Now](72/secure_order.php)    for just $25!

Our 100% guarantee: If you are dissatisfied with your purchase of this book for any reason, you are welcome to return it within 60 days for a full refund.

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About the author

Hayden Jackson is a Canadian writer and marketing communications specialist currently based in England. When she joined Elance in December 2009, she was new to freelancing and new to the world of online work. Although she started out—just like every Elancer—with no feedback and no earnings, she has gone on to achieve impressive results:
Broke the Elance Top 40 list in the writing category Earned $25,000 part-time in her first year Grew her job acceptance rate from 0% to 25% Grew her repeat business rate from 0% to 40% Maintained a 100% client recommendation rate
Hayden wrote 72 Insider Tips for Elance Writers as a way to share the insider knowledge she gained during her first, successful 18 months as an Elance writer. Although she has since expanded her freelance writing business to off-Elance opportunities, Hayden continues to use Elance as a way to find rewarding writing assignments with quality clients.

© 2011 Hayden Jackson

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