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  HR Corporation- your solution agency [Recruitment](FindJobs.asp) Our recruitment sector is lead by professional individuals who have a vested interested in every candidate that registers on our database. We understand the concept of investing in people as we are passionate about finding you the ideal career that utilizes your skills but also keeps you on track with your own life goals and purpose. It is our experience that every job seeker is a potential client so we endeavor to build relationships that not only grow your career but allows us to place you in a position where you can extend the same opportunity to other prospective job seekers. Register on our database and become part of our vision to not only lead you to your ideal career but also to create more opportunities on a global basis [Get Hired Today](book.asp) If you are serious about being successful in your next job interview or you are just starting your job search the YOU need this book. If you want the answers as to why your interviews are just not resulting in job offers then this book is for you. [Contact us today ](contact.asp)         job@hrcor.com...[ReadMore... ](viewnews.asp?id=4)
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Clerk- Imports/Exports, Shipping - SA- Gauteng- Pretoria -
Customs and Clearing or Logistics Diploma desired...
Senior Sales Manager - SA- Western Cape- Cape Town- Southern Suburbs -
Essential Qualifications Minimum requirement of ...
Senior HR Manager - SA- Gauteng- Johannesburg- Center City -
- Minimum 5years management experience at senior lev...
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