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* Power 130 - Traffic Pyramid

DATE: 06/25/2011
FROM: Jacob Roberts

Dear Friend,

Those who haven't had the pleasure to work with me, I've done website
creation for quite a few people and businesses through the years. The
question that I got asked the most was, "how do I get people to visit
my new site?" My answer was always, "promote it", as I didn't have a
definite answer for such a wide subject. I simply wanted to build them
their website and move on to the next client.

It wasn't until someone asked me the question, "how do I get my site
to go viral", which sparked my curiosity so I set out to find the very
answer. After countless hours of research, the best answer I would
always conclude to was, "word of mouth". Now that raised another
question, "how would I get people talking about my site?" After more
research, I found out that I didn't have to get people to talk because
I could speak to their friends and family on their behalf. I started
testing my theory which led to some trial and error and, not only did
I create a way for my site to promote itself and bring in targeted
traffic, I've also created a way to re-promote my site or to promote a
brand new site or offer when ever I wanted and now I'm offering it to

When I first discovered the traffic generating method, I saw this as
an opportunity to build my business as well as help others to build
theirs. For some time, I was strictly using this method for myself and
some of my clients as long as they paid the additional $399.00 that I
charged. Just recently, I had a job offer in a very respected company
and it is one of my dream positions, so I couldn't resist the offer.
Instead of letting my method get buried in the rubble of change as I
resign from internet marketing, I've decided to make this traffic
generation method known and also decided to release an easy to use
admin tool, to manage your promotional campaigns. Without further
adieu, I present "Power 130 - Traffic Pyramid"!


1. The ebook, which gives you a detailed breakdown of the on-site
traffic generating method, how it works, what makes it so powerful and
how to use it properly to create viral traffic.

2. The web server PHP script (admin tool), which allows you to easily
set up and change how your site promotes itself.

3. Step-by-step instructional videos that talks you through the
installation process of the admin tool and how to use it.

4. Special PHP scripts and a developer tutorial for developers to use
if they would like to expand on the functionality of the admin tool.


The Power 130 method has evolved from the same traffic generating
principles of anything that goes viral! With that said, if you plan
for your site to go viral or you realize that targeted traffic is the
key to online success, then you need to use this method and implement
the admin tool into your site today!

A friend of mine James, who is my mentor when it comes to search
engine optimization, was one of my first clients that I built a site
for and he has been a return customer for many of his business
ventures. I think it was the 3rd site that I created for him and this
is when I made him my crash test dummy. I told him about the method
and he allowed me to implement it, so I did it for free. I've never
had a client get mad because of the extra time it took for me to
finish my work, until I did that site for James. It was the first time
I implemented this into a live site and I had a lot of kinks to work
out. After almost losing a loyal client, I finished his site and
uploaded it to his server. He did his SEO work, as he normally does
for a new site and traffic started flowing and flowing in fast! He
knew that the keywords he was ranking for would never generate that
much traffic, especially since he wasn't ranked within the top 3 in
Google for any of the keywords. After he took a look at his site
statistics and realized where his traffic was coming from, this is
what he wrote:

Since then, I have perfected the admin tool and made it a breeze to
get up and running. I was still charging my clients $399.00 to add it
to their site and little did they know, it was only taking me about 10
minutes of extra work.


I have been using this on the few sites that I own and have done very
well for myself because of it. Because of the new job that I'm taking,
people ask me why I'm leaving internet marketing behind and I have to
tell you, I'm not entirely leaving. Any successful internet marketer
knows, once you find out how to generate money from one online
venture, you move on to another venture so that you don't have all of
your eggs in one basket, so to speak. So technically, what I'm leaving
behind is starting those new ventures. With that said, the sites that
I have, I'm keeping because they run on auto-pilot, with the exception
of minor updates to the site content, so there is no reason to dump
them off and leave that extra income behind. Now, since this method
will never be saturated and I'm shifting my career to work for a very
respected company, I've decided to do one last internet venture and
now you can get Power 130 - Traffic Pyramid today for only $59.00!
That price is 85% off of what I originally charged my clients!


When it comes to being successful in any online business, you
should know that traffic is key. Not only does Power 130 generate
targeted traffic, it can be used again and again to promote anything
that you want. With that said, don't think that this is some spam tool
that is frowned upon in the online business community. Power 130
prides itself on being a powerful traffic generating method, and it
also prides itself on being accepted by the online business community.
It has been successfully used by companies that are already
successful, down to small business just getting started. Power 130 is
also the best kept secret for on-site traffic generation. Don't let
this opportunity pass you by and order today!


Below is a thank you letter that I've recently received from a
(the website and name have been blacked out for respect of the

I will conclude with this, if you have a web site or plan on creating
a web site, you should implement Power 130. Remember, it is not only
used to generate traffic to your site, it is also used to promote
anything that you want, when ever you want. You can use it to kick
start a new business or to give some new life to an old business. You
should know that, site traffic is the key to online success and Power
130 will generate that traffic to bring you success. With that said, I
wish you all the best in your online business endeavors, with or
without Power 130 to help you along.

Best Regards,

Jacob Roberts

PS. If you have any questions or concerns before purchasing, please
email me at the above address.

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