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What if Everything You Thought You Knew About Sciatica Pain Was Wrong?

“Who Else Wants Relief from The Debilitating Anguish of Sciatica And Return to A Life Without Pain –Guaranteed?”

When Was the Last Time You Can Remember When You Were Free from Back and Leg Pain?

Dear Friend:

My name is Bill Rice and I suffered from the torment brought on by sciatica for years.  I tried everything short of surgery to find relief from the pain, the numbness and the weakness I was experiencing.  My experience with sciatica nearly brought me to my knees.  I was about to give up when I discovered the amazing secrets I want to share with you.  You see, there is no reason that anyone should suffer from most sciatica related pain, not if you know what to do about it.  That’s right; knowledge is a great thing because it pushes you in the right direction.

Sciatica is a universal condition in which pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness originates in the lower back, travels down through the buttock, and then down the back or side of the leg.  The good news is that most people experiencing sciatica pain and its related symptoms get better within a few weeks or months through simple non-surgical treatments.  Others feel symptoms and pain so strongly that they are debilitated and incapable of performing everyday activities.

What if you were able to:

Relieve your sciatica pain with just a few simple exercises that are easy to learn and to do…

Be free of sciatica related pain and get a complete night’s sleep, waking up refreshed in the morning…

Learn some basic relaxation techniques that help you focus on the positives even during your most painful episodes…

Live a normal life, completely free from the enfeeblement that attaches to severe sciatic nerve pain…

And Much, Much More…

If you would like to participate in bringing these changes to your life then you have come to the right place.

Sciatica sufferers experience a wide range of symptoms.  The sciatica nerve runs through many muscles from the lower back and into the leg, causing a wide range of possible symptoms.

You might notice that you have pain on one side of your buttock or in one leg that is worse when sitting.  The sciatica nerve splits in two and runs down each leg at the tail bone, so symptoms are not always mirrored on both sides of the body.

Some people feel a burning or tingling down one or both legs.

There might also be weakness, numbness, or difficulty moving a leg or foot.

Symptoms might also be as severe as feeling a constant pain on one side of the rear of the leg.

Sharp pain that may make it difficult to stand up or walk.

Most people don’t know that the term sciatica is not a medical diagnosis.  It is a symptom of an underlying problem in the lower back.  This could be caused by:

a herniated disc…

spinal stenosis that is compressing or irritating the nerve roots…

an injury to the lower back…

even pregnancy…

It is very important to understand the underlying diagnosis rather than just dealing with the symptoms of sciatica, because the real cause of the symptoms is what must be addressed in order to relieve sciatic nerve pain.

The most important thing to do for sciatica relief is to seek the advice of a medical professional.  Start with your internist but, most likely, you’ll be referred to an orthopedic doctor or neurologist.  Your health professional will provide the correct diagnosis for your pain and rule out any more serious problems.  Treatments vary based on the underlying condition causing the sciatic pain.  Don’t self-treat your sciatica before consulting a health professional.

If You Have Finally Had Enough and Want to Explore All of Your Options to Relieve Your Sciatica Pain then I Want to Send You My Sixteen Lesson, email mini-course, BREAKING THE MYTHS: ESSENTIAL FACTS ABOUT THE SPINE & SCIATICA Today!  Just give me your first name and email address and I’ll deliver your mini-course to you absolutely free…no kidding and no obligation.  I’ll even deliver the first lesson immediately to your inbox after you confirm your email address.

I’ll see you on the PAIN FREE side for sure,

Bill Rice

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