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Tuesday, 12 July 2011
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Clover Piano Pack

Clover Piano Pack offers 40 high-quality multi-layer instruments such as: Mallets, Clavs, B3T™ organs, Rhodes™ Wurlies™, FM electric pianos as well as super high-quality concert grand pianos and other keyboard instruments.

[Read More](http://www.cloverplaza.net/index.php/products/clover-piano-pack)


Clover Synth Pack

Clover Synth Pack includes a massive collection of 130 sounds evolving Leads, Basses, Vintage & Modern synth, pads, FX and misc that work for all latest styles of electronic music.

[Read More](http://www.cloverplaza.net/index.php/products/clover-synth-pack)


Clover String Pack

This package offers 40 expressive strings featuring high-quality multi-samples and patches for a variety of solo and ensemble strings. Works for every style of music from Pop to Classical.

[Read More](http://www.cloverplaza.net/index.php/products/clover-string-pack)


Clover Pack

This package is a combination of Clover Piano Pack, Clover String Pack and Clover Synth Pack. You will get all instruments in the above three packs and get a discount of $47.

[Read More](http://www.cloverplaza.net/index.php/products/clover-pack)


All packs at Clover Plaza are:
High-quality: Sampled at 44.1 kHz, 16bit stereo, by over 20 experienced sound-source producers and musicians. Available in three open file types: sf2, sfz and nki. Therefore, you may use these instruments as a sound source to create thousands of high-quality instruments in Cakewalk Dimension Pro, Kontakt, Camel Audo Alchemy and many other VSTs... This will help you save thousands of dollars. Pack with a free soundfont player: Cakewalk Sfz Soundfont Player.





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