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"Before you learn anything else, you must read this book..."

Learn the Art of the "Ollie"

FINALLY, the complex art of the Ollie made simple! 
 Completely Master in weeks!

"The Ollie is hands down the most important trick you will ever learn,

...The entire world of skating revolves around the skill of the Ollie"

Danny Suede


There is nothing more frustrating and disheartening  than skating for months , sometimes even years.... constantly dealing with the feeling that you will just never improve. The  depressing urge to throw it all away in frustration just to stop that repetitive thought in the back of your mind telling you that somehow.......

"You’re just not going to get anywhere with this"....
So many other people seem to get this quickly..... And they seem to get it so easily? Is there some secret technique that I don’t know about? Or did I just miss something along the way? Or maybe ......I just don’t have the natural talent or ability it takes.

Do you ever feel like the real problem might just be you?


...Well you are right!

Most skaters when they start out never really understand the fundamentals and the skills that it takes to master the Ollie.
They spend hours, days and even years attempting techniques that don’t and will never work. Most never stop, to question why it takes so long to get good at the art of skateboarding.
But it is not their fault....... they just have never had the proper guidance or have never been given the correct knowledge to understand the fundamentals and the proper technique it takes to do devastatingly high Ollies.

“Bad habits and wrong techniques are the biggest time waster in learning the art of skateboarding. Bad habits also lead to injury”


Why aren’t there any good guides or resources on learning the Ollie?

Great teaching is as much as an art form as skateboarding itself. It takes years of knowledge and experience to help someone make a real difference in their own lives. That is why top sports and athletic coaches get paid so much money for their time and effort. Most “teachers” don’t understand the fundamentals of teaching.....and the others really don’t care about helping anyone else learn to be the best that they can be. 
That is why this book ......."The Art of the Ollie,” is going to be the “one” that will have you dominating the streets in no time.


“Master the art of the Ollie”


Is the most comprehensive guide written that is solely dedicated to mastering the art of the Ollie.

The best Knowledge and techniques have been taken from the world’s top skaters, along with strength and fitness routines from the world’s top professional martial artists.

All this information has been compiled to give you the edge and to gain mastery of the Ollie in as little time possible.

Here Is Some Of What You Will Be Learning....

By learning the Ollie correctly you will be saving years and speeding up the learning process dramatically.
How to “shop” for instantly higher Ollies.
The simple "secret" trick to find the correctly sized board for you, which will also give you instant inches in extra height.
Proper skateboarding  maintenance tricks and wisdom that will save hundreds of your hard earned dollars.
Never be put on the side lines again and have the skating ability that the best of shredders will respect.
Speed up the learning process by years by reducing your fears.
Make friends and build confidence by earning the respect of others with your skills.
Learn what ninety nine percent of skaters rarely think about, which has a huge impact on your skating and learning ability.
Learn what the best of the MMA fighters use to build massive leg power and agility.
The secret to learning with speed and ease...... "Your spatial awareness."
Skills and techniques that will be respected all the world over.
The secret to skating with "style" that ninety nine percent of skaters will just not understand until they become really amazing skaters.

"This is really the best thing you can do for your skateboarding future"

Just $9.98

%100 Guaranteed


"Never again experience the frustration and pain from struggling with ollies that just don’t make the grade!."

Buy the “The art of the Ollie” now, and easily master the skills of the best skateboarders in the world.


Here's what one skateboarder said...

It’s amazing how quickly I got Ollies once I understood exactly how to do them. Thanks again for the help, my skating is one hundred times more fun now. I am learning new tricks every day! I really thought I was not meant to be a skateboarder but, I'm now one of the best skaters at my local park.

Skate or die.

John Evans
Long Beach, California

Here's what a different skateboarder said...

Thanks for the great book! Now that I have mastered the Ollie, I am sticking kickflips every time. I am starting to work on my hard flips. I am really glad I found someone to help me as YouTube and other sketchy trick guides really do nothing for me. I was just about to give up skating all together. Now I am skating every day and learning tricks really quickly, thank you so much dude.

Adam Miller
Brisbane, Australia

The Life rolls on foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people affected by
spinal cord injury .It utilizes action sports as a platform to inspire infinite possibilities despite
paralysis. Fifty percent of all profits made from this book are donated to the "life rolls on foundation"
charity to assist our brothers and sisters with their quality of life.
To offer your personal support or donations go to www.liferollson.org  

Start your skateboarding journey now!

Only $9.98


Once you have the art of the Ollie mastered, the entire world of skateboarding will open to you. You will experience the fun and adventure that has driven the passion of skateboarding for decades. You will be a new person with new skills and a confidence level you never thought possible. Skateboarding is an art form that will live forever.
Skate Hard...




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