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From the desk of: Nathan Onn


Dear Frustrated Internet Marketer,

if you made a few mistakes and are in financial dire straits, and you’ve spent loads of cash online trying to follow the silly ‘get rich quick’ online and misled by experienced marketers, or if you’re still working in a 9-5 office job, burning loads of time in the office, wondering when you can actually spend time to watch your kids grow up, always at the mercy of your nasty boss… and you always wondered why some people are making ridiculous amounts of money online while you can’t make a single dime… then this will be the most important message you’ve ever read.

Here’s what this is all about: My name is Nathan Onn. You may, or may not know me and what I about to tell you will literally transform your life forever…

Here’s the good news…


All you’ll need is a detailed, proven step by step system that helps you generate eye-popping, jaw-dropping income online, even if you’re starting from scratch.

I know because I did it myself, but how I got there was one heck of a journey. Here’s my story:

When I graduated few years ago, I decided that I would not spend the rest of my life working to make someone else rich. I had a vision and plan to be my own boss – and still have loads of time to do what I wanted.

Since I didn’t come from a silver-spoon family, I had to find a job and work hard for a steady paycheck while spending my spare time looking for business opportunities.

…And then, a major shift in my life when I come across a book about how to make money online selling other people’s product in the comfort of your own home while lazing around in your pajamas…

I was totally amazed with the information in that book… everything sound so easy and like no-brainers.


So, like most people, I quickly dove myself into this ‘make money online career’ and spend most of my spare time every day (after I finished my under-paid, ‘I hate it so much’ job) trying to make the business works on the web.

[](http://www.affiliateincomelauncher.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/question-edit.jpg)Since I had a little hard time to wrap my head around the whole ‘internet business’ concept, I thought it would be wise to learn from others. So, I invested loads of cash online buying more ebooks, programs and attend workshops trying to find the ‘right’ money making methods that would start the snowball roll in and generate me five figure sums of residual income easily.

Guess what? I can’t even make a single dime with any of them…

However, I haven’t give up yet… Seeing so many successful people making so much money online really encourages me to do this myself. After all… If they can do it, why can’t I?

But, I didn’t realize that I was chasing the magic buttons and didn’t treat this like a real business.

Before I realized it, my bills and credit card debt were piling up to my eyeballs… I couldn’t make MORE money that what I was spending… I had put myself into ‘HUGE’ financial pitfall and on the verge of bankruptcy…

[](../wp-content/uploads/2011/06/depressed-edit.jpg)My parents was never happy that I spend so much time and money on something that didn’t bring me a single dime except more bills and more disappointment.

I always felt so embarrassed when friends and relatives asked me: “how much money you have made online so far?”

They know I don’t have an answer to their question because they think this ‘make money online’ thing is a totally joke and only someone as stupid as me would fall for this scam.

I want to prove them wrong but I don’t know how. I felt totally stuck and my self-confidence completely disappeared…

It was at this utterly broke and low period of my life a friend recommended me to this website: sixdaystosaturday.com

When I saw the website, without second thought, I pull out my almost ‘maxed-out’ credit card and invest in Sam Crawley’s Six Days To Saturday Audio Program.

That day, I locked myself up in my room and listen to this audio program for 5-hours straight non-stop. While listening it, something clicked. That’s the ‘eureka moment’ that totally change my life dramatically…

(By the way, just a side note. Thank you Sam! Your message truly is life-changing!)


The fact is I already know what I need to know to build a successful internet business…

Over the years, I have literally gone through over 23,000 worth of courses and training but I never willing to get my butt in gear and implement what I’ve learn because I was too obsessed with the ‘magic buttons’. It’s much easier to keep buying, reading, watching new material on Internet marketing than actually doing something.

[](http://www.affiliateincomelauncher.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/focus-edit.jpg)On that day, I decided to put the responsibilities back on my shoulder, stop giving excuses, stop blaming others, and started building a real business online…

Once I stopped chasing the ‘magic buttons’ and focus on just one thing at a time (which is affiliate marketing), everything changes and my results took off…

I started making REAL money… It was small at first but it grew overtime… Pretty soon I made MORE money online than what I get from my day job…

Then I decided to quit my day job and go full time online. That’s the happiest moment of my life. It feel so good knowing that every morning I wake up whenever I want and no longer need to be at some place (on time) doing something I don’t even like… and of course, money pouring in on complete autopilot even while I’m sleeping…

I’ve come a long way since then.

My life shifted almost 360 degrees. From on the verge of bankruptcy to making five figure sums a month on complete autopilot…

But I never forgot the little guy. Hey I was once like that, struggling and striving to earn a decent income to feed myself and my family. Those days are over, but I realized that tons of people out there are struggling and in debt thanks to the economic situation and bogus Internet marketing programs.

So I took my method and broke it down into bite sized modules for the average guy who has no inkling how affiliate marketing works to use. Consider it my way of ‘paying it forward‘.


With this detailed, step by step online course, anyone, whether they be a  novice, technophobic person, intermediate marketer, can easily create profit generating affiliate income machine as easily as snapping fingers!

This powerful, simple program is split into bite sized modules so you can easily and slowly munch and digest all the morsels of affiliate marketing at your own pace.


Affiliate Marketing is by far the best revenue generating activity that you can do while you are learning to create your own products and web sites. However, most people caught up with all the hypes about affiliate marketing and never make a single dime with it.

The focus of module #1 is simple – to help you get clear on the big puzzle of affiliate marketing.
[More Details](#)

You’ll discover 3 important criteria you need to have which allows you to make affiliate marketing OVER-delivers success. Once you have these 3 criteria then you should be able to see money coming in on autopilot and ultimately give you the opportunity to quit your job and achieve financial freedom.

You’ll also find out Why understand the psychology behind “going to college” or “becoming a doctor” can actually helps you on building a much stronger affiliate marketing business.


Many people are really confused with affiliate marketing and most of them are being led the wrong way. They end up failing with their hopes and dreams crashing to the ground that they once had because their affiliate marketing business is going nowhere.

They’re not making any money, nothing is coming in, nothing is looking productive and people just give up. But, I think they are missing the real key to why they are failing and why other people are failing.
[More Details](#)

The goal of this module is to help you to understand why most fail in affiliate marketing so that you don’t fail and you too can succeed with affiliate marketing.

I’ll show you the big four mistakes most ‘average’ affiliate marketers do that would bring their business to nowhere. At the end of this module, you’ll know exactly what to do and don’t do so that you won’t go under but landslide your success with affiliate marketing.


Once you know the big four mistakes, then you need to ‘think and act’ like a super affiliate if you want to be successful in this business.

Here’s the truth about affiliate marketing: 20% of the affiliates drive 80% of the sales of a particular product or niche. They are the super affiliates and they are considered to be the leading force in the affiliate marketing business.
[More Details](#)

In this module, I’ll reveal to you the secrets of the super affiliate minds. Super affiliate don’t just choose the best product out of the bunch and promote it like hell. They do MORE than that.

You’ll uncover the six primary difference between a super and an average affiliate. Once you master the secret traits of a super affiliate, you will increase your chances of success exponentially.


When selling an affiliate product, a lot of people make the mistake of finding the affiliate product first, and then trying to find a market for it. The process should really be reversed.

Find a market first that spends money, then find out what they want and give it to them.
[More Details](#)

I’ll show you 5 “dead-simple’ ways to identify any lucrative niche market within minutes as well as telling you what are the “fast track to profits” niches you can never go wrong with.

I’ll also share with you 4 FREE tools that I personally used to identify niches with the highest chance of making money!


Once you have identified a profitable niche to dive into, it’s time to choose affiliate programs that will give you the highest returns to your efforts. You can’t just choose any products but hand pick specific ones that will reward you the most for your efforts in the long haul.

In module #5, I’ll lead you through the process of picking your highly profitable affiliate programs with the advantage of easier sales conversion as well as how to avoid picking affiliate programs with ‘commission leaks’.
[More Details](#)

I’ll uncover the 4 Rules you MUST follow when choosing an affiliate program. These 4 rules will help you quickly decide if the product is worth promoting before you put in an ounce of your effort!

You’ll also discover the three highly popular places where you can pick up some of the best products in your niche to promote for massive commissions!


As we all know, traffic and conversions equates to profits for any affiliate.

Most people fail to make money in affiliate marketing because they’re not good in one of those.

In this module, you will learn nine ways to generate traffic effectively and more importantly, target the right type of traffic and convert it into profits.


In order to be really successful in affiliate marketing, you should not just focus on building campaigns that give you one off payments. We should always think towards the long term haul and build the affiliate income machine that capture prospects and market to them over and over again for residual gains.

In module #7, I’ll give you the thorough details for three top affiliate income model you can use to build an affiliate marketing business that succeeds in the long term.
[More Details](#)

You’ll learn how to spark your prospect’s interest in what you have to offer, overcome their last objection and purchase your affiliate product easily by giving stuff away for free.

You’ll also learn how to follow up with your prospects that didn’t buy in the initial contact, establish a solid relationship with them, and ultimately condition them to buy the affiliate products you’re promoting.



The last I checked, someone else was offering his own system for $97.

Whoa. Imagine the amount of things you could buy with $97…how many meals it could pay for!

We’re not exactly in the the midst of a positive economy either, which is showing sluggish signs of recovery.

Today I am sick and tired of seeing decent, hardworking people like yourself work so hard, with little time for your family and yet being paid pittance. Remember, before I discovered this system, I clocked more than 12 hours a day in a cold, operating room – like cubicle.

And guess what, stuff the high fees. The amount of work I put into creating this system could easily bring a price tag of above $100 but I refuse to do it.

I want to help the little guy earn good profit online and beat the stuffing out of the ‘gurus’  and experts.

So today…


That’s correct – it’s FREE. I’m going to grant you lifetime access to Affiliate Income Launcher basic membership at no cost.

Now you might be thinking….

“Wait a minute… is this some kind of 30 days trial offer where I will be charged later on?”

No. It’s absolutely Free.

Let me make it clear to you – everything here is 100% free. NO ONE TIME PAYMENT, NO MONTHLY FEE, NOTHING.

But I must warn you; this membership program can easily charges for $97 – $197. For obvious reasons, I can’t keep this membership privilege open forever and I reserve the right to take down this offer without notice!

[]What you need to do right now is just fill out the form below and hit the ‘FREE Instant Access’ button, and then you just go from there. The whole process only takes a minute or two. After that, you’ll immediately be taken to the members area where you’ll get instant access to all the materials in the package… even if it’s 3 in the morning.


Password (twice):

Password has to be at least 8 characters long
and must not contain spaces 

Thank You,


P.S. Many Internet products promise you overnight wealth and tons of profit doing nothing, which is total B.S. The only way to create wealth is by using a proven and tested system with a little bit of effort, and here’s such a system, sitting right before your eyes. [Sign up now](#signnowup)!



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