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SMTPDoctor was designed to make SMTP tests easy yet comprehensive.  

From sending a basic test email to performing extensive 'Open Mail
Relay' tests are simple and easy.  This is ideal for IT
administrator's that needs to do load/stress testing on email servers
or if they suspect an open mail relay.


* Basic SMTP test email
* Stress/Load test SMTP servers
* 5 Comprehensive 'Open Mail Relay' tests
* Add attachments to your test emails
* Supports the use of hostnames or IP addresses
* User specific subject and body
* Automatically saves your test settings for future use
* Supports SSL/TLS
* Supports SMTP authentication
* Full logging

Platforms supported:

* Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 2003/2008 server.

a free evaluation version of SMTPDoctor to see for yourself...

The evaluation/demo version can be converted to a full version by
simply entering an activation code.  Activation codes will be sent
via email as soon as the payment is successful.

Please contact us on for any question or problems.



2 July 2011

SMTPDoctor 1.2 is released!

The new version includes support for SMTP servers using SSL/TLS

We also added support for servers that requires authentication.


a free copy of SMTPDoctor.

 for more information.

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