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Want to make more money by increasing your site ranking?

Tired of guessing how to rank your pages?

Are you frustrated with gimmicky software and SEO tricks?


Well we have great news you for you.....

You can rank your site #1 without any extra software, programs, or expensive subscriptions!

The secret to getting a #1 site ranking is to give Google:

Exactly What They Want To See!

But how are you supposed to do that? How do you know what they want to see????

The answer lies in science. Our team of engineers have spent years mapping Google's algorithm, and now the results are available to you!


Power Through Scientific Research

Search Engine Algorithm contains inside reports from our team of software engineers. We have scientifically determined how Google's algorithm operates, and we have presented it in a way that anyone can understand.

The Google algorithm is kept secret so that site owners are forced to play fair. But who wants that? Knowing their secrets will allow you to optimize your SEO efforts and greatly outrank your competitors. This means more $$$ for you, while your competitors are wasting their time with SEO methods that Google frowns upon.


You're Here Because You:

-Want to get better site rankings for all of your keywords

-Want to greatlty increase site traffic (which equals more $$$)

-Want to stop wasting your time with gimmicks and SEO tricks

-Want to truly understand the inner workings of the search engine

-Want to work with Google to make #1 ranking sites


The Competitive Edge You Will Get:

- A detailed 41 page ebook with a blue print of Google's ranking methods

- An in depth analysis of all the factors that affect your site ranking

- A way to build sites that will obtain and HOLD #1 rankings for years to come

- A painless SEO plan that allows you to work with Google, not against them



"Stop WASTING your time!"

"I really can't believe this. For years I've struggled to understand my google ranking. I would put a lot of work into back link building just to watch my ranking swing like a yo-yo. Now I know exactly how my site is being ranked, and I can keep it at the top with MUCH less effort than before. Read this book, and take control of your site ranking."

-Jason Cabanaw, Toronto, Canada

"This has changed the meaning SEO"

"This book took the guess work out of getting that top Google ranking. My site traffic has increased tenfold, and I am spending a lot less time with SEO tactics that don't work. Search Engine Algorithm gave me the edge to outrank my competitors without tricks. One of the best investments I've ever made."

-Justin Hunt, Chicago, Illinois

"I know Google's ranking system, and I use it to my advantage!"

"I never used to understand why some sites were ranked better than others. Now it ALL MAKES SENSE. I know what Google is looking for, and I can provide it. Search Engine Algorithm has given me my map to success. If you take your site ranking seriously, you can't afford to NOT read this book. My online income has tripled in the last 2 months. I just wish I had read it sooner."

-Andrew Richards, Albany, New York


The Bottom Line

Save yourself DAYS of unnecessary SEO work and thousands of dollars on software and other SEO 'tricks'. Get your copy of Search Engine Algorithm now!


Receive these scerets INSTANTLY via direct download


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